El Sultán Monday 12/9/19 #6

Hürrem tells Suleyman she wants to convert to Islam, so he covers her head in a gorgeous gold veil and has her repeat after him. And that, apparently, is that.

Mahidevran loses her baby. I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with stress or that mystery drink Madre Sultana Hafse was so insistent on her drinking. Wandering in the hallway, she runs into Hürrem and beats her. (And this segment was sponsored in part by First Response pregnancy tests. WTF?)

Firial Kalfa goes running to get help from Sumbul and Daye. Mahidevran’s servant is dragging her away from Hürrem when they get there, so it’s pretty obvious what happened.

Daye doesn’t want anyone finding out about this and Sumbul agrees, bringing Hürrem back to her room without anyone seeing. He doesn’t even want to call the doctor, but Firial Kalfa points out that Hürrem isn’t just any concubine, she’s the Sultan’s favorite. If anything happens to her, they’re dead.

Ibrahim tells Suleyman about Mahidevran.

Daye tells Sultana Madre Hafse about Mahidevran and about her beating Hürrem.

Mahidevran gives Madre Sultana Hafse some story about Hürrem having said she was going to kick everyone out of the castle.

At least they finally let the doctor see Hürrem, but her advice is to pray. Sumbul brings some raw meat to put on Hürrem’s face. Everybody’s nervous about what’s going to happen if Suleyman wants to see her.

Oh, yeah, and also Suleyman declares war on Hungary. No, Mustafá, you’re not going with him.

And of course, Suleyman wants to see Hürrem, but she’s woken up and seen her face. She decides the best thing to do is say she doesn’t want to see him, which just brings him stomping on over to the harem to barge into her room….

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