La Vecina, lunes 20 de abril, Capitulo 6

Uribe comes back to the breakfast table with the sobering news–Antonio’s missing. He might not be kidnapped because no one has demanded a ransom, but no one has seen him since Friday.

Isabela tells them about his phone call saying he was with a mechanic looking at the car and that Saturday he was going to be out dealing with the duct leak and he wouldn’t have a cell signal.

Uribe confirms that there’s no leak. Antonio’s dad is ready to go looking for him right now, but Uribe says maybe Antonio really is just out partying. Everyone at the table is like “Nope, no way, absolutely not.”

Antonio and Isabel are driving back to the jeep with the mechanic. He’s having a great time listening to Antonio and Isabel argue about pretty much everything that’s happened since Friday.

Rafa’s driving around with Nelson and Pepe and Rafa’s not buying the “He’s just out partying” theory either. Nelson convinces him to drive them to the field. Rafa agrees–he needs to talk to Fidel.

At Antonio’s parents’ house, Isabela’s starting to remember that she thought Antonio sounded strange over the phone. Uribe agrees with the blonde woman (Antonio’s sister?) that he could have been compelled to say what he did. Antonio’s mom is pissed that Uribe sent Antonio to the kind of place where petroleum engineers get kidnapped.

“But it’s never happened before!”

At the field, Fidel thinks Antonio’s disappearance is serious. The saqueadores might have picked him up and he’s being held somewhere just to scare him. They did the same thing with the guy who runs the salinera (salt mine).

But Antonio just got there! How would the saqueadores know he’s trying to stop them? Unless someone told them.

Nelson: *guilty face*

Fidel leaves Ramón in charge of the team to help Rafa look for clues. Pepe and Nelson decide to go with them.

Rafa calls Uribe to share Fidel’s theory, which Uribe thinks is plausible. He tells Rafa to give Fidel whatever support he can and keep him (Uribe) informed.

Padre Vicente’s about to leave Nabor’s when Cheo pulls up. Padre Vicente LIES and says Sara and her neighbor spent the night at Nabor’s. Nabor backs him up, but Cheo doesn’t look convinced.

Panfilo, the mechanic was right–they need a brake pump. Sara begs him to give Antonio a ride to the highway so he can take a bus.

Oh no! Antonio has reached the point where he accepts that his fate is tied to Sara’s.

Great, so now she has to listen to him complain!

Antonio asks what’s next, but stops Panfilo from answering. They’ll just ask Sara–the one with all the bright ideas.

Cheo tries to defend his decision to punch Antonio, but Padre Vicente runs rings around him. He’s been with Sara for three years? And has he ever had reason not to trust her? They had a misunderstanding? And does he think punching someone out is the way to resolve it? Maybe he needs to quit throwing tantrums and trust Sara.

Cheo’s face: Yes? No? Maybe? No punching?

Sara’s idea is that Panfilo can drive them to Nabor’s so they can spend the night there and be up early to get the replacement part. Antonio actually likes that idea and offers to pay Panfilo to drive them.

Panfilo’s busy…but if it keeps Antonio from murdering Sara at Doña Asuncion’s place, he’ll do it.

Padre Vicente’s team won. Javi and Bruno are waiting for Simón to get back to the apartment with some chicken.

Out front, Chepe’s telling Fidel, at al, that the last time he saw Antonio was on Friday morning. And of course he doesn’t think Antonio’s out partying! He was all cranky on Thursday night because of the party next door. He never called the cops because he locked his phone in the apartment.

Rafa calls Uribe to get permission for Chepe to let them into Antonio’s (aka CONATROL’s) apartment.

Javi and Bruno hear noise in the hallway. Rafa tells them Antonio’s missing. Bruno talks over Javi, saying that’s a damn shame.

Back inside the apartment, Bruno says he wasn’t going to tell them about Sara and have everybody talking about her. She and Antonio can figure out their story when they get back.

Quintin calls Fidel to get an address for something. Fidel goes to get it from the car, but he tells the others not to touch anything. Almost immediately, Pepe’s screaming at them to come look…the organized closet is freaking him out. However…there’s also a pair of Sara’s underwear. Pepe goes back to his “He’s out partying” theory.

Simón makes it back with the chicken and just misses Rafa and the guys leaving Antonio’s.

Bruno tells Simón everyone thinks Antonio’s been kidnapped. Of course they didn’t say anything. They didn’t want to involve Sara.

Well, Simón thinks they should have some consideration for Antonio’s family and not have them worry about kidnapping!

Panfilo pulls into Nabor’s driveway and Sara sees Cheo’s truck. She starts panicking and wants to leave, but Antonio says he’d rather have Cheo beat him to a pulp and then have to ask him for a ride back.

Sara thinks it’s funny, but they all hear gunshots. Nabor and the guys are shooting at beer cans. Now Panfilo wants to make a run for it, but Sara begs him to go tell Padre Vicente she’s out here and wants to talk to him.

Antonio says for once this is exactly what he expected. Because having things go smoothly would be completely unexpected!

At Antonio’s parents’ they’re try to get as much information as they can from Isabel about the phone calls. You know, the one where Merce assured her Antonio was with the mechanic, Carlos Arévalo. And then when Sebastian called, Merce told him the same thing. Then Antonio called and said his car was fixed, but he had to deal with a duct problem.

Uribe calls Rafa, but no…there’s no secretary named “Merce” at the San Gaspar office. Rafa will pass on that information to Fidel.

Isabel’s now going to call Sebastian…whose phone isn’t available…and Natalia…whose phone also isn’t available.

