De Que te quiero, Te quiero, viernes 20 de marzo, Capitulo 15

De que no renuncio, no renuncio

Diego asks what’s it to Natalia if he gets divorced.  “It bugs me that you’re screwing up another woman’s life the way you screwed up mine.”  He has no clue what she means, but she has a flashback and gets the hell out of there, insisting that she quits and she never wants to see him again.

Apparently, exploiting women is a new enterprise for The Shrimp, but he thinks he’s going to like it.  Ugh!

Diana, misguided Diana, thinks she’s always acted the same, so clearly the problem here is that Diego wants someone else.  Well, fine, if he wants a divorce, he’s going to pay through the nose for it!

Skeevy guy in the blue shirt asks 5 girls, including Brigitte, to come back tomorrow for callbacks.  He asks them to be there bright and early. In bathing suits.

Carmen’s in the prison sewing room, showing off her mad skillz.  The prisoner who appears to be in charge of the sewing room is won over by Carmen and even takes her suggestion to ask the guard if they can put on some music.

Natalia visits the Good Vibes kiosk to tell Ángela she’s quitting. Diego’s getting a divorce because he thinks he has a chance with her. She’s never going to give him one!

Karina greets Vicente, who couldn’t care less that she had the flu…it’s about damn time she showed up and he has work for her to do. 

Ángela can’t understand why Natalia is seeing bad intentions behind all of Diego’s behavior.  Well, yes, there was the attempted rape back in Tuxpan, but if that hadn’t happened…. 

Natalia refuses to ever forget that, or to listen to any defense of Diego’s current behavior.  She needs to focus on making money to pay for Alberto’s services.

Even hard-hearted little me feels a little sorry for Karina when Vicente tells her that she now works for HIM, exclusively, and he has a zero-tolerance policy for ineptitude and drama.  He gives her a folder to take to the foreman at the plant.

The guard lends them a boombox and Carmen starts the dance party in the sewing room.

Natalia calls Alberto to ask about his fees, but he begs off, asking if he can stop by her house later. 

Natalia tells Angela that she’s going to disentangle herself from Diego. 

Alberto immediately calls Diego to ask what’s going on with him and Natalia. 

Diego begs Alberto to stall so he’ll have a chance to get Natalia back.

Diana meets with a detective and asks him to follow Diego around. All he needs is information about Diego and an advance.  Sold!

Brigitte’s not liking the look of any of her bikinis, so she busts into her secret stash of cash and decides to buy a new one.

She runs into Natalia on the way out and says she passed the first round.  Padre Juancho calls Natalia.  He’ll be meeting with the bishop and it’s near Caprico, so he thought they could have lunch together.  Except she’s no longer working there, so nope.

Diana tries to transfer the advance to the PI, but since Oliverio hasn’t bothered to give back the extra zero she gave him yesterday, she’s a little short.  Oliverio claims he’s just been sooooo busy with auditions that he hasn’t had time, but he’ll get right on it, ASAP. 

Diego shows up at Natalia’s.  She hurts his hand trying to slam the door on him, so that buys him a couple of minutes. 

He doesn’t want to lose her now that he’s found her again.

And Natalia doesn’t want to be his reason for a divorce.

The Beard tells The Shrimp that at tomorrow’s “callback” they’ll take photos to send out to the pimps, so the pimps can start making offers. 

Carlos shows up to tell El Camaron that they have to tie up all the loose ends.

Diego explains that if he wants a divorce, it’s because he doesn’t love Diana, not because of Natalia.  Although, Natalia is the reason that he never loved Diana.  Because he’s always been in love with Natalia. 

Nope, she’s not buying what he’s selling.  She says she can’t trust him after he lied about being married…or, hid that he was married…whatever.  “Even if I don’t have a chance with you, I’m divorcing her anyway.”

Padre Juancho shows up and punches Diego. 

Diego taunts Padre, saying if he wants to hit him again, go for it, and he won’t defend himself.  He tries asking what he did, but before Padre Juancho can spit it out, Natalia begs him to stop.  And he does.  And he leaves like she asks.  Bad Padre Juancho!

