La Vecina, martes 14 de abril, Capitulo 2

Sara’s interview is off to a bad start. She swears she’s different at work than she is at home, but too bad Antonio’s the same. Same bad attitude. And when his neighbor’s keep him up late it gets worse. He barks at Marina to bring him Sara’s resume.

Marina describes Antonio as mas amargo que el ajenjo, “more bitter than wormwood.” The taco party is being moved to the machine room and she’s sure not going to invite him!

After all this fuss, Antonio says he’s not making any hiring decisions until he gets a feel for what’s going on here. Which could take a few days. Or more, if his neighbors keep him up late.

Montage of Rafa showing Antonio around before ending up…in the machine room. Where everybody’s eating tacos. The guy with the curly hair and the unbuttoned shirt is Ramón, FYI.

Antonio tells them to get the food out of the machine room while he takes a call from Isabela. She’s complaining about him not calling yesterday and what about the neighbor and is she hot.

Um…he didn’t notice.

He gets off the phone and tells Rafa they need some order around here. He needs to talk to the staff about it and set up an appointment with local law enforcement.

Isabela’s remembering someone telling her that “I didn’t notice” is code for total hottie.

Antonio’s mom comes over to tell Isabela she and Antonio have made a stupid decision postponing the wedding and she’s going to fix it.

Sara finds Simón and Bruno and gives them the bad news. Nacho’s been removed from the company and the new boss is…dun, dun, dun…el vecino. Simón and Bruno think he’s just being a jerk, talking about needing to assess the situation. But at least it gives Sara some time to win him over. By not having parties, jajaja!

Marina tells Antonio about Ing. Uribe’s earlier call and how she covered for him. I swear he actually gave her a sincere smile when he told her not to cover for him or anyone else anymore–only honesty from now on.

Anyway, Uribe’s coming to visit tomorrow and Antonio had better not be late!

Antonio opens his office door and no, the a/c hasn’t been fixed. He tells Marina to keep calling until someone fixes it.

Pepe’s got the company car ready for Antonio, but Ramón decides to make some disrepairs while he’s got the chance. He watches Rafa and Fidel walk past, talking about Nacho being removed from his post and Antonio annoying everyone already.

Rafa escorts Fidel and his biceps (oh, how I’ve missed them!) to Antonio’s office, but Antonio has decided only to meet with Fidel. Awkward! Fidel explains that someone’s passing along information to the thieves–as soon as he gets information and checks it out, they’ve moved on.

Pepe and Nelson decide to invite Antonio out for beers tonight and see if it puts him in a better mood by Monday.

For his part, Antonio thinks the problem is that CONATROL hasn’t done enough for the community. They made a lot of promises they haven’t kept and that’s going to change.

Sara’s mom calls to tell her that the hotel is handing out severance checks, but they said she needs to pick hers up in person today. Sara heads out to Progreso, intending to get there and back in time to do something to win over Antonio.

A Padre on a bici rides up to the church for a meeting with Magda and her son, Vladimir. Vladimir says he wants to make his first communion, but Magda and the Padre know his dad would object. They plan to start Vladimir in catechism classes and keep it all secret from Fidel. Yes, the Fidel with the biceps.

On his way out of work Antonio gets directions to the closest super from Marina and Rafa. Rafa asks him about going out for drinks, but come on, we all know Antonio’s not into drinks. Or fun. Of any kind.

Before he gets into his car he stops to talk to Isabela and promise he’ll call her when he gets home. Too bad he was the last one out of the lot and his car won’t start.

Fidel sees Magda and Vladimir on their way to catechism class…uh to go to the pharmacy! And get ice cream! He offers them a ride and Magda sends a text to her “aunt.”

Antonio gets the security guard to buzz him out of the gate to try and catch a taxi. Instead he catches a jeep. Sara offers him a ride. She’s got an errand to run and then she’ll help him with the shopping.

On the way to her “errand” Antonio talks about how he can’t stand the heat and the mosquitoes, but he’s not hanging around long enough to get used to them. Sara finds that hilarious and Antonio’s face can’t figure out what’s so funny. But he totally likes her laughing. We all know it.