Uribe tries Ricardo. He needs him to find Sebastian. Antonio’s missing.

Ricardo’s face: Sweet!

Sebastian and Natalia were seeing a movie and had their phones off, but now that they’re back at Sebastian’s, Isabela calls. She’s trying to pin him down about who he talked to and when and saying there isn’t any duct problem and here, talk to Uribe!

Padre Vicente comes out to Panfilo’s truck. He gets a look at Sara and Antonio’s clothes and asks why they’re dressed for carnaval. Sara starts to explain the various delays and finally gets to the point–they came to ask Nabor to let them stay the night, but if Cheo’s there and he’s armed, they can’t do that.

Padre Vicente says they’re just target shooting, but yeah, even he thinks going back to Doña Asuncion’s place is safer than letting Cheo see them. He tries asking Panfilo to get them back to San Gaspar, but Panfilo’s already spent a lot of time driving them to Nabor’s.

A sad-faced Antonio tells Padre Vicente it was nice to see him, at least.

Fidel’s getting ready to send out a notification to the places nearby, but he asks Rafa to get him a photo.

Simón comes over with Bruno and Javi and says they don’t have to do that. Antonio’s fine, even if he doesn’t know exactly where Antonio is. He’s with Sara.

Nelson and Pepe are all “CALLED IT!”

Bruno and Simón tell them to pipe down and go back to where Sara ran into Antonio on her way out of town and he offered to go to Progreso with her….

Ricardo shows up at Antonio’s parents’ apartment. If they want him to, he can go out to San Gaspar. Isabel starts telling him what they know about what happened to Antonio….

So, anyway, Antonio and Sara probably spent the night at Nabor’s and they’ll be here soon.

Fidel’s gotta say something to the fiancée and the parents.

Well, nobody thinks saying Antonio’s been out with Simón’s niece all weekend is a good idea. And they can’t say he’s out with friends, because he doesn’t have any friends in San Gaspar. Bruno suggests saying he went to his neighbors’ ranch with them and there’s no phone.

Ok, really, Fidel thinks the important thing is for his family to know he’s safe. Rafa reluctantly agrees.

Natalia and Sebastian get to Antonio’s parents’ house. With Uribe’s questions, Sebastian’s story falls apart. Merce never said she worked at CONATROL, he just assumed. And when she said Antonio was at Carlos Arévalo’s house, he thought that was the mechanic. And he never actually called CONATROL….

Ricardo starts snottily taunting Sebastian about how serious this all is and Antonio’s parents are a wreck and Uribe called the cops!

Sebastian says Antonio’s in Progreso.

Uribe’s phone rings. Fidel says Antonio’s at a ranch.

Uh huh. Well, he’s passing the phone over to Antonio’s fiancée so Fidel can reassure her.

And now Fidel passes the phone over to Rafa to tell her the security guard at CONATROL saw him take off with his…neighbors. In a group. One of the neighbors is back and said Antonio was there and he can’t give her the phone number because there’s no phone service there and he’ll definitely back tonight. And as soon as he sees Antonio he’ll tell him to call her.

Isabel gives Uribe his phone and apologizes for dragging him into this “misunderstanding.” She leaves with Natalia. Ricardo leaves too. And Sebastian…

Isn’t getting out of it this easily. Antonio’s dad drags him into his office.

Outside, Isabel tells Natalia Antonio’s never lied to her and she always thought he was special, but no. And he’d better have a good explanation ready.

Sebastian tells Antonio’s dad the real story, as far as he knows it–Antonio was going with la vecina to run an errand, involuntarily, and things took longer than expected. And Merce’s la vecina’s mom and Carlos Arévalo’s a friend of Sara’s. He doesn’t know her last name.

Cheo has had enough of hanging out at Nabor’s. He’s ready to go to San Gaspar now. Padre Vicente and Roque talk him out of it. And that way Cheo can give him a ride to Progreso to talk to Merce.

Fidel gets home and hears all the bad news. His team lost and the Padre’s team won. Fidel tries to convince Vladimir to spy for him, check out the Padre’s strategies. Vladimir goes back to watching TV.

Panfilo’s driving Antonio and Sara back to Doña Asuncion’s. Antonio just now remembers that Uribe’s coming to the office tomorrow and Antonio’s supposed to pick him up at the airport at 8.

Sara swears she’ll pay Panfilo any amount of money to get Antonio somewhere he can catch a bus. And hey, Panfilo could have taken them somewhere with cell phone service, but Antonio insisted on waiting until he was back at his apartment.

Antonio pouts that he didn’t want to have to tack another lie onto his list.

Sebastian calls Antonio’s cell and leaves a message saying he’s busted. Uribe called the police in and everything.

Antonio’s dad tells Antonio’s mom that Sebastian said Antonio got dragged to Progreso by the vecina. Which he thinks is a stupid excuse–you can’t force someone to spend the weekend with you! He’s worried about what Uribe must think. Well, Ema’s worried about him breaking up with Isabel.

Antonio’s dad leaves him a voicemail message telling him to call as soon as he hears it.

Isabel cries to Natalia that Antonio has changed.

Mariana, Antonio’s sister, comes over to try to calm Isabel down. I mostly tune Isabel out as she whines about la vecina. Mariana doesn’t think Antonio’s the kind of guy who just falls for someone three days after meeting them. (Pues….)

Natalia’s going to go get info out of Sebastian.

Doña Asunción is surprised to see Sara and Antonio back again. She thought they skipped out on the check! If they want dinner, she’ll have it ready soon. Sunday nights they always close the bar, so no one will be bothering them.

Antonio says that’s too bad. Because tonight he wants to kill someone.

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