Launch Pad (March 14, 2020)

*Schedule updates are posted below*

The only thing I’ve managed to keep up with this week are the recaps of De que te quiero, te quiero.

Between mid-week fútbol and a special news broadcast from Univision called something like “Coronavirus diaries” (“Day 1: got elbowed by a sweet-looking older lady in the grocery store reaching for the last package of toilet paper.”) there’s a lot of program shuffling going on. The Horario reflects the “normal” schedule.

Here, have some links:

I hope you’re all safe and well and sufficiently entertained.

Temporary changes
1:30 pm Dueños del Paraiso
2pmMe declaro culpableSuelta la sopa
3pmDiario del coronavirusCoronavirus: emergencia mundial

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