Fidel’s running fútbol practice. Ramón is on the team and so are Pepe and Nelson, but they skipped practice. Fidel’s paying way too much attention to Magda and her cell phone. She reschedules with the Padre for tomorrow at 12.

In Progreso, Sara’s mom is worried she won’t make it in time, what with the weekend traffic. Gloria, a friend of hers, calls to tell Sara they’re handing out checks now. She offers to see if she can pick up Sara’s check for her, which makes Mercedes feel less stressed.

Antonio feels like they’re headed out of town.

Yep, she’s gotta pick up a check in Progreso. It’s only, like, an hour and a half away! She suggests he chill and take in the scenery.

Magda gets up to go to the bathroom and Fidel gets into her purse to find out who she’s been texting. Magda busts him before he can find out anything and takes the cell phone and Vladimir with her to find a refresco.

Sara stops the jeep to get Antonio a bottle of water. Isabela calls and she hears Antonio lie to her about still being at the super. He says it’s the first time he’s lied to her. And why doesn’t this jeep have any seat belts?!

“It didn’t have any when I bought it and no one around here pays any attention.”

Sara’s friend Gloria brings the check over to her mom’s house, along with a verbal invite to Carlos Arevalo’s party. Sara’s still not answering her cell phone.

Sara gets busted for not having her nonexistent seat belt on. And for not having her drivers’ license with her. She tells the cop the story about being out of work and no one hiring her and she’s going to get her severance check and OK, he agrees to let her go if she pays the fine.

Cheo comes over to Sara’s house and Juancho, her brother, has the bright idea to give Cheo the severance check so Sara will have to talk to him.

Sara checks at the hotel, finds out Gloria took the check, and guesses it will be at her mom’s house. And that means Antonio can meet her mom and her brother and maybe even get in a quick shower. Yep, weirdest kidnapping ever.

Fidel offers to bring Magda’s bags in from the car so he can try again to check her cell phone. He seriously pulled everything out of her knitting bag. He’s just lucky he has those biceps. Anyway, her cell phone is out of battery, so he still can’t find out who she’s texting.

Sara brings Antonio to her house, introduces him, and fills her mom in about the work situation. Antonio excuses himself and Juancho has already taken off to call Cheo.

In the bathroom, Antonio calls Isabela and leaves a message–his company car broke down and he has to wait for a mechanic and he’s almost run out the battery on his cell phone.

Juancho explains to Sara and her mom that when Cheo heard Sara was coming back to pick up the check, he grabbed it so she couldn’t leave without talking to him. Nice story, Juancho.

Sara goes off to find Cheo and asks her mom to feed Antonio while she’s gone.

Antonio tries to resist, but Mercedes insists he sit down and eat. Sara will be back soon.

Cheo is a jerk who refuses to believe it’s over.

Antonio loves Mercedes’ food, but he still really really really wants to go back to San Gaspar. And she still insists Sara should take him.

She gets up to call Sara, but Gloria and her boyfriend show up…and then when she does call, it turns out Sara left her cell phone behind. Antonio makes a sad puppy dog face.

Mercedes calls Cheo’s apartment and Sara announces loudly that “Simón’s friend” took a taxi, so could her mom ask Gloria to take the light blue linen dress and Sara will pick it up later?

Sara gets the check away from Cheo when his friend comes over with beer to watch the game. Otherwise, he was just going to keep using it to get Sara to talk about “them.” Ugh.

Gloria gets the message and says she’s taking Antonio to Carlos Arevalo’s party because it’s closer for Sara to get to on the way out of town. Antonio’s on board with this idea…but he leaves his cell phone at Mercedes’. And Juancho heard the conversation, so we might as well take it for granted that Cheo’s going to hear about it too.

Yep, Juancho calls Cheo and Cheo heads to Carlos Arevalo’s.

Sara’s heading to Carlos’ too, as soon as she checks to make sure Antonio went with Gloria. She and Mercedes get off the phone and Mercedes hears Antonio’s phone ringing. And she answers it. And it’s Isabela.

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