El Gran Estreno de La Vecina, lunes 13 de abril

Welcome to our second go-round of La Vecina.

If you’re familiar with the blog, you know we already have recaps for the second half of the show, but the first half are hosted elsewhere, so I thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a whole set?” Prepare for a mix of previously-published and new recaps.

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Here we go!

We meet Sara Granados on the day she loses her job as a hotel chef. The hotel has been sold and it’s going to be closed while the new owners remodel. Sara complains about the unfairness of putting so many people out of work, which is eerily familiar, but she vows she won’t go without a job for even a day!

Unfortunately, she’s overqualified…overqualified…the position has been filled…she doesn’t want to work wearing athletic wear…in a last-ditch effort, she considers asking her boyfriend, Cheo, for a job and finds out he’s cheating.

She heads to San Gaspar to visit her uncle Simón and his roommate mentions a possible opening at the local gas company.

Sure enough, Simón’s friend Nacho has a job available at CONATROL as long as Sara can start right away. He’s gotta get approval from the main office, but that’s just a formality….

In Mexico, the head of CONATROL is complaining about gasoline thefts and Nacho maybe not being the best person to deal with them. He’s thinking of sending Antonio Andrade to San Gaspar.

Antonio Andrade wears suits and sorts the shirts in his closet by color and has a variety of ties. And shoes. And Ing. Uribe (one of the guys at breakfast) wants to talk to him at noon.

In San Gaspar, Marina tells Nacho that he’s been summoned to Mexico and she’s booked him on a flight later today.

Uribe explains to Antonio that they’re getting 30% of their gas stolen. The board has decided to fire Nacho and they want Antonio to take over the San Gaspar office.

Antonio’s sure in a week he’ll be able to show better results to Uribe. (Ay, inocente.)

He avoids saying anything to some jr. suits in the hallway and instead heads out for coffee with his bestie Sebastian to give him the details. The other two suits follow.

At coffee, Antonio tells Sebastian about the San Gaspar job. Sebastian’s not an optimist. Couldn’t this possibly be some kind of punishment? It’s typically 40°C in the shade there! (104°F)

Ligia calls Antonio–she got a memo from Nacho about hiring a PR person. Antonio tells her to file it.

At Sara’s house she’s excitedly telling her mom about the job and moving to San Gaspar.


Antonio’s engaged to an artist. Engaged as in, they’re planning a wedding. She thinks it’s best to postpone until after he’s done in San Gaspar.

Nacho meets with Uribe and explains that this whole gasoline theft business is a national problem that should be handled by the authorities.

Whatever. Uribe’s putting Antonio in charge of San Gaspar. And Nacho’s not fired. He can have his old job in the DF office back.

In that case, Nacho quits.

The guy in the red tie is Ricardo. He’s hoping Antonio gets caught up in San Gaspar so long that Ricardo can take over all his projects and get a VP-ship. Oh yeah, he’ll totally help Antonio with whatever he needs…to keep him in San Gaspar! Jajajajaja!

Sara’s on her way to San Gaspar when Cheo cuts her off and parks his truck in front of her jeep. Seriously? WTF Cheo?! He thinks this is going to convince Sara to get back together and he’s pissed that she didn’t tell him she was leaving.

She figured he was probably “in a meeting.” And no this isn’t about a guy, and could he move his truck so she can get going.

There’s a mole in the plant. I’ll remember his name later. He’s the guy who says “Como dice el dicho” but it’s never a dicho. The guy he’s giving information to tells him to pay close attention–if CONATROL got rid of Nacho and they’re bringing in someone else they must have a plan.

Antonio gets to the office, soaked in sweat, and furious that no one was at the airport to pick him up and no one at the office was expecting him. And they’re…casual.

Marina figures out that Ligia must have sent the fax directly to Nacho’s office and nobody goes into Nacho’s office when Nacho’s not in it.

Rafa, the Operations Manager comes in to meet Antonio and calls down to “Ramón” to assemble everyone outside. Antonio tells them they’re gonna stop being the crappiest plant in the company through hard work and commitment or something like that.

And now, he’d like to go to his hotel.

Surprise! CONATROL actually has an apartment for him. And Rafa would be glad to drive him over. And stop for bottled water on the way.

Rafa drops Antonio off and he squeezes by the sleeping doorman on his way up to a furnished apartment with a balcony. Right next to the balcony where Sara was hanging laundry to dry, which explains why he found a pair of blue polka dot underwear…

Which he hides in his pocket when Sara comes back out and introduces herself and warns him about the mosquitoes and suggests he take off his jacket. She has no idea what the awkwardness was about.

At the office, Marina tells Rafa what a mess Antonio’s arrival was. They decide to make up for it with a welcome lunch tomorrow.

Bruno (Simón’s roommate) comes back from fútbol practice with Javi, another friend who’s happy to see Sara. They’ve got the rest of the team coming over, so Sara gets to work on botanitas.

Over in Antonio’s apartment, he’s trying to have a phone conversation with his fiancée, Isabela, but they’ve turned up the music. It goes back and forth like this for a while–the music’s too loud, he complains, they turn it down, it gets turned up again, he complains, they turn it down, some friends start jamming, he goes to complain and locks his keys and his cell phone in the apartment.

Chepe, the doorman, says it won’t be easy to fix this lock. They can both hear Antonio’s cell phone ringing in the apartment, but Chepe doesn’t carry one, so he knocks on Simón’s door. Bruno’s happy to lend his phone to his neighbor.

Everybody stares at him while he calls Isabela. Sara completely innocently (or was it?) asks if he wants a beer while he’s still got Isabela on the line. She’s suspicious about him hanging out at the neighbor’s to party.

In the morning, Antonio hasn’t made it to the office, but Marina and the guys are setting up the party. She gets a call from Uribe’s office and says Antonio’s out at a meeting somewhere there’s no cell service.

Rafa goes looking for Antonio and panics when he sees the broken door lock. Antonio panics when Rafa tells him it’s 9 am.

By the time they get to the office, Antonio’s already half-soaked and pissed off about the party decorations. They can’t waste time on stuff like that when the company is in trouble!

Mariana excuses herself mid-rant to go deal with someone who just arrived…Sara.

Marina breaks it to her that Nacho’s not working there anymore, but she assumes Sara’s still got a job.

Sara and Antonio are mutually surprised when she walks into his office.

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