La Vecina viernes 24 de abril Capítulo 10

Antonio calls Sebastian and somewhat sarcastically thanks him for warning him Isabel was coming to San Gaspar. Antonio needs to know exactly what Isabel knows. Well, she doesn’t know that Sara was with him, but she totally suspects there’s another woman.

Simón is worried about Antonio asking Sara for some time. That’s kind of sketchy in Simón’s book. Men are good at starting relationships. Not ending them. He asks Sara if it’s better to be Cheo’s girlfriend or Antonio’s “other woman.” Sara says it’s not about what Isabel wants. It will come down to what Antonio decides.

Bruno thinks Antonio is just playing Sara like a fiddle. He thinks Sara should come out to the bar with him and Javi. Simón thinks that’s a good idea. He’ll come too.

Antonio arrives at Isabel’s hotel. He apologizes for lying to her. She asks if there’s anything else he’s done that she has to forgive. She can’t understand how things have changed so much. She comments that for the first time in 4 years they did not kiss each other when he arrived. Does he have someone else?

Antonio tries to convince Isabel that there’s no one else (Um. Dude. She just gave you the perfect opening.) Isabel has been thinking about it. Maybe Antonio took this assignment in San Gaspar months from the wedding in an attempt to get away from her. He changes the subject and invites her to dinner.

Juancho is wanting to go out and Merce is having none of it….Or maybe he was asking for money. Clearly I took crap notes and waited to long to write this recap. Juancho pitches a little fit and leaves.

He ends up at Cheo’s. He’s mad at his almost cuñado because Cheo was supposed to pay him for the information on where Sara was. Cheo didn’t pay him and now Juancho can’t take his crush to the movies. Juancho lets it slip that Antonio is now going to be Sara’s boss. This little twerp needs to hush.

Antonio and Isabel are at a restaurant. He orders huachinango a la plancha. It has no bearing on the plot, but I like to say it. (I think I may have done and said the same thing the first time I recapped this show….I’m seriously experiencing some dájà vu.)

Antonio tries to explain about what happened over the weekend and Isabel starts whining again about how they have become strangers. She moves in and kisses him.

Of course this is right when Sara, Bruno and Simon walk into the restaurant and of course Sara sees it all. She turns around and walks out.

Isabel wants to stay with Antonio at his apartment and wants to know what his neighbor’s name is. Antonio tells her, “Sara”.

Chepe runs into Antonio and Isabel as they enter the apartment building. Chepe seems surprised Antonio has a girlfriend.

When they get upstairs Isabel can’t believe how disordered the groceries are. She finds Sara’s notes. She gets pissed and asks where she can put her stuff. Antonio shows her to the bedroom. He tries to hide his bag of weekendd memories higher up in the closet.

Ha! From next door comes the sounds of a cumbia (?). Bruno is trying to be annoying to get back at Antonio for having a girlfriend and hurting Sara. Sara and Simón make him turn the music down.

Next door Antonio half smiles. He tells Isabel to give it a minute. He is sure the music will start up again soon. It doesn’t. Isabel comes back in and plants a kiss on Antonio. She doesn’t get much of a reaction. She gets in bed.

The next morning Simón is up bright and early. Actually he was up most of the night figuring and making drawings. Bruno tells him that he is going to go get some agricultural chemicals and run to the bank today. Simón tells him to hold off going to the bank.

Antonio and Isabel went out to breakfast. He calls Marina and tells her to postpone the meeting he called. Isa says they should have had breakfast in the apartment if going out was going to throw off his plans. Antonio thinks to himself that going out was the best way to keep Isabel from running into Sara.

Natalia calls Isabel. Isabel tells her she’s leaving San Gaspar at 3. Antonio overhears her. When Isabel ends her call, Antonio convinces her she should spend the day in the plaza and exploring San Gaspar.

Fidel comes into the station as Quintin is ending a call. A body was found drowned in la ciénaga. Our cute little show about a lazy, coastal town has just taken a dark turn. Don’t let the bright pink and yellow dresses fool you, folks.

Don Pedro gives a hench directions on where to open up a new valve. The hench nods and leaves. Pedro complains to the other henches (who are allowed to speak) that Nelson in not keeping them informed like he should. Pedro is not happy and when Pedro is not happy…

Antonio leaves Isabel in the San Gaspar plaza. She calls Natalia. Isa plans to find Sara and give her a piece of her mind before she leaves San Gaspar.

Bruno runs into Antonio as he’s leaving the plaza. Bruno hopes Antonio’s girlfriend is feeling better than Sara is right now. Sara did not have a good evening.

Antonio gets to his office. The AC still isn’t fixed. Marina tells him the tech will be here soon. Antonio only has to wait un poquito. Antonio sighs. “Cerquita” “poquito”…diminutives are starting to make him nervous.

He tells Marina to send a fax to Ligia. Sara is going to be offered the community outreach job.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Chepe won’t let Isa in the apartment building since Antonio isn’t with her. Good for you Chepe. That apartment actually belongs to Conatrol and even if it didn’t, I applaud your sense of duty to the security industry!

Uribe needs Ricardo to get some gasoline theft/loss stats together for him. Uribe explains Antonio’s plans for police support and community outreach. Ricardo has his doubts about the plan.

Marina and Rafa discuss Sara the new hire. Antonio comes out to sign the paperwork. He makes it clear that he is not hiring Sara for personal reasons. He and Rafa head to the Anti-saqueadores strategy meeting.

Ligia receives the new hire fax from San Gaspar and is just about to go do something else when Ricardo comes in. When he finds out about the fax he yells at Ligia for not telling him immediately.

Ricardo thinks Uribe will interested to know that Sara the new hire is also Sara La Vecina.

Antonio and the Anti-saqueadores meeting. I didn’t make too many notes. Apparently they are stealing a little gas at a time so it doesn’t get noticed immediately. Some new sensors are going to be installed.

When the meeting is over, the supervisors mention the maniobra de bombero (which I’m to lazy to research the exact meaning of so I’m going to go with “gasoline plant stuff”). Antonio wants to observe.

Ema calls Isabel to find out if she and Antonio have patched things up. Isabel pretends she has a bad connection.

Fidel and Padre exchange some soccer smack talk. Fidel blames his team’s Sunday loss on Padre Vicente. Fidel would have been there to coach if it weren’t for having to look for Antonio…who was with Padre’s niece!

Cheo shows up at Conatrol to see Antonio. The guard can’t get in touch with Marina or Antonio.

Antonio shows up for the maniobra. Ramon is just in his undershirt. Antonio tells him to put his uniform shirt on. I think Antonio is a spoil sport. The guard manages to track Antonio down to the cuarto de maquinas to ask about Cheo. Antonio assumes it’s the AC tech and tells the guard to let him in.

They are just about to start the maniobra and something about the buque tanque (which I’m going to translate as a “thing you use at a gasoline plant”, again…I’m lazy) when Cheo busts in and starts yelling. He gets dragged away as per Antonio’s orders. Ramon justs laughs. Antonio tells Rafa to call Uribe and let him know there will be a delay to whatever maniobra they were doing.

Uribe is looking at the stats. The San Gaspar plant loses a lot of gas (a little at a time…) Rafa calls Uribe and tells him about the delay. Uribe is mad. He tells Ligia to get Antonio on the phone….pronto!

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