De Que te quiero, Te quiero, martes 24 de marzo, Capitulo 17

De que está enamorado, está enamorado

Eleazar denies to Jackie that he’s in love with Carmen. Nobody’s buying that. Not even him.

The PI tails Diego to a bar, where he’s drinking alone. Diana tells him to go follow Diego’s lover, Natalia Garcia.

The PI gets to the apartment building, claiming he’s from the bank and needs Natalia to fill out some paperwork for a loan. Luz helpfully sends him to the fonda.

At the bar, Diego’s drunkenly whining to the bartender about screwing everything up with the love of his life. He does a reenactment with a couple of nuts. And now he wants a bottle of something to go. And a taxi.

Eleazar asks Morales to drive him home, but decides to go to a bar instead.

The PI sees Natalia and her sisters leaving the fonda and starts snapping pictures. One of the cops on guard sees him. They know each other, so the cop spills the whole thing about Natalia’s mom being in jail.

Irene comes over to Casa Garcia to ask Natalia to come back to work.

Well, she knows Diego’s married and she wants nothing to do with him. But she likes Irene and they can still be friends. She introduces Irene to Lupita and Brigitte.

The PI calls Diana to tell her about Natalia’s mom being in prison on drug charges.

Alonso’s working on his case notes, listening to the recording of Irene’s latest session. He had no idea she’d suffered so much. And he realizes he has feelings for her.

Diana calls Diego, but he turns off his phone. Just for that, Diana’s going to go yell at Natalia.

Eleazar’s drunk and keeps sentencing Morales to longer and longer time in jail. Diego shows up at the apartment with his new BFF. Eleazar has a bottle of his own. By the time Alonso opens the door Diego and Eleazar are already bros.

Diego and Eleazar complain drunkenly about The One Who Got Away. Alonso just sits there staring off into space and ignoring them.

Tadeo’s back in town. His paintings have just arrived at Cristobal’s gallery. They’re planning another exhibition and Tadeo has no problem with when they’re going to schedule it because he’s back to stay.

Alonso asks Diego if he knows Tadeo Vargas and what he knows about him. Mostly what Diego knows is that he doesn’t know him and he’s the reason Irene started drinking again.

Eleazar realizes Alonso’s got a thing for Irene.

Ángela stops by Casa Garcia for an update. Carlos came back, Brigitte got away from him, and they’ve got security since Carlos knows where they live. As for Diego–she doesn’t know what to do. How do you say “I saw your wife kissing her lover”? (Um…”I saw your wife kissing her lover” should do it.)

Diana listens in from around the corner as Natalia and Ángela debate whether to tell Diego or not. She slinks away, horrified to hear that Ángela saw them too.

It’s 7pm and Vicente won’t let Karina go until all her work is done. He asks her to take down a letter. Meanwhile, Karina’s phone keeps ringing because Diana’s trying to call her. Vicente picks up the phone himself and tells her to quit distracting his secretary…and loses his train of thought.

At Alonso’s apartment, everybody’s still drunk. Alonso caught up to the other two. All the complaining about love ends in a group hug.

The fonda’s not doing so well without Carmen, but the kids are trying to keep things going. Luz comes over to check on them. Between the PI and now hearing about the fonda Luz thinks they’re having money problems.

Karina finally gets home and sees Diana waiting outside her apartment. She complains that Vicente confiscated her phone.

We have reached the “I love you, man” level of drunkenness at Alonso’s. The guys drink to women. Or something. Diego calls for a taxi, but everyone’s directionally challenged.

Diana complains to Karina that she was going to use Natalia’s mom being a narca to get her to stay away from Diego, but then Natalia saw her with Oliverio. Karina thinks there still has to be some way to use the chisme to bring down Natalia.

Diana’s idea is to make Natalia look like she’s a narca too.

Eleazar’s still at Alonso’s, being all philosophical about love. Luz calls and he swears he’s not drunk. She’s calling to tell him the kids are having money problems and he says he’ll come right over. He calls Morales for a ride.

Diego went back to the office to drunk-dial Natalia and whine that he loves her and needs her to come to the office. He sobs that he’s going to die if she doesn’t come over! He falls out of his chair and Natalia’s worried something might have happened to him.

Diana and Karina go on a hunt for coke.

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