De Que te quiero, Te quiero, lunes 23 de marzo, Capitulo 16

De que regresó, regresó

Natalia tells Diana she’ll help her out. Or Patricia does. Whoever.

Natalia tells Diego she’s not coming back to work after all.

Brigitte runs out of the dressing room, past Carlos, and he chases her out to the sidewalk. She knees him in the groin and hops into a taxi.

Kimberly shows up at Eleazar’s office. He gets a call from Brigitte, but the call cuts out, which reminds Kimberly to tell him to warn Carmen–her fiancé was just flirting with Kimberly!

Vicente’s still screaming at Karina about being ten minutes late. He wants her to cruzar una información, but Karina doesn’t know what that means and neither do I!

Carmen gets into a fight with The General on the basketball court and gets tossed in solitary.

Natalia goes to the mall to cry to Ángela that Diego showed up last night and said he loved her and she was all set to go back to work…but then Diego’s wife begged her to find out who Diego’s cheating with. And it’s not like she can say “Me.”

Brigitte shows up at Eleazar’s office, saying she’s his niece. So of course he was all “I don’t have a niece!” She finally gets past the guy who’s been keeping her out and says “I saw Carlos and he was gonna kill me!”

Ángela and Natalia are still talking about Diego–this time with coffee. Natalia thought Diana’s begging was sincere. And Natalia definitely doesn’t want to come between Diana and Diego.

By the time Eleazar and his team get to the building where they were having the fake model casting, everyone has cleared out. He goes outside and scolds Brigitte for almost getting taken by human traffickers.

In all the time Karina’s spending in Vicente’s office, being told what numbers to put here and there, Karina discovers he suspects Natalia of being Diego’s lover.

Diego begs Padre Juancho to help him get back together with Natalia, but he’s already furious about the attempted rape, and now on top of that Diego’s married? Hell no!

Padre Juancho calls to ask Natalia if she knew Diego was married and now he’s pissed off at her too and wants her to come over right away.

As Natalia and Ángela leave the café, they see Oliverio and Diana snogging. Other important detail: Oliverio spent the money Diana accidentally gave him.

Irene comes to her therapy session and picks up where she left off. She was going to tell Tadeo she was pregnant. She had a girl, but the baby died.

She never told Tadeo because before she could tell him, he said nothing would keep him from going to Paris. Vicente had her locked up in the house in Tuxpan. She ran off and gave birth by herself, but Tiburcio and his wife found her. When she woke up back at the house, they told her the baby had died.

Alonso thinks she can get through this and be the Irene she used to be. (Subtext: I had a major crush on you when I was kid.)

Brigitte identifies El Camaron from a photo and Eleazar realizes all roads lead to Miami.

The judge refuses Alberto’s appeal, but grants him more time to gather evidence.

Natalia tells Padre Juancho that Diego’s wife is cheating on him and she saw Diana and her lover with her very own eyes.  Padre Juancho doesn’t give a rat’s tush.

Well, Natalia thinks she should tell him.

Padre Juancho accuses her of looking for excuses to be with Diego. Before she can respond, Abdul calls them to tell them Carlos reappeared.

Karina calls Diana and tells her Diego’s cheating on her with Natalia.

At the fonda, Eleazar tells Abdul, Natalia, and Padre Juancho about Brigitte’s run-in with Carlos. They’re going to have a couple of cops posted outside the apartment building and no one should go out alone.

Irene has lunch with Diego at his office and listens to him talking about his luuuuurve for Natalia.

Alonso goes to the prison and finds out Carmen is in solitary for five days. He calls Eleazar, who rushes right over.

Vicente has lunch with Diana while she babbles about the beach and how good she looks with a tan. Hey, she’s just trying to keep them from having a sad lunch at home.

He’s not sad.

Well, she is! Because Diego’s cheating. With Natalia, right?

“How did you find out” might as well be a yes.

Irene visits Gamez in HR on her way out of Caprico to ask for Natalia’s address.

At the same time, Diana’s asking Karina to get Diana’s address for her.

Eleazar gets in to see Carmen in solitary. He tells her to hang in there. He tries to get her out of solitary, but the guard says it’s for Carmen’s own safety and Eleazar has to agree with her.

One of El Camaron’s people calls to warn him that there are cops at the fonda.

Vicente figures out Karina’s the one passing on the chisme to Diana. He warns her to stay out of family business.

Jackie tells Eleazar all the women at the “audition” identified The Beard from photos she showed them. Eleazar starts to rant about how useless that is and nearly confesses his love for Carmen. 

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