Carmen is chatting with her new buddies at the loading dock about her awesome restaurant. 

A prisoner called The General, freshly out of solitary, is informed about Carmen, who arrived in her absence. 

Back at Natalia’s, Diego swears he’s in heaven, what with the ice pack on his face and Natalia’s fingers in his hair.  She decides that he’s recovered enough to get the heck out of her house.  He tells her if she doesn’t come back to work, ok, but he wants to pay Alberto’s fees.  She refuses.

Diego calls Alberto and begs him to keep helping Natalia.  “You’re the only link I have left to her!”

Oh great.  Carmen doesn’t take The General’s threats, or her thirty-year sentence for “getting rid of” someone very seriously.  “What?  You mean, like, you fired them?” 

I’m not sure if Carmen’s being deliberately obtuse, or just naïve, but “despachar” does mean “get rid of” in both senses…”fired” and “killed.”  Either way, Carmen continues her story about how she ended up in prison after saying to the other gals “perro que ladra no muerde” (a dog that barks doesn’t bite).

Carlos tries to hit on a blonde woman catching a cab, but she looks at him like something she found on the bottom of her shoe.  He thinks he recognizes her from somewhere. (Kimberly, Eleazar’s date)

Alberto comes over to Garcia Central Station so Natalia can grill him about his fees.  Alberto says he really can’t calculate that right now…it’s going to depend on how much time he has to spend in court…really there’s just no way to estimate.  “And, besides, Diego’s going to pay for it, and I’m not trying to take advantage of you.”  He insists on not giving her a figure until he manages to get her mom out of jail.  He tells Natalia he’s known Diego for, like, ever, and he’s the awesomest guy he knows.

Natalia visits Padre Juancho to explain what happened earlier.  She’s confused because she hasn’t forgotten what happened, but he’s being really nice. 

Padre Juancho says Diego is just a tail and horns away from being the devil himself. 

Natalia denies that she’s still in love with Diego or that she’s given him any hope that there could be anything between them again. Alberto’s going to keep handling her mom’s case, but Natalia just doesn’t know how she’s going to pay him is all.

Karina gets home and has barely had time to kick off her shows before Diana shows up to complain that she was gone too long and she kept Diana waiting. 

The PI calls to report to Diana that Diego just went into an apartment building.  Karina has to be the one to tell her that, no, it’s not his alleged lover’s apartment, it’s Alonso’s new place.  Diana pouts.

Alonso is now getting the latest update in the ongoing saga of Diego, Natalia, and the Neverending Misunderstanding, courtesy of Diego and Alberto.

At Casa Karina, the tequila is flowing. Diana doesn’t seem to understand that Karina does have some actual work to do at work, and she can’t spend all day spying on Diego. Plus she’s working for Vicente now.

Diego gets home and Diana ambushes him in the hallway to beg him not to leave her.  Which, of course, he’s not going to do.

Natalia is having a sleepless night, filled with confusion.  She ends up getting out of bed to make a pro-con list.  “Cons: two-faced, takes advantage…no, wait he doesn’t.  Pros…not many…generous, supportive, decent person.”  She remembers their first kiss and decides to go back to work.

When Natalia gets to work, she doesn’t know what to say to Diego. Diana arrives before Diego does and asks to speak to Natalia…but not at her desk.

The Beard informs the five women at the callback that the “winner” will be the face of a cruise line and the actual shoot will be in Miami, so they all need to have their passports in order or they might as well scram now.  Brigitte makes a face, but keeps up the pretense as she goes off to change with the others.

Diego shows up, sees his empty desk, and makes a pouty face.

The Beard, El Camaron, and Carlos are talking loud enough that Brigitte, behind a screen in another room, can hear them talking and recognizes Carlos’ voice.

In the ladies’ room, Diana apologizes to Evelia…er, Natalia…again.  “I knew I wasn’t wrong about you, Laurita.”  She tells Natalia that Diego’s cheating on her.  “He must be, because he asked for a divorce.  You have to help me find out who the woman is, Rosalba…yeah, yeah, whatever your name is.  Help me, I’m begging you, you have to help me save my marriage!”

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