De Que te quiero, Te quiero, jueves 16 de abril, Capitulo 34

De que está fingiendo, está fingiendo

Diego and Natalia hang out with her family for a while, explaining their adventure (or most of it anyway). Diego turns down an offer of coffee and Brigitte smarms that his wife’s probably expecting him.

Diego leaves and Brigitte keeps piling it on–that’s right, Diego’s married AND he’s getting a divorce. Maybe Natalia’s the reason.

Now Carmen is upset at Natalia. Brigitte gloats.

Diego gets home and finds Diana and her lawyer waiting there with a copy of the domestic violence charges they filed and the judge’s order to let Diana move back in. He calls Alberto.

Brigitte’s enjoys playing the good girl. She had no idea Diego was married until last night. She can’t imagine why Natalia wouldn’t have told her mom. She was so angry when they walked in together!

Carmen tells her to quit pouring lemon juice on the wound.

Alberto gets to Casa Cacares, but the paperwork’s all in order. He and the other lawyer trade business cards and he and Diego go off to the study. Diana can take her luggage upstairs her damn self.

Natalia’s still waiting up when Carmen comes through on her way to the kitchen. She swears she hasn’t “done anything” to regret later. Carmen sure hopes she doesn’t.

Diego goes upstairs and Diana starts pelting him with his clothes, saying he’s not going to treat her like una arrimada (a mooch…pero, like, she is!). She goes looking for something in the night stand, but Diego says they threw all her stuff away.

Eleazar and Kimberly wake up in bed together. He feels like crap. And he should. They’re talking about their weekend in Cuernavaca. When Luz calls to confirm their Saturday dinner he says he’s going out of town…with Morales!

He tells Kimberly he lied so his mom wouldn’t demand they do everything all old-fashioned and formal.

Natalia’s on her way out when Chato calls the apartment. She’s all “WTF?!” Carmen takes the phone and tells Natalia she’ll explain later.

Chato tells Carmen he had an accident and he’s at the hospital and can she pleeeeease come get him?!

Kimberly made breakfast for Eleazar. She burned everything, but that’s OK, he’s got high cholesterol, so he can’t eat those eggs anyway. He’ll get something at work.

He’s leaving Kimberly alone in his apartment? She’s planning to *69 his mom.

Irene comes into Vicente’s bedroom in the morning to tell him Diana has moved back in, but Alberto’s dealing with it.

Vicente suggests that Irene organize the family photos, but she’s got other stuff to do.

Andres is helping Chato fake his injuries.

Natalia tells Diego that her family assume they’re lovers and Diego’s leaving his wife for her. Diego says he’ll go explain things to her mom.

Um, probably better not. Carmen’s not going to budge, much less listen to him. And he IS a married man. They should wait until the divorce is final. Everybody gets pouty.

Well, Diego’s got his own bad news–Diana moved back in and she pressed charges against him for domestic violence. He’s now willing to sue her for adultery.

Natalia thinks this whole mess is a sign they shouldn’t be together for now.

Diana calls her PI to demand proof that he’s cheating. Yes, Diego! And Natalia whateverhernameis! Something that will help her get every last cent out of him.

Diana’s trying to get Hilda to go to the market for some higos (figs) unless she wants Diana to tell Diego about all the other favors Hilda has done for her.

Brigitte brings her portfolio to Caprico so Irene can take a look at it. Since Natalia has such a bad attitude about it.

Um…Irene doesn’t agree with that, but OK. She’ll take a look at them when she can take her time.

Chato wants Carmen to come to his house for a few days to take care of him.

Padre Juancho shows up at Luz’s just when she’s opening the door to go out. That means he’s there when Kimberly calls to invite Luz to have coffee.

So not happening!

Padre Juancho checks to see who “that woman” is and then laughs that there’s no help for Eleazar.

Chato. Faking. Fonda.

Irene goes over to Natalia’s desk to tell her about Brigitte’s visit. She’s kind of laughing off Brigitte’s griping that Natalia didn’t want to make an appointment for her. Natalia says Brigitte takes any chance to make her look bad–all she said was that she should wait until Irene got all moved in.

Well, Irene thinks both sisters are sweet.

Uh huh. Natalia loves Brigitte, but she doesn’t think it’s reciprocated. Brigitte’s the only one who constantly reminds Natalia that she’s adopted. Yep, the woman who gave birth to her abandoned her and Carmen took her in. And no, she has no sympathy for that woman. She has a great mom and she has siblings and her mom has never treated her like less of a Garcia than the others.

Chato. Fonda. Luz and Padre Juancho are surprised to see Chato.

Irene tells Natalia she’s adopted too. Amalia, Vicente’s wife, adopted her after her mother died. She’s Diego’s aunt because she was his dad’s sister. Amalia never treated them differently. (Vicente, on the other hand….)

Padre Juancho’s screaming at Carmen like somehow she made Chato show up again. He’s OK with forgiveness, but that doesn’t mean you let someone back into your life! And he’s not Lupita’s father! Padre es el que cria. I’m with him on that, but then he says they already talked about her needing to think before acting, so she might as well forget she ever knew him.

Luz asks what the Padre was talking about, needing to think about her choices?


Out front, Padre Juancho tells Abdul there’s nothing to do about it. Hopefully Carmen will come to her senses.

Luz sits with Chato and quizzes him about his absence. Chato wants help getting Carmen back.

He might not need it. Carmen peeks out the kitchen door and thinks Chato sounds sincere.

Irene tells Natalia her mother’s dream was for Caprico to get into fashion. This project will be an homage to her.

She’s on her way back to her office, but Alonso shows up to talk to Diego before they go to lunch.

Chato tells the story of how he became a taxi company boss who exploited…I mean, helped his workers.

Lupita shows up. Chato’s going to be staying at their house while he recovers.

Diego fills Alonso in about Diana coming back to the house and wanting a huge settlement. Rodrigo’s doctor calls Diego about the latest results. Alonso’s lunch with Irene turns into all three of them going to talk to Rodrigo’s doctor and then going out to lunch after.

Alberto shows the judge the video of Diana and Oliverio in Alonso’s office. This changes things. It’s obvious she committed adultery.

Diana’s lawyer says Diego cheated too. He doesn’t have proof, but he can get it.

The judge gives him 48 hours.

Alberto says they also want a paternity test.

Diana’s lawyer says it’s a waste of time. She’s sure Diego is the father.

Well, Diego isn’t.

They take a five minute break for Diana’s lawyer to call her and tell her they have 48 hours to get proof of Diego’s adultery. And they want a DNA test. Things aren’t going the way he expected. So does she agree?

Diana tells him to say she agrees and she’ll find a way to slow down the process.

Alonso explains to Diego that he never should have taken Irene on as a client and he and Irene have talked about it and they’d rather be friends.

Diana’s lawyer tells the judge Diana agrees to take the test, but she can’t right now because she’s got really bad diarrhea and can’t leave the house.

It seems like the judge agrees with Alberto that this is all BS, but whatever. They’ve got 48 hours to get the DNA test and the proof of Diego’s adultery and he won’t budge on that deadline.

Chato. Casa Garcia. He’ll be staying in the boys’ room.

Brigitte gets to the fonda and Abdul tells her that Chato’s staying at their house because he had an “accident.” They’re going to figure out how to get rid of him.

Rodrigo’s doctor tells Diego, Irene, and Alonso that there’s been no change in Rodrigo’s coma. He also contacted some of his colleagues and they all agreed, it’s time to let Rodrigo go.

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