La Vecina jueves 23 de abril Capítulo 9

In a replay of the final minutes from Wednesday, Sara waits for Antonio. He said he would stop by on his way to Conatrol.

Unfortunately all he does is hesitate outside her door and then walks away, causing me to start yelling at him.

Outside, Chepe, Nelson and Pepe joke with Antonio. “Next time you decide to run off for the weekend, let us know. We’ll cover for you!”

Antonio does not need their help.

Rafa tells Fidel that Uribe wants to meet with him.

Isabel and Natalia listen to Antonio’s messages. Natalia really can’t determine anything. It’s not like Antonio is that expressive. They do note the lack of “te amo.” Isabel is worried. How could he change so much over just a weekend?

Antonio gets to Conatrol. He is not amused by Ramon’s “Buenas TARDES.” It’s not even noon yet. Antonio walks his. The workers hope he gets fired and Nacho comes back.

Marina lets Antonio know that Uribe has been there since 9:30. Oh, and she didn’t let on that Sara was the one asking for a job either.

Once in the meeting Antonio and Uribe discuss ways to keep the saqueadores from stealing gasoline. Uribe thinks its the locals. Antonio disagrees. They don’t have the means to steal gasoline. It’s the highly organized mafia. Antonio thinks that with a community outreach program and help from local law enforcement, they might be able to get things under control.

Sara is still moping when Bruno gets home. He cannot believe Sara fell in love with el vecino. He’s worried Sara will get hurt and that Antonio will take advantage. Sara can’t help it, the heart wants what the heart wants. Well, Antonio will have to deal with Bruno if he hurts Sara.

Ricardo calls the hotel Sara used to work out to find out more about her.

Vladimir goes to his communion lesson. When Padre Vicente goes to get a bible and a catechism, Vladimir starts snooping around for the playbook.

Padre Vicente goes over the disciples with a sly Vladimir easily turns to soccer talk (I mean, all those disciples could make a soccer team.) He sweet talks the padre by saying he’s always been an Alados fan. Padre is just about to go get the playbook when Magda comes to pick up the star pupil and master manipulator.

Rafa apologizes to Antonio about making assumptions over the weekend and getting Antonio in trouble.

Sara has cashed her liquidation check. The first thing she is going to do is do some grocery shopping for Antonio. His cupboard is bare!

Uribe meets with Antonio, Fidel and some of Fidel’s officers. Before Uribe gets there, the policemen giggle about Antonio’s adventures. They all agree to Antonio’s community outreach. Uribe thanks Fidel for his support in the matter.

Bruno complains to Simón. He can’t believe that Sara fell in love with the uptight neighbor. Simón says there’s nothing they can do about it.

Simón talks about the loan instead. Bruno tells him the bank said they will need some sort of guarantee. Simón is more than willing to use the lands as collateral.

Sara leaves the groceries at Antonio’s door with a note.

Isa is in a San Gaspar hotel. Natalie asks her why she isn’a at Anotonio’s apartment. Apparently he never told Isabel where it is! It’s ok though. Isabel is all about the element of surprise.

Marina and Antonio office talk. Boring. The crew is not going to be happy about having to come in by 7 AM (starting next week.) The AC still hasn’t gotten fixed.

Antonio’s dad calls. Who is this girl? Antonio tells him it’s Sara and it’s no one’s business. Dad thinks it would be a grave mistake for Antonio to put the relationship with Isabel at risk.

Bruno and Simón see the groceries and note: Sorry for all the trouble I caused. Be sure to put everything away so hormigas and cucarachas don’t get to them.

Bruno is willing to give Antonio ONE chance…and only for Sara.

When Antonio comes home he reads the note and smiles. And still doesn’t go to see Sara.

Fidel interrogates Vladimir about the playbook. Vladimir will have to try again at the next lesson. The Jaibolera cannot stay at the parrish! (The soccer trophy.)

Antonio FINALLY heads out of the apartment to see Sara. She makes him knock twice before going to the door. She steps outside and they make inane talk about the note and Antonio’s day. Welp. He’s tired. Has to get to work early tomorrow. Bye!

Sara goes back into the apartment and mopes.

Antonio goes back to his apartment. He turns right back around and bangs on Sara’s door. This time there’s smoochies and hugs. They go back to his place for some sexy grocery put away. There are smoochies. They wonder what they’ve done to each other. They both say they are trying to stay away from eacher other but can’t. Sara leaves and Antonio follows.

Antonio asks her for some time. He needs to get his life ogether. Sara doesn’t know what to say. She’s dealt with some many promesas truncas in her life. Then again, Antonio said he wasn’t going to make promises he couldn’t keep. It’s only been 5 days and Sara already can’t live without him. He’s like a public phone. The ones that are free don’t work and the ones that work are taken! Antonio smiles and asks her to give him time. He asks her to help put up the groceries and promises to keep his hands to himself.

While they put away groceries, Antonio suggests ordering out. Sara reminds him that she is a chef, so she will prepare something. Antonio goes to get ice from the neighbors. He goes next door. Bruno makes a threat so vague I didn’t even catch it.

Antonio comes back with the ice. Smoochies are interrupted by a phone call from Isabel. Antonio takes it in the bedroom. He really needs to talk to Isabel. They can talk over the phone or they can wait until he’s back in the D.F. over the weekend. Isabel informs him she’s in San Gaspar.

Antonio tells Sara the news. Sara gets ready to leave. He asked for time and she’s going to give it to him.

Sara goes back to Simon’s for a heart to heart. She tells him Isabel is in town. Simón is glad that Sara at least knew up front there was a girlfriend. Simon advises Sara to give Antonio space and to let Anonio decide what to do. Simón doesn’t think she should get her hopes up though.

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