El Gran Estreno de Operación Pacifico, Lunes 10 de Febrero

First, the fine print…and I do mean fine ’cause who do they think is going to be able to read this on anything smaller than a movie theater screen?

Anyway, Amalia Ortega works undercover for Colombian police. Operación Pacifico is an op shared by the US, México, and Colombia. This is “inspired” by real events.

Amalia’s late getting home and the kids are on the phone whining about it. Dad will have to help with homework–she’s got a “meeting.” So the kids aren’t in on her real job, but her husband is. He tells her to be careful.

In the giant SWAT vehicle on the way over, Amalia gives her team a really brief overview on their job tonight. Don’t accidentally kill any innocent civilians in the building and take El Alacrán alive.

As we watch Amalia and her team work their way into the building, we see her husband at home trying to help the older boy, Lorenzo, with math homework. He resorts to using the calculator on his phone to figure out how many cups of almonds it takes for a 3 1/2 pound cake if it takes 1 3/4 c for a 1 pound cake. I just want to know if this cake is gluten-free. “Quebrados” is apparently what they used to call fractions, but I didn’t catch the current term.

Amalia and her team burst into the…packaging facility?…and she ends up chasing down El Alacrán by herself. After a scuffle, they both end up shooting each other. So much for objective 2.

At home, Mr. Amalia reads/makes up a story for the younger boy while the older boy scoffs.

Amalia’s OK, thanks to her gear, but OK is relative ’cause it still hurts like hell. She and Gaitan check out the room, curious about some kind of trademark on the drug packets.

Amalia sends her friend “Jones” a picture and asks him to look into it.

In Sonora, the baddies are using a coke cannon to get their stuff across the border. They get busted by the Mexican police. One guy nearly gets away, but Mark Tacher kindly shoots a rattlesnake that’s about to bite him. The logo on the packets is the same one as the bust in Colombia.

Amalia gets home, barely walking upright, and takes a couple of pain pills I’m guessing aren’t going to do much. Mr. Amalia wakes up and thinks sex is just what she needs after a day like this until he sees her giant torso bruise that he knows isn’t from getting hit. So now he’s pissed she got shot.

In Sonora, Gabriel’s trying to beat information out of the guy he saved, rights and lawyers be damned. (I don’t know if the kids will get the reference, but Gabriel’s our Riggs and Amalia’s Murtaugh.) Someone appropriately appalled finally shows up and calls off the party.

Oh hey, it’s Willy from La Reina del Sur! He’s Major something and he’s meeting with El Doctor. El Doctor’s facility is the one Amalia busted and he’s pissed about that and about El Alacran getting killed. They have a mole, but El Doctor’s taking care of it.

Also, there was a surveillance camera in the room and it got a great shot of Amalia’s face. Does the Major know who she is?

Major Vargas has her resume memorized…Amalia Ortiz, she runs Operación Fenix, her cover is an insurance agency. So he’d be wise not to do anything to her too close to the agency.

So, how does he hit her where it hurts?

According to the next scene it’s her family. Older son isn’t sure his math homework is correct. Younger son hit another kid at school and, Surprise!, his parents have a 2pm meeting with the school disciplinarian. Mr. Amalia whines about an important client meeting and begs Amalia to take this one.

Well, she can’t because she has a meeting with Major Vargas.

Mr. Amalia says he’ll take care of it.

Major Vargas is whining about El Alacran getting killed.

Yeah, well, Amalia’s plan was to get El Doctor to move his facility, so the mission didn’t fail.

Her boss, the General backs Amalia up. And she doesn’t have to keep Vargas informed about her plans.

Amalia tells the General it was kill-or-be-killed situation last night. And no, she doesn’t trust Vargas. It’s not that she doesn’t trust anyone, just that the General is the only person she does trust. He has her sit down and asks how the family’s doing….

El Doctor is sending his girlfriend/most-trusted hench after Mr. Amalia, aka Jorge. She picks him up at a bar. Or rather, she lets him think he picks her up with some BS line about looking like a famous actress. He’s at a hotel with her when Amalia gets home and leaves him a message saying they have to talk and she’s waiting at home.

While Jorge’s sleeping the sleep of the not-at-all-innocent, Not Andrea Whoever lets a tech guy in to clone Jorge’s phone. When Jorge wakes up, she sends him home.

An American ambassador to Mexico with the world’s worst American accent in Spanish talks to somebody in Colombia about bringing Operación Fenix together with Operación Pacifico to catch…El Guapo. (Would you say he has…a plethora of law enforcement agencies after him?)

