El Sultán Tuesday 12/10/19 #7

And now we see the brilliance of Hürrem’s plan. She didn’t go show Suleyman her face, he’s the one who insisted on seeing it. And she didn’t tell him Mahidevran did it, he’s the one who said her whole name. He goes to Mahidevran’s room and says he never wants to see so much as her shadow again. He tells his mom he’s exiling Mahidevran to the old palace right the hell now, but Mustafá stays with him.

Sultana Ayşe ignores Suleyman’s orders, but she’s irritated that Mahidevran’s still not satisfied. When Hürrem’s nearly recovered and goes back to the harem, Maria tells her that Mahidevran spends all her time in her room crying and that Suleyman scolded her.

Suleyman sends Hürrem a care package. She gives Maria a few of the dresses inside. She half-jokingly tells Maria one day she’ll run this whole palace and she’ll put Maria in charge of the harem. Daye overhears and goes running to tell Sultana Ayşe. Ayşe’s planning to get rid of Hürrem as soon as Suleyman goes off to war.

Hürrem’s jealous of all the time Ibrahim’s spending with Suleyman. Ibrahim tells her he’s the Sultan’s right hand. And she needs to learn her place.

Hatice and Ibrahim are moving to the next level of their relationship–she embroidered a hankie for him to take to war.

Hürrem bribes Sumbul for extra Sultana lessons. She wants to have learned everything by the time Suleyman gets back from war.

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