La Vecina, martes 21 de abril, Capitulo 7

Antonio grumbles about being in the mood to kill someone tonight and exits the bar.

Doña Asunción thinks he’s too young to be so cranky (ah, el cranky no tiene edad). But she can tell Sara drives him wild.

“Not with love!”Sara laughs.

Sara explains to Antonio that he wouldn’t be in this mess if he had just told his girlfriend the truth from the beginning. He went with his neighbor to pick up a check in Progreso and things got complicated. ‘Cause telling her he was at the mercado and then turning up two days later at a brothel with your neighbor? That’s hard to explain.

Antonio defends himself–she didn’t tell him right off they were going to Progreso!

Right, but once she told him, why didn’t he try to get away? He could have told her to drop him off and found his way back.

Um…he didn’t want to be unfriendly?

Sara thinks that’s a BS excuse. Or rather, she thinks Isabela’s going to think that’s a BS excuse. She’s trying to make sure he’s ready for Isabel’s questions.

Cheo drops Padre Vicente off at Merce’s. And he’s STILL complaining that he should have gone to San Gaspar.

Merce’s happy to see Vicente, and glad to hear that he saw Sara. That means that he met Antonio! Such a nice boy!

Vicente stops her from calling Sara and explains there were more delays and the car won’t be fixed until tomorrow.

Anyway, Juancho’s out with his “friends” and she hopes Vicente can talk some sense into him. Guess who told Cheo that Sara showed up with Antonio.

Natalia’s upset with Sebastián on Isabel’s behalf, so he starts telling the truth. Antonio didn’t actually want to go with la vecina.

She refuses to believe a woman could have dragged Antonio off for an entire weekend.

Well, she’ll have to ask Antonio about it herself. And why’s she mad at him when it’s Antonio who’s cheating on Isabel?

Aha! So he IS cheating! And he wasn’t dragged off!

Antonio’s sister gets back to the house and tells her mom that Antonio’s really screwed up and there’s no way to fix it.

Her mom basically says Isabel has to forgive Antonio and marry him so they can get their hands on her family’s money.

Sara’s having a shower when Antonio gets to the hotel room. She’s been thinking he should just tell his girlfriend the truth.

Antonio says it’s one thing if his neighbor offered him a ride to the grocery store and they spent the weekend together because her car broke down and the neighbor looks like Doña Asuncion (How rude! Doña Asuncion probably has her encantos). In that situation, he looks like a gentleman, but if the neighbor looks like Sara….

Sara’s out of the shower and wrapped in a towel saying she doesn’t get it. And look at his face! She starts applying lotion, with their faces about an inch from each other and Antonio stands up, grabs her and puts her at arm’s length away from him, and leaves the room.

Sara meets him outside when she’s dressed again to see if he’s ready for dinner.

Juancho gets home and finds Vicente waiting for him. Vicente explains that Antonio’s Sara’s potential future boss. Juancho’s stirring up trouble could mean that Sara ends up without a job.

Antonio has decided that he can’t tell Isabel the truth. But he can’t think of a lie that would work. So he’s going to have to tell her the truth.

Natalia gets home and tells Isabel she didn’t have a lot of luck with Sebastián. He still claims Antonio didn’t want to leave town for the weekend. They’ll just have to see what Antonio says about it when he gets back. Isabel doesn’t know how she’s ever going to trust him again.

Roque tells Cheo he’s screwed up with Sara. He ignored her. Plus she caught him with that other woman. He’ll have to win her back by doing the stuff he did in the first place.

Serenatas and boxes of chocolates? No way. The only musicians he’s hiring are the ones to play at Antonio’s funeral.

Sara explains to Antonio that she picked him up because she thought it would be a good way for him to get to know her and she could apologize for the party and they could be friends and maybe he’d hire her.

Antonio takes this as “I figured if I slept with you, you’d give me a job” and he’s highly offended.

Ema calls Isabel to try to convince her to go to San Gaspar and “mark her territory.” Isabel’s refusing to make a move–it’s up to Antonio.

Sara goes back to the hotel room, upset because she keeps screwing up. She hears someone passing by and thinks it was Antonio. It wasn’t him and nobody has seen her…husband. If he’s not at Doña Asuncion’s the only other place that’s open is the pool hall.

