La Vecina, jueves 16 de abril, Capítulo 4

Antonio admires Sara while she sleeps. “She looks so innocent”

Meanwhile, Rafa is looking for Antonio. He talks to Chepe, but Chepe hasn’t seen Antonio. He must be partying since he didn’t come home last night. Clearly Chepe doesn’t know Antonio. Fidel calls Rafa to let him know they found a clandestine pipe valve.

Cheo does his jealous ass routine with Roque. Poor Roque just wants to go get some chelas and relax. Cheo swears that Sara is HIS and NO ONE will have her. He’s going to San Gaspar TONIGHT. Sit down and hush Cheo. Luckily, the boss calls. Cheo has to check out some new car arrivals and the boss doesn’t give a flip that it’s Saturday. Aw. Poor Cheo can’t go to San Gaspar and yell at Sara.

Don Vicente, who turns out to be Sara’s uncle, has headed over to Don Nabor’s neck of the woods. He meets Antonio and finds out Sara will be living in San Gaspar. He’s a little annoyed that Sara didn’t say anything about it. Antonio awkwardly explains she moved there for “work.” Dude. You have to give her a job now. You don’t want to lie to a priest! Padre V asks about the bruise. He’s not at all surprised that Cheo is to blame. The word salvaje came up.

Rafa tells Pepe and Nelson about the hidden vavle. The three of them discuss Antonion’s disappearance. Pepe and Nelson also seem to think he is out partying hard. I find this surprising as they have met this guy and they know how uptight he is.

Sara fills her uncle in on everything that has happened since she offered to take Antonio to the super.

Nelson reports to Pedro…with old news about the new boss and the discovery of the valve.

As Antonio and Sara leave, Don Nabor suggests an atajo through Tecpán. Antonio is eager to take it. Sara tries to warn him it’s not the best road, but Antonio insists. She warned you, dude.

I would like to take a moment to thank every member of the musical group Angeles Azules for creating what is perhaps the greatest telenovela theme song and soundtrack ever.

Rafa expresses his fears about Antonio to Fidel…who also thinks he’s out partying. I guess I get it. Fidel only met him once…in an office…so maybe he’s assuming Antonio is totally chill outside Conatrol. Fidel is sure they would have heard something by now. Malas noticias corren como el viento.

Bruno and Simón talk harvest. They want to make a maximum profit. They really don’t want to have to deal with Pedro the cheat. Bruno suggests they take out a loan to buy their own truck so they can cut out the middle man. Simón really doesn’t think the bank will give them a loan. Bruno suggests they use the money Simón was saving to finish his nave. Simón hesitates, but ultimately agrees.

The shortcut does indeed turn out to be a bad idea. The road is horrible and they are in the middle of nowhere. Antonio just wants the nightmare to be over.

Simón and I sigh over his blueprints. He hopes that they end up with enough profit from the crop so he can finish his project.

OH NO! Sara’s jeep has no breaks! They’re gonna die! Antonio saves the day! Sort of. The breaks are shot and they need a mechanic. Time to start walking.

Quintin reports on Magda. She only left the house at four to go to the church. While there she talked to Rodovaldo. Fidel freaks out.

Sara makes jokes to Antonio about zancudos and garrapatas. Antonio complains. Sara asks if he always complains. Antonio complains some more. Sara tells him to look on the bright side! It’s gonna be a full moon so they’ll have plenty of light while they wander in the middle of nowhere!

Cheo is done with his work and is hell bent on going to San Gaspar. Roque just wants to get some chelas, man.

Sara and Antonio finally find civilization. Unfortunately the mechanic won’t be back until tomorrow. And there’s no one that can drive them anywhere. That random car that drives by is just some fuereño who’s here for a drink and to “spend the night”. Sara figures they will have to do the same. The old guys suggest Doña Asunción’s hotelito. And judging from their tone I don’t think the use of the diminutive is a good thing.

Nope. It is not. To quote Antonio “¿Qué es esto?” Ansunción wants to know if they want a room for a few hours or the whole night. Sara introduces herself to one of the patrons and asks if he can give them a ride. He’d be glad to if he wasn’t going the opposite direction. Antonio’s offer of money doesn’t change his mind either. Antonio doesn’t think Sara needs to be telling the customers her name. Asunción offers Sara and Antonio a room in the family section of the business. It’s got air and a private bathroom. Antonio is sarcastically surprised by a ” ‘hotelito’ with a family atmosphere”

Magda calls Fidel who says he is working late. She thinks he sounds weird. She calls Dora and asks her to watch Vladimir. She’s going to take Fidel some dinner.

“Air” turns out to be an electric fan and even Sara looks a little grossed out by the private bathroom. Antonio hates to think what the mechanic will be like in this town. Sara convinces him they should go to a store and buy some things they are going to need. He suggests bug killer and points out a roach. She freaks and he laughs. After spending the day walking through the snake and scorpion infested wilderness, she’s gonna get scared of a roach? She says it just grosses her out and asks Antonio to kill it. He tells her she’s on her own and walks out.

She has the last laugh though beause she throws Antonio’s coat over the roach before she smashes it. That coat is now covered in roach guts.

Fide tries to call Padre Vicente, but he only gets Rodovaldo. Fidel decides to head home. Magda is gonna hear from him!

Sara and Antonio shop for hideous clothes. She asks about some shoes, but we aren’t allowed to see them. Antonio uses the roaches to convinces her to buy them.

Isabel is still trying to get in touch with Antonio. Natalia wants to call Ricardo. Sebasian is her boyfriend and all, but she thinks Sebastian will cover for Antonio. Isa decides to call Sebastian anyway.

Sebastian offers to call Conatrol for Isabel. He calls and leaves a message on Antonio’s phone. “Dude, you’re out partying and I’m covering for you. You better call me before you call Isa so we can get our stories straight.”

Fidel sees Magda on her way to the station. He gives her the third degree.

Sara’s shoes are more comical than hideous. She and Antonio ask Doña Asunción about a restaurant. There’s nothing, but Doña Antonio offer to make them a caldito de pollo con verduras.

Cheo interrogates Chepe. Can Roque please just get his chela?

Antonio and Sara go back to the room to change and freshen up. Antonio gets the shower first. He complains that more water comes out of a lavamanos and out of the showerhead. And the water is boiling hot on top of that.

I would like to take another moment to thank the Angeles Azules for their wonderful end credit song as well.

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