Operación Pacifico, miercoles 19 de febrero, Capitulo 8

Gabe looks around, but he’s not making a move to leave or warn the others.

Amalia stops to make sure she’s going in the right direction, then spends way too long hiding her truck with leaves. She goes the rest of the way on foot.

Gabe was pointing her in the direction of the production/packing facility. She hears Tuerto telling everyone to get a move on.

Amalia gets busted by a dog, but she does something that leaves them whining that I don’t want to know about. Tuerto catches a glimpse of her running through the trees.

Gabe finally tells Copete they’ve been busted. Mayor Vargas tells his group to move in, but Gabe and Copete get away with the truck and the merca.

Amalia’s still running through the trees, Tuerto and his guys chasing after her.

Copete doesn’t understand what’s going on here. How did Gabe know the cops were there? He doesn’t believe Gabe’s story about seeing a couple of guys and assuming there were more. He calls Tuerto to tell him to get back to the shack.

As they leave, Amalia pops up from under the carpet of dead leaves.

Copete’s blaming Tuerto for not knowing they were going to get busted. Gabe…uh, Ávila says they have to hide the drugs. Copete wants to get as much as they can into cars and take it to the warehouse.

Mayor Vargas calls El General, who swears he didn’t know Amalia and Gabe were out there undercover until this morning.

He gets on the phone to Amalia and yells at her for not telling him she was in Tumaco. Vargas knows everything now, but the fact that she’s still chasing El Guapo, so she might as well start sharing information with him. Except what the mission is about.

Gabe tells Amalia they burned down the lab. They’re both wondering who Señor M is…a contact in Colombia? They’ll have to investigate.

Gabe’s disappointed about having to share information with Vargas, but Amalia’s planning to use that to trap him.

Copete complains to El Gobernador about getting busted. El Gobernador knows Vargas was the one in charge of the operation. Copete wants him dead.

Amalia and El General have a conference call with Vargas. She grouchily agrees to keep Vargas informed. He claims he already has intel about El Gobernador, Copete, and Tuerto, but Amalia tosses in Señor M. Vargas gets nervous. Amalia says she wants it know that she doesn’t trust Vargas. If anything happens to her or her people in Tumaco, it’s on Vargas.

At his office Señor Mmm gets a text from Vargas. The cops know about him. Mmm still wants his droga. Vergas tells him to forget about it if he doesn’t wan it seized.

Señor Mmm calls (possibly) El Guapo’s assistant and says everything’s on hold for now.

Jorge makes a call, but Mariana’s boyfriend has a record and some serious charges against him. Jorge’s not going to be able to get him out of jail.

Moving on, Jorge tells her he “had” to start hiring sex workers because Amalia wants nothing to do with him. Cry me a frickin’ river.

Rojas gets to the secret headquarters with coffee for Gaitán. They’re going to look into some police cadet as a possible suspect for something. (A lot of that went over my head.)

Amalia reviews all their suspects with Gabe and the guy who’s pretending to be her uncle whose name I can’t remember. Uncle thinks Copete’s in charge instead of Tuerto because he must have had a prior arrangement with El Guapo. Tuerto wants to bring him down, though. They’re not sure who’s the link to El Guapo–El Gobernador or Copete.

Amalia asks Gabe to bug Copete’s phone.

Señor Mmm calls Copete to find out what happened the drugs that were supposed to be going to Tijuana. Mmm wants to talk to Ávila and see if they can make a deal.

Ooh, someone’s kidnapping Vargas. Thanks guys!

Jones got a bed for the real Ávila. It requires assembly. Ávila manages to swipe a loose screw while he’s arguing with Jones about which one of their organizations is on the “right” and “wrong” side.

Copete tells Gabe the value of his merca just went up. He’s not talking about raising prices, just that he’s got a buyer willing to pay the Tijuana cartel for their shipment.

Copete’s guys are the ones who got Vargas. They bring him to Copete for some torture. Yeah, he recognizes Gabe and Gabe’s keeping his cover. He takes advantage of Copete’s distraction to sneak off and bug his phone. He also starts a chemical fire to distract everyone from Vargas while he sets him free. Gabe tells him where the truck is and to wait for him there.

Copete’s upset about the fire and Vargas getting free. “I have to do everything around here!”

Jones listens in when Copete calls El Gobernador to tell him about the fire and Vargas getting free.

Gabe brings Vargas back to Uncle’s house, where Vargas moans and groans about needing a doctor and how everyone is corrupt.

Amalia’s not buying the act, but Gabe watched him take a beating and doesn’t agree with her.

Paula’s out on a date with her doctor. Some friend of the doctor’s saunters over and immediately starts referring to Paula as her “girlfriend” and saying he just loves love stories like this! I’ll take “Ways to Ruin a First Date for $500, Alex.”

Copete checks in with El Gobernador. They’re still looking for Vargas (I keep wanting to call him “Willy”).

Copete’s other phone rings. It’s Señor Mmm, calling to ask Ávila if he can buy the shipment to appease an impatient client.

Gabe asks who his client is then busts out laughing when he says it’s El Guapo. Sure, he’s heard of him but that’s like saying The Chupacabras needs it.

Señor Mmm assures him this is serious. He’s offering Ávila 10% of the shipment value in dollars.

Gabe says he wants 20%, in dollars and euros, small denominations. And while Mmm’s getting the money together, Gabe will tell Copete to get the shipment to The Chupacabras. And maybe they can meet for drinks in Bogota.

Back at the secret headquarters, Rojas and Jones finish tracking the call and Gabe gives Señor Mmm his phone number.

Gabe tells Copete his friends really mean business.

Yeah, and they’re HIS friends, so he wants a 50% cut. Especially if Gabe doesn’t want him to call Ávila’s boss.

The doctor takes Paula home. Paula invites her upstairs, but she noticed Paula’s reaction when her gay friend walked over. She likes Paula, but she’s been there, done that, and she’s not hiding who she is again.

Vargas and Amalia are hiding in the back of Gabe’s truck. They’re heading for the airport. Tuerto stops Gabe on the way out of town. He sends one of his guys to check the truck.

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