La Vecina, miércoles 22 de abril, Capitulo 8

Fidel helps Vladimir get ready for school and reminds him to get a look at the Padre’s playbook and copy everything he can. Because all’s fair in love and fútbol.

Sara’s packing up the stuff from the room and I’m looking at the roll of TP at the sink and thinking “Wow, this room was, like, deluxe!” Sara doesn’t take it, ’cause it’s not 2020 in Vecinaland.

Doña Asunción tells Antonio and Sara they’re welcome back anytime. They’re all cute holding hands. In Don Panfilo’s truck Antonio counts down to the cumbia music coming on the radio.

At CONATROL’s main office, Ricardo’s gossiping about Antonio being missing all weekend. Sebastián overhears and asks if Ricardo doesn’t have anything better to do.

Rafa checks in with Simón. Antonio and Sara haven’t arrived yet. Simón’s sure if Antonio has a big meeting with his boss, he’ll make it on time. But Simón will remind him if he sees him.

Not only does Ricardo not have anything better to do, he wants Sebastián to tell him what he knows. Who was Antonio with all weekend? Hey, he’s just concerned. Antonio’s supposed to have been kidnapped. If he knew what was really going on, Ricardo would have done a better job of covering for Antonio. Because bro code.

Sebastián says if Ricardo really wants to help, he can shut his mouth.

Antonio and Sara wait for Don Panfilo to fix the jeep. Sara’s worried about Antonio, but he tells her today it’s all getting resolved. And then he gets that “I reeeeeally can’t go back to Isabel” look.

Ricardo calls Natalia to check on Isabel and fish for information. He hits the jackpot–Antonio wasn’t with sus vecinos for the weekend, he was with la vecina.

Antonio still doesn’t know what he’s going to tell Isabel, but he’s going to leave Sara out of it. He’s going to find a way to hire her, but she can’t do PR or they’d be together all the time. He promises he’ll find a job where they aren’t together all day.

Ricardo runs into Nacho Lopez in the hallway. He explains that he’s picking up his severance pay and going back to San Gaspar to open a business. He asks Ricardo for a favor–he interviewed a friend’s niece for a job and had Marianita send the paperwork to Ligia. Can Ricardo make sure she gets hired?

Ricardo says it’s going to be up to Antonio.

Oh, no worries, then, he’s probably already met her ’cause she’s his neighbor.

Ricardo gets the file from Ligia and wonders if this is the infamous vecina. He’s a jackass to Ligia, “ordering” her to give him any hiring paperwork from San Gaspar.

Antonio pays Don Panfilo for the part, and the work on the jeep, and the driving them around. Sara promises she’ll pay him back, but Antonio says it’s pure self-interest on his part. What if she picks him up again and says she’s going someplace “really close”?

He notices the gas tank is empty…but no, it’s just the gauge. She knows to fill it when it stops running. “And the closest gas station is…really close to here?”

Sara gives him an apologetic smile and they get back on the road, listening to cumbia.

The meeting gets underway without Antonio. Uribe asks about changes in the amount of gasoline they’re losing and Rafa says it’s increased. And Fidel talked to Antonio about it, but Rafa wasn’t in on the meeting, so he doesn’t know what they discussed.

Sara and Antonio are ten of his minutes away from the next place they can get a cell signal. Antonio stops the jeep so he can look her in the eyes when he tells her he doesn’t want to be away from her and he wishes only the two of them existed. When they get to San Gaspar, it’s a whole different world and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Sara asks for a last kiss, then. That’s more than one, kids.

Uribe wants the numbers on how much gas they’ve lost in the past few months, but it’s not in the San Gaspar office. He calls Sebastián and tells him to find the report and send it to them. They’ll take a break while they wait.

Pepe and Nelson are gossiping with another couple of guys about Antonio and Sara’s allegedly romantic weekend when Rafa comes up and tells them to go intercept Antonio and make sure he calls Rafa before he meets with Uribe. He gives them the keys to his truck.

Ema comes over to Isabel’s to tell her not to expect Antonio to show up and not to make such a fuss about him screwing around with someone else and that dignity is pointless in this situation.

Ricardo blabs to that other guy he hangs out with that Antonio’s stupid for cheating on Isabel. She’s hot and she’s rich. Bla, bla, bla.

Sebastián comes in asking for a copy of the report and Ricardo hands it over, saying Antonio owes him one.

Antonio tries to listen to all his messages from the side of the road. He tells Sara everyone thinks he got kidnapped. And Isabel knows he lied to her. He’s going to make a couple of calls before they get back on the road.

Sebastián tells Antonio everyone knows everything. As in “everything.” As in, he was with la vecina all weekend.

Antonio asks him not to tell anyone they talked. He needs time to come up with a story.

Bruno goes to the bank and talks to Edwina about getting a business loan so he and Simón can sell their oranges directly to the buyers (or something like that).

Pepe and Nelson get to the apartment, where Chepe tells them Antonio hasn’t shown up yet.

Sara and Antonio run into a checkpoint and get stopped for not wearing seatbelts. The cops run Antonio’s ID and ask if he’s the guy from CONATROL everyone’s looking for. Oh, hey, and she must be “la vecina.” AWKWARD! Anyway, here’s his ID back and next time tell people where he’s going.

Padre Vicente returns Magda’s phone calls. She tells him Fidel found out about the catechism classes and gave his permission.

Padre Vicente’s impressed. Now all he needs is to hear that Los Alados (his team) won.

Antonio and Sara get back to the apartment and Chepe calls up to tell Simón they’re back. Simón tells Pepe and Nelson they’re back.

Antonio and Sara have a last forehead kiss and a hug. Simón sees them. Simón asks what happened to him. “My face hit someone’s fist.”

Antonio tells Pepe and Nelson to wait outside for him while he gets changed. As Antonio walks past Simón, Simón’s giving him that “I know. And you know that I know. And I know that you know that I know.” kinda look.

Inside, Simón asks Sara what was going on downstairs. She’s in love, right? I kind of want to interpret his smile as “Finally, we’re getting rid of Cheo!”

Miserable Antonio stands in his apartment wondering what he’s going to do. He calls Isabel, but she ignores his call. He leaves a message saying he knows she knows and if she wants to talk about it she can call his cell.

Then he calls Isabel’s house phone and says he left a message on her cell and he’ll keep trying to reach her.

Simón knows all about the trip from hell, so Sara can skip that part. He wants to know about the “We’re in love” part.

Sara has no idea how that happened, it just happened.

Simón says she’s going to have to forget the weekend. And her job at CONATROL.

Oh, no, Sara’s taking the job. Unless things get complicated, then she’ll quit.

Simón is not reassured. She’s making decisions with her head, but it’s her heart that’s going to be running into Antonio every day.

Antonio picks out a suit and thinks about Sara and the weekend.

Simón’s trying to talk sense into Sara and I don’t want to listen to him. Sara’s crying. She’s having some serious feels for Antonio! But Simón remembers when she met Cheo.

Sara swears it’s different.

Antonio leaves the Plastic Bag of Mementos in his closet.

Sara’s upset that he hasn’t come over and Simón figures he won’t.

In the hallway, Antonio stops at her door and considers knocking.

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