Operación Pacifico, Martes 11 de Febrero, Capitulo 2

Previously: Mr. Amalia got kidnapped. El Doctor wants his merca back.

We jump to Amalia getting home, looking frantically for the kids. Lorenzo’s in his bed, but Mati, the younger one, is hiding behind the pillows of her bed. She tells her niece to pack bags for the boys–they’ve gotta go.

El Doctor is sure Tornado or the mole is the mole. The mole tries to convince him it’s Tornado.

In the car, Amalia has to explain to the boys that she doesn’t know where their dad is. Yes, he got kidnapped, but there are a bunch of people making sure he’s OK.

Jorge’s getting moved, but Jones traced his phone to the last location before they lost the signal. He, Gabe and Gaitan are in front of the hotel.

Amalia and her niece get to her sister’s house with the kids. Her niece doesn’t understand why Amalia’s feeling like she has to run the kidnapping case, but Amalia says it’s her fault. The criminal she was chasing is the one who has Jorge.

Rojas, Amalia’s computer guy, tells her that Jones traced Jorge’s cell and Gaitan’s waiting for her at the location. Also, they lost the mole’s signal.

Amalia’s on her way, but Jones and Gabe decided to go in without reinforcements and Gaitan kinda had to go with them. They get out of the elevator, see Jorge and his current minders, and end up having to let them leave.

Gabe stays upstairs and checks Lorena’s room, but she sneaks out past him.

Gaitan gets to be the one to tell Amalia that the guys who have her husband got away. Jones takes responsibility for going in without reinforcements. And where’s Gabriel?

Upstairs catching Lorena and taking her cell phone. She’s got some nice shots of her with Jorge.

He marches Lorena back to the room, where Ortega’s now waiting along with everyone else. Gabe suggests she tell everyone else to get out before he shows her the photos on the cell phone.

Toño, the mole, convinced El Doctor that Tornado is the real mole. Unfortunately that means Toño has to question/torture Tornado.

Amalia asks Lorena where they took Jorge. Lorena’s pretending she was just an innocent bystander. And she doesn’t work for any “Doctor” –she’s an independent contractor!

Amalia’s not buying it and she doesn’t think a judge will either. It’s talk or prison. The ransom video is on Lorena’s phone, which makes her an accomplice and adds a whole bunch of charges.

“I want a lawyer.”

No prob. But it’s not going to help.

Amalia walks back out to the living room and says she wants Lorena brought in for questioning and she wants someone to check out Jorge’s and Lorena’s phones. She’s planning to question Lorena herself until she gets some answers.

In the hallway Rojas tells Amalia there’s no trace of El Doctor or her husband in the building, except for a car. She sends Rojas back to the station–she’s got forensics coming to search the room.

Everyone starts filing out and Amalia thanks Gabe for being discreet.

Toño tries to convince Tornado to say he’s the mole and end this. Because Toño’s going to have to kill him one way or the other. If he says he’s the mole, Toño will make it quick.

They both hear El Doctor welcoming Mr. Amalia.

The General doesn’t want Amalia investigating the kidnapping, but she insists. El Doctor calls to tell her he’ll trade his stuff for Jorge at six tomorrow. Amalia wants proof of life, so they put Jorge on the phone…and conveniently soon after, Tornado starts screaming.

Toño cut Tornado’s thumb off. He’s still not going to admit to anything, so Toño shoots him. He tries to convince El Doctor that Toño admitted to being the mole and working for Capitán Ortega.

It’s not enough for El Doctor. He wants Toño to work his magic on Jorge. And this time he wants to watch.

When Toño doesn’t cut Jorge’s finger off, El Doctor decides Toño’s the one working for the cops. (So…once again there’s a vacancy in his Colombia division….)

Amalia shows Jones and Gabe to their office. She asks if Jones would be able to track the cell phones of the guys who took Jorge.

He’ll have to request a satellite, but sure.

Gabriel warns her not to go to the meet. El Doctor’s not after his merca, he wants Amalia.

“Tell me something I don’t already know.”

Unfortunately, Gabe doesn’t have a better plan to suggest.

Amalia addresses the team and talks about setting up a perimeter and where she wants snipers. But General Lopez will be the one directing the op, since she’s the bait.

Rojas is alarmed–they’re going to give El Doctor his merca back?

Amalia’s pissed at him for asking. He’s getting flour.

Lopez says El Doctor doesn’t care about the drugs at all, he wants Amalia, so their job is to protect her. He dismisses the rest of the team and reminds Amalia she has to do exactly as he says.

Gaitan’s got Lorena’s file and the info from the cell phones for Amalia. They bugged Jorge’s phone–that’s how they knew about the op.

In the interrogation room, Lorena’s still refusing to talk without a lawyer. Amalia tells her El Doctor’s not coming to get her out. She’s useless to him in there. Amalia tells her to talk, to do it for her son. Lorena wants him to have a better life than she did, but what kind of life does she think her son will have if she spends the next 12 years in prison. 20 if Jorge dies.

Lorena insists she doesn’t know where El Doctor is. They always meet in different places. No one ever knows where he’s going to be.

Amalia wants places and names.

Lorena says her son is with her mom in Medellin. If she says anything, El Doctor will kill her son.

Amalia swears Lorena’s mom and her son will be safe if Lorena gives her good information.

Jones is working on following the cell signal with a satellite and explaining to Gaitan that it’s not like pointing a camera. Amalia wants Gaitan to take Jones, Pedraza, and Diaz and head wherever the signal goes.

Gabe thinks it’s a bad idea for Amalia to go ahead with the meeting, but she reminds him their primary objective is El Doctor because he’s going to lead them to El Guapo (*snort*). She’ll rescue her husband and the rest of them will get El Doctor. (Yeah, I didn’t get that either.)

El Doctor’s gloating to Jorge that he loves killing cops and Amalia’s next. One of his guys says the explosives have arrived. As they’re heading over to check them out, El Doctor gets a call from the person that missing shipment was for (woo hoo! OG Don Armando!) and has to make excuses about how he was gonna call him and etc. El Doctor promises he can get the shipment to Mexico in two weeks.

He’s got one.

Oh great, the snake logo thing is some kind of cult. El Guapo’s the cult leader. And he’s the one Don Armando (until I can figure out what his name is) was getting the shipment for. El Guapo’s hench takes the call from Don Armando and says El Guapo’s not going to be happy about the delay.

The SUV team are heading for some abandoned warehouses.

Amalia gets fitted with an earbud and a mole mic and heads out of the parking garage with her van full of flour.

El Doctor. Explosives filled with shrapnel. He’s planning to wire Jorge up to kill Amalia.

But Jorge has managed to get away. Temporarily. One of El Doctor’s henches shoots him in the leg. He tells Jorge not to be in such a hurry to die.

Pichi is out at the exchange site and knows the area’s crawling with cops.

General Lopez reminds everyone to wait for his signal and protect Ortega.

A hench on a motorcycle shows up and hands Amalia a phone. Yeah, she brought the cops. Her bosses wouldn’t let her do otherwise. El Doctor tells her to get on the back of the bike and his hench will take her to Jorge.

The hench gets rid of her fake mole and her earpiece, pats her down, and has her take her bulletproof vest off.

He missed the knife she was hiding in her waistband. She puts it to his neck and tells him to get off the bike.

I guess it’s a good thing this dirt road didn’t have any turn-offs. She follows it to the end, takes out 3 of El Doctor’s henches, and gets into the back of the van. When she gets the gag off Jorge, he tells her there’s a bomb.

“Trust me.” She unzips his jacket to get a look at the bomb. I wonder how much he wants to grovel right now and swear he won’t cheat on her again.

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