Gabriel picks up his girlfriend, Lupe, who already broke up with him and just didn’t bother to tell him. She’s all “I need time, this isn’t working for me” and he watches her get into a car with another guy.

At the same time he takes a call from Jones. He’s picking Gabriel up in two hours and they’re going to Colombia.

El Doctor and his people have a staff meeting. They lost a lot of coke and El Alacrán on account of the guy strapped to a table, who he thinks is their mole. Tornado’s taking over El Alacrán’s job in Bogota, but El Alacran had a shipment going out today and El Doctor’s going to take care of that, with everyone’s help. And then he starts cutting into the mole, which makes the guy next to Tornado look like he’s about to lose his lunch.

Amalia’s gotta pee and the women’s restroom is out of order. Screw it, she heads for the empty men’s room.

The guy next to Tornado is the real mole and he calls Amalia to tell her there’s a major op tonight…and she really needs to get him out of there!

If everything goes well tonight, it’s the last day he has to do this.

Tornado comes over to fetch him so they can go over the plan for tonight.

Gabriel’s in the office and he’s gotta pee. He heads for the men’s and stands at a urinal while he watches Amalia calmly come out of the stall, wash her hands, and bid him a good day.

Amalia tells her buddy to get ready ’cause tonight they’re gonna party…but first El General comes in with Jones and Gabriel and says they’ve got a meeting. Anyway, El Doctor’s on the move tonight, so tell everyone to get ready.

Loser Jorge’s drooling over someone’s Facebook pictures when Amalia calls. He needs to stay with the kids tonight. Jorge makes excuses. Amalia got her niece to babysit, but she has a major test tonight, so he needs to get home early. Jorge says he’ll do it.

El Doctor calls Not Andrea to ask him how it went with Mr. Amalia. She says she did her job impeccably, as always. (I do like a competent hench!)

He wants her to go out with Jorge again tonight. He’s got a major op and he wants all his bases covered.

Jones looked up the logo Amalia sent him and it’s El Guapo’s, so that’s why he and Coronel Gabe are here. Amalia’s kind of snotty about them not knowing who El Guapo is if they’ve been chasing him for so long.

The General tells her last night’s bust filled in a missing piece–El Guapo’s provider is in Colombia. That’s more than they had before.

Jones and Gabe are grinning, but Amalia doesn’t look convinced.

Lorena calls Jorge to invite him over tonight.

As everyone gets together in the parking garage, Jones and Gabe convo about Amalia. Jones says she’s married, the guy’s a douchebag, and Gabe’s going to have to wait in line behind Jones. (It takes a douchebag to know a douchebag?)

Amalia explains the plan and puts someone in charge of blocking off the three exit roads. Gabriel asks what he and Jones are supposed to do.

Follow her team, duh. She calls for Gaitan, who brings over a couple of vests, and tells Gabe to try not to get killed on his first day. And no, she does NOT need his help into the SUV or closing her door. Gabe’s all “Right…women empowerment.” (Douchebag.)

The drugs are being loaded onto a truck trailer. Amalia and the team are waiting for El Doctor to make an appearance…

And Amalia’s niece calls to say she HAS to go take this test and Jorge hasn’t shown up.

Jorge’s in bed with Lorena, saying he has to go home, but she’s not going to let him go anywhere. He calls Amalia to tell her he’s on his way home, but like he said he’s working on a really important case.

So there’s Amalia, ducking in the grass, waiting for El Guapo with Jones and Gabe behind her and she seriously has to tell him that her op is important too!

El Doctor’s tech guy has been listening to Jorge and Amalia’s conversation and realizes something’s up when someone tells her the SUVs have arrived. Amalia tells Jones they’re waiting to see which SUV El Doctor is in before they move.

I guess tech guy sent El Doctor the recording and El Doctor realizes the cops are onto them. They get back onto the road, but the roads are blocked off in all directions, except the route El Doctor’s SUV tries to go. Amalia and Gabe shoot at the SUV, but dive out of the way when it doesn’t stop.

El Doctor calls Lorena and tells her to go to Plan B. She checks on the gun in her nightstand before telling Jorge again that he’s not going anywhere.

Amalia’s phone buzzes for the fiftieth time tonight. She gets a video of Jorge with a gun to his head. Jorge says his life depends on her meeting their demands…but then it seems like he tries to tell her not to listen just as the video cuts off. The next buzz is a call from El Doctor saying he’ll trade his merca for Jorge.

As she asks where and how I’m hoping she’s going to risk Jorge’s life and turn the tables on them.

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