La Vecina, viernes 17 de abril, Capítulo 5

Simón and Bruno are heading back to the apartment. Chepe tells them Cheo was looking for Sara. He was pretty mad. And he asked about Antonio too, which Chepe found odd. He didn’t think they knew each other.

All right! That’s it! Magda is done with Fidel’s baloney! What’s going on! Fidel is tired of the deception too. Magda insists he forced her to do it with his bad attitude. Fidel wants a divorce. Poor little Vladimir comes out and swears first communion was his idea! Please don’t divorce mommy. Ooops! Fidel may have minunderstood the situation.

Turns out Fidel is an atheist, but religion is pretty important to Magda. The nice thing about Fidel is he’s willing to allow Vladimir to have that first communion. They’ll talk about the party after the boy is done with his first communion preparation. Everything it going to be ok. Fidel is pretty good peeps.

Sara doesn’t need to shower. She bathed at her monther’s house this morning. Something Antonio had the opportunity to do too. He turned down the offer. Anthony talks to himself about accepting all future offers of showers. Sara comes back out in her very form-fitting and revealing dress. ¡Madre santa!

Anthony cracks jokes about their outfits. He looks like a gringo de vacaciones and Sara looks like a…Sara laughs …”C’mon! Say it! I look like a prostitute!” (her words.)

Simón and Bruno prepare tortas and discuss the genius who invented tortas, space food and astronaut meals. The doorbell rings and it’s not Sara…it’s Cheo. He yells at Simón and demands to know where Sara is. She’s HIS. Simón reminds him that Sara is noone’s property and if Cheo will just calm the hell down, Simón will tell him where Sara is. Cheo promises. Simón tells him she’s at Nabor’s.

Cheo tears off for Nabor’s. Roque is in no mood for possibly getting shot at by Nabor. If Cheo is hell bent on that conversation, then Roque will get out right here. Roque manages to talk Cheo out of making a scene at Nabor’s ranch.

Asunción likes Sara’s dress. Antonio cannot believe he’s at a prostíbulo. He starts complaining (and really he does a lot of it this episode.) Asunción asks some nosy questions: Your name? What do you do for a living? Where do you work? Next thing you know, a worker is announcing to the bar that tonight the Prostíbulo/Bar/Family fun center/Dance Hall/Hotel has a special visitor. It’s none other than Antonio Andrade, petrol engineer for Conatrol! Applause!!! Sara giggles. She tells Antonio that if anyone comes around, he can tell them them he’s armed.

And that’s exactly what happens. Two guys eyeball Sara. Antonio tells them not to mess with his “wife.” They scoff at the little machito. Sara asks them not to do anything to hurt them. She’s pregnant! Antonio reaches for his back pocket. Watch out! He says he’s armed. The two dudes back off and Asunción gives them hell. I bet they were more afraid of her. And it turns out Antonio was armed with…his cell phone.

Please pause for some theme song appreciation….Vaya que sorpresa que me me jugó la vida….

Antonio and Sara get back to the room. Uh oh. He says he’s got a bolita. Yup. He picked up a garrapata. She needs a cigarretee and pinzas. Anthony is not going to let her out alone in that dress. They will both go out to talk to Doña Asunción.

While they wait for Asunción to get what they need, a couple walks by. The guy is pretty impressed Antonio stood up to those guys, especially since they had guns (for real!) Antonio freaks out and starts yelling at Sara. He could have gotten killed. Sara pouts and walks away.

Asunción comes back out with cotton balls and supplies for the garrapata extraction. She asks how far along Sara is. She thinks they are such a cute couple…even if they do fight a lot. Antonio swears he’s going to separate from Sara as soon as they are back.

Antonio sheepishly returns to the room. He attempts to remove the garrapata himself. Sara takes pity on him and finishes the task. He sits up and gets pretty close. Gulp. He has to step outside and get some air. What it wrong with him?

Nelson calls Pedro and tells him they had to close the valve. Pepe almost catches him talking to Pedro.

When Ant comes back to the room, Sara is already asleep. On the bed with the best fan coverage. Antonio has to sit on the floor and sleep at the foot of Sara’s bed if he wants any air.

Sebastian comes over to Isabel’s apartment. Emma calls his phone to invite Isabel to breakfast with Uribe. They need to convince him to bring Antonio back to the D.F. Now that I’m thinking about it…why did she call Sebastian’s phone?

Antonio wakes up. His neck really hurts. He does apologize to Sara for yelling at her.

Padre Vicente calls Rodobaldo. He has to stay at Nabor’s a little longer to baptize some babies. Padre will have to miss today’s fútbol match. Rodobaldo will have to do the coaching. He needs to use them same line up from last time. Padre prays they win.

Uribe is at breakfast with Antonio’s parents and Isabel. Emma and Isabel mention the fuga, but Uribe didn’t know anything about that. He calls Rafa. Rafa didn’t know about the fuga either…but he hasn’t seen Antonio since Friday (It’s Sunday.)

Antonio goes in search of the mechanic. Uh oh. The Mechanic won’t be back until the afternoon.

Merce calls Simón looking for Sara. He lies and says she’s still with Nabor. Bruno asks why he lied. Simón doesn’t think there’s any need to worry his sister. If something bad had happened, they would have heard something already.

Antonio gives Sara the news about the mechanic. She swears she’ll get him home by 7. He makes googly eyes.

Rafa goes to talk to Chepe again. Pepe is annoyed they are wasting time. There’s a soccer game to play! Antonio is young and single and it’s the weekend! Nelson thinks they should go talk to Tito at the plant and see if he knows where Antonio went on Friday.

Sara and Antonio wait for the mechanic. Antonio is really freaking out. He’s not going to be able to make excuses for being gone so long. Sara really worries he’s going to give himself a heart attack.

Finally the mechanic arrives! He’ll go see if he has the brake bomba (pump) they need. He does! Too bad it doesn’t work. They can all go look at Sara’s car as soon as the mechanic’s car gets back. He loaned it to someone.

Tito reports that Antonio’s car wouldn’t start on Friday. He left Antonio waiting for a cab.

Rafa calls Uribe. Antonio could have said that about the fuga because someone was pressuring him. If the saqueadores got wind of the new, tought boss then they might have dones something with Antonio. Or Antonio could just be out partying. Uribe says there’s no way Antonio is partying. Nope. Antonio is in trouble.

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