La Vecina, miércoles 15 de abril, Capitulo 3

Crisis averted. Between Merce giving her Carlos Arevalo’s number and Sebastian saying there’s always someone on duty at CONATROL, at least Isabela doesn’t think Merce is la vecina.

Fidel finally gets into Magda’s phone and comes to the wrong conclusion about “Fidel leaves at 4.”

While Isabela’s getting coffee, Sebastian calls Antonio’s cell phone and finds out Merce is Sara’s mom and Sara is la vecina. And Sara and Antonio are at a party at Carlos Arevalo’s.

Antonio reports back that Merce is a secretary at CONATROL and Carlos Arevalo is the mechanic and he’s checking out the car right now.

Fútbol practice. This time it’s the Padre’s team and Bruno and Javi are on it. He lets them go party, but says they’d better be in good shape for their match on Sunday.

As has been promised, there is in fact, a party at Carlos Arevalo’s. And everyone’s having fun but Antonio. As soon as he sees Sara, he turns her around and hustles her out the door. He wants to go get his cell phone and then he’s going back to San Gaspar with her or without her. Sara’s like “Duuuuude, why so stressed?” but ok, they’ll go get his cell phone…

Except that Cheo shows up. And punches Antonio. Sara threatens to call the cops. She probably should’ve just called them anyway–that’s assault.

The Padre sees Fidel sitting at the park, but Fidel doesn’t want to tell him what’s wrong. The Padre calls Magda, but she doesn’t know what’s going on either. She’s assuming it’s work stress and hangs up quickly when Fidel gets home. Which he misinterprets again.

Instead of going back to San Gaspar, Sara takes Antonio to the doctor. Nothing’s broken, but he needs a couple of shots.

Hopefully, they’re still dropping by Merce’s for his cell phone and some paperwork Simón needs.

Bruno and Javi are headed out to a party that’s not at Carlos Arevalo’s house, but Simón isn’t interested in going. He tells them the “Antonio Andrade is not in San Gaspar” story.

Fidel can’t sleep. He makes his not-at-all stealthy way to Magda’s side of the bed and checks her cell phone AGAIN, finding nothing. And then he stubs his toe and shrieks.

Antonio wakes up in Sara’s bed, mostly naked. The shots knocked him out. In the living room they argue about whose fault it is that Antonio got punched.

Merce tells Antonio about the calls from Isabel and Sebastian.

Antonio steps outside to call Sebastian, who thinks he’s covering for Antonio while he spends the weekend with Sara.

Not only is he not, he wants to get away from her as soon as possible.

Sara comes out at the end of his call and he tells her not to worry, his girlfriend isn’t going to show up and punch her.

Merce and Sara won’t let Antonio take a taxi to San Gaspar. But they’ve got that paperwork Simón asked them to take to Nabor’s ranch, which is on the way. So if Sara drops Antonio off in San Gaspar, she should ask Bruno to go to Nabor’s with her so she’s not on the highway alone.

Once Antonio hears that, he agrees to go to the ranch with Sara on the way back to San Gaspar.

Fidel’s still obsessing about Magda cheating on him. Even Vladimir notices he’s a little down, but he assumes it’s because of Sunday’s fútbol match.

Fidel’s moping is interrupted by a call on the radio–they’ve found another hidden valve. He tells Magda he’s going to check it out.

Sara tries to give Antonio an out, by taking him to a taxi stand, but this is the first thing he’s actually decided to do since he got into her car, so yes, he’s going. And he’ll drive.

Cheo shows up at Merce’s looking for Sara. Mercedes says she left…alone. And how dare Cheo even ask after what he did! She likes him, but she doesn’t like his manners and if he doesn’t watch it he’s just going to push Sara even further away from him. (She’s already not getting back together with him. How much further does it get?)

The Padre’s gotta go give some guy last rites. He tells Rodobaldo, the sacristan, to apologize to Magda for him and DON’T call her house because Fidel might be there and Vladimir’s first communion is a big secret.

Maybe Don Nabor’s ranch isn’t quit as “on the way” as Sara and Mercedes made it sound. Sara tells Antonio to pull over at a rest stop to get bottled water. And if he needs to make any calls, this is probably the last place he’ll be able to get a signal for a while.

He calls Isabela and says he got his car fixed, but it was late, and now he’s checking out a leak and it’s going to take him all day. Sara suggests he also tell her the signal is spotty so he’ll call her.

Antonio feels awful about “having to” lie to Isabel.

Um, couldn’t he just tell her the truth?

Nope. With everything that’s happened since he met Sara, she’d never believe it.

Fidel gets to the police station and finds out that once again, the saqueadores were gone by the time the cops got to the valve. This time they also left behind a tank.

Fidel’s going to go check it out in person, but he asks the guy at the desk to stay in town and follow his wife around. Because she saw some stranger in the neighborhood. But he shouldn’t let Magda see him and he shouldn’t say anything to her ’cause you know how chicks get scared easily.

Natalia comes over to Isabel’s and asks about Antonio. She thinks the story sounds fishy, but Isabel blames it on her pessimistic thinking. She gets summoned to lunch with the future in-laws, so she won’t be going out with Natalia and Sebastián.

While she’s changing, Ricardo calls Natalia to congratulate her on an ad her company made. He asks how Isabel is doing and he’s surprised that she and Antonio aren’t going ahead with the wedding plans. But whatever. Say hi to Isabel.

The road to Don Nabor’s is endless. Antonio finishes all the water. He’s finally realized he and Sara don’t measure time or distance the same way.

Cheo asks Juancho to spy for him and find out everything he can about Sara and that guy.

At lunch, Natalia asks Sebastian about the supposed leak. He hedges–something’s always happening and if it’s not leaks it’s theft.

Natalia thinks it’s suspicious.

For the company to send an engineer to check out a pipe? She just has a suspicious mind.

Sara and Antonio make it to Don Nabor’s ranch, but Don Nabor isn’t there. Sara figures they should wait for him to come back and avoid the hottest part of the day.

Antonio’s mom wants to get his dad to get Uribe to bring Antonio back to town. Isabel doesn’t approve. Neither does Antonio’s dad.

Juancho’s awfully hostile about Sara being with Antonio. He goes running off to tell Cheo as soon as he hears they’re stopping at Don Nabor’s.

Antonio’s mom keeps complaining about him going to San Gaspar. Dad and Isabel change the subject.

At Don Nabor’s, Antonio’s snoozing away while Sara watches.

The guy Fidel asked to follow Magda is following Magda. He sees her go to the church, Rodobaldo comes out to talk to her, and then she turns around and goes back the way she came. Oh yeah, man, that’s totally suspicious.

A rancher explains to Fidel that he figured out there was a duct there because there were so many trucks coming and going at night. He didn’t really see the trucks, because it was dark.

Fidel’s guys have calculated that there are 5,000 liters in the tank and there’s still more coming through the pipe. Fidel calls CONATROL and asks for Antonio.

Antonio wakes up when Nabor arrives. They make small talk about Sara and Simon and CONATROL and then Nabor wants to introduce Antonio to some sopes de tuétano (marrow).

The guy at the front gate to CONATROL calls Rafa. He’s been trying to reach Antonio and can’t. Rafa says he’ll try the apartment.

Antonio apparently enjoyed the sopes de tuétano and also some tostadas de…?

Escamoles (ant eggs). Ok, now he’s suuuuuper in a hurry to get back to San Gaspar.

He goes looking for Sara and finds her napping in a hammock.

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