Launch Pad (April 18, 2020)

Last week, I wrote more recaps of De que te quiero, te quiero , airing afternoons on Galavisión.

La Vecina is back! Afternoons on UniMás. Sara and I are re-recapping at least the parts of the show we don’t already have recaps for.

What’s happening on TV?

On April 19, American Ninja Warrior starts on Telemundo at 7pm.

On April 20, Sortilegio starts on UniMás at 12pm.

On April 21, La Reina del Sur 2 special edition starts on Telemundo at 10pm.

On April 27

  • Enamorándome de Ramón starts on Galavision at 4pm.
  • Amigas y rivales starts on UniMás at 4pm.
  • La Intrusa II starts on Univision tlnovelas in place of La Pícara Soñadora
  • Como tú no hay 2 starts on Univision at 10pm (maybe).

On April 28

  • Simplemente Maria starts on Univision at 11am.
  • 100 Dias para enamorárnos starts on Telemundo at 9pm.

On April 29, La que no podia amar starts on UniMás at 9am.

Typically all this stuff would be on the calendar, but it’s been hard to keep up


Let me know if anything isn’t working correctly.

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Ian Walter
Ian Walter
7 months ago

On TV, well The Afro-Brazilian Affair is still covering Blood Ties with many people threatening to stop watching it because Diana just never gets caught, we have Jesus as well and people are not warming up to it despite many people’s minds boggling at the Romanian Empire shenanigans and I am personally regretting not starting Imperio from the beginning on Dubai One…I’ll blame it all on Covid-19

Linda F.
Linda F.
7 months ago

, do you see anything new on the horizon that could make them cut either Cennet or Fatmagül back to one hour a night?

Linda F.
Linda F.
7 months ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

That’s a huge relief—thanks! My guide is now saying the same thing about Cennet. I just got back 5 hours of my life each week. 🙂

7 months ago
Reply to  Linda F.

Seeing Cennet at only an hour is a huge relief. And it was a nice surprise Friday that Fatmagül was only an hour. I am now officially caught up with it. Of course, I’ll just fall behind again this week, but for a brief moment I was caught up.