El Sultán Thursday 12/12/19 #9

Sultana Ayşe is pissed that she’s going to have to put off Hürrem’s suitor and it’s going to make it look like she doesn’t keep her word. But she summons Hürrem to tell her if anything happens to the baby she’ll be held responsible. And yeah, OK, announce the news to everyone.

Suleyman takes Belgrade.

Ibrahim gives him the news about Hürrem’s pregnancy.

Two month’s later and Suleyman is back at the palace. Hürrem’s anxious to see him. He ignores Mahidevran, so she asks her servant to poison Hürrem.

Hürrem and Suleyman have their big reunion. Mahidevran’s servant asks one of the women from the harem to put some drops in Hürrem’s food…just a little something to cause an allergic reaction.

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