Antonio gets back to the hotel and finds out Sara’s not there. He starts retracing her steps and catches up to her at the pool hall, where a skeevy guy’s got her trapped against a column, trying to convince her he’s the man she needs. He punches the guy and gets out of there with Sara, but he’s angry that she keeps doing things without thinking.

Sara pouts that she can’t even do one thing right and Antonio’s not in the mood to argue.

Back at the hotel, Sara notices Antonio hurt his hand. Guess that’s one more thing to have to explain to his girlfriend. Antonio’s less worried about her than about what Sara has “done to him.”

Sara tells him “her side.” He was her 32nd interview. Her severance only lasted a couple of months. Her mom and brother need her support. She wasn’t trying to take advantage of him–she just wanted the chance to show him a different side of herself. She didn’t want to be that horrible neighbor. She’s not telling him this so he’ll give her the job.

And now that she’s told him, doesn’t it occur to her that it’s going to be even harder to give her a job? How’s he supposed to justify hiring a woman he spent the weekend with?

Sara whines that nobody knows and they don’t have anything going on.

“That’s what you think.” He doesn’t explain what he means.

Someone turns on music and Antonio complains that it’s cumbias again.

Sara offers to show him how to dance to them and get rid of his dislike. Somehow he manages to step on her foot in those tall platforms. They’re totally having a moment.

Back in San Gaspar, Rafael is getting off the phone with Uribe, who’s still coming to visit tomorrow. And he didn’t say anything about Antonio. Rafa feels like he stirred things up for nothing.

Mariana disagrees. If Antonio had just told them he was going to disappear for the weekend…. And he should be thanking Rafa for not telling la novia that he was out with la vecina. Who is la vecina, anyway?

Rafa says it’s Simón’s niece.

Antonio gets back to the hotel room and Sara moves to the bed that the fan doesn’t reach. Antonio’s sitting in front of the fan, saying it’s not so bad, when the electricity goes out.

Sara thinks this is hilarious.

Antonio goes back outside, telling himself he can’t possibly be falling in love with Sara.

Sara comes outside, laughing. At least tomorrow this will all be over. She doesn’t blame him for thinking she’s a nightmare, but if he just gives her a chance….

Antonio takes her hand off his leg and tells her to stop. Does she really not know how she makes him feel?

Well, yeah, he’s been rejecting her all weekend. And tomorrow the ordeal will be over.

Sara goes back to the room and gets into Antonio’s bed, in case the fan comes back on.

Antonio goes back to the room and says that’s his bed and it’s going to be hot with or without the fan. He’s been burning for three days. It’s too late now. “¿Que me hiciste?”

“¿Que me hiciste tú a mi?” But he’s got a novia.

Antonio declares this an “everybody who’s not us”-free zone.

“You got under my skin.”

“Tell me not to hold you.” SO not happening. “Tell me not to kiss you.”

“You’re gonna kiss me?”

“Not if you tell me not to.” Again, NOT happening.

So, there are smoochies and smushy talk and Sara decides to be the one with boundaries. She goes back to “her” bed.

It’s sleepover time. Lights out, talking about the trip and what happens tomorrow. Antonio has no idea and he doesn’t care. Sara knows he’s with someone, so what happens at Doña Asunción’s, etc.

Sara wakes up in the morning and wakes Antonio. She suggests it’s possible that when the power came back on someone had pity on him and turned the fan on. Anyway, they’ve gotta get up and dressed so they’re ready when Don Panfilo gets there.

Antonio whines that she’s moving too fast, she’s gonna have a heart attack!

Sara admits she was hoping when she woke up her little crush on Antonio would be gone, but it’s not.

Antonio agrees they’ve both got the same problem. And if the rest of the world didn’t exist, they could stay here, but they’ve both got lives to get back to. He goes off to ask Doña Asunción for breakfast, but comes back to kiss Sara some more.

I thought we were done, but now we’re back to Isabela complaining to Natalia about Antonio. Isabela calls and makes him a flight reservation so he can come back and explain himself.

Antonio doesn’t know what’s going to happen now, but he’s not going to make promises he can’t keep. He tells Doña Asunción to tell Don Panfilo to come back tomorrow, which once again leaves Sara to be the voice of reason. He can settle up with Doña Asunción and she’ll go back to the room and pack up their stuff. When they get back to San Gaspar she’ll give his stuff back.

“It’s enough if you just give back my heart.”

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