La Vecina, lunes 27 de abril, Capitulo 11

Have a free random observation: Ricardo’s shirts are cut so tight that he gets boob gap when he stands up.

Uribe’s on the phone when Antonio gets back to his office. I don’t agree that this is his fault that whatever they were doing had to be stopped, but Antonio takes full responsibility. No matter what Uribe says, he sticks to his script–he’s sorry his personal life is interfering, he’s up to the task, he’s going to make sure it never happens again. And they can re-do the thing in four hours. Which Uribe says makes it four hours of the plant being stopped. Again, he’ll make sure it never happens again.

Ricardo doesn’t even know what happened yet and he’s telling his BFF that Antonio keeps making mistakes.

Sara tells Simón and Padre Vicente she’s going back to Progreso.

Antonio picks Isabel up in the square. He’s got just enough time to take her to the airport before he has to get back to the plant for the thing.

Padre Vicente tells Sara to cheer up–she’ll find another job. Sara offers to make lunch and sends the tios out to get jitomate and cebolla.

Downstairs, Padre Vicente wants Simón to tell him what’s really going on.

Oh, no, Vicente’s going to have to talk to Sara himself!

Antonio and Isabel are on their way to the apartment when they run into Vicente and Simón. Padre Vicente introduces himself. Antonio introduces Isabel as his novia.

OK, Vicente gets it now, Antonio’s novia is here because she heard about what happened with Sara?

Simon nods.

And Sara’s not just upset about losing her job.

Simón tries not to answer, but he admits Sara’s in love with Antonio.

At the elevator, Antonio confirms that Simón’s his neighbor, but Padre Vicente’s a family member of Simón’s.

More back and forth between Simón and Vicente about what’s “really” going on and whether they should warn Sara not to go out of the apartment. Vicente tells Simón NOT to warn her and not to interfere. Chicks deal with their own drama on their own.

“Since when are you the expert?”

“If you’d heard the confessions I’ve heard….”

Chepe calls Sara to pick up the mail…and she just misses running into Antonio and Isabel in the hallway.

In the apartment, Antonio stops Isabel from opening the sliding door to the balcony to do it himself. No Sara. But he looks guilty anyway.

Vicente and Simón make their way back from the store. Vicente can’t imagine what could have happened over the weekend that Sara could have fallen in love with Antonio.

Simón’s like “You really can’t imagine?” He and Vicente are heading through the gate just as Sara’s collecting the mail. They decide to tell her Antonio’s novia is here and she shouldn’t leave the apartment.

Sara thinks that’s ridiculous. She’s not staying locked in. If she runs into them she’ll just say hi like nothing happened.

In that case, Vicente sends Simón upstairs to deal with the cooking and tells Sara to come with him to pick out a nice wine.

Isabel’s simultaneously packing and going through Antonio’s closet. Antonio finds Sara’s underwear and runs out to the patio to hide them, but he ends up throwing them at Simón and gives him a panicked look.

Sara tells Vicente this is ridiculous. Antonio’s novia didn’t show up to confront her, she just wanted to spend time with Antonio.

And if they see each other? And the novia does want to start something? Sara’s going to ignore her, right?

Sara says it depends on the offense…ok, ok, she won’t do anything!

Isabel’s still looking through the closet and finds The Dress from The Weekend. She throws around some sexist BS about the trash who would wear a dress “like that” and then insists on going next door to return it.

Sara, as we know, is out. Vicente’s the one who answers the door and Antonio can’t keep her from asking him to give the dress back to Sara.

Antonio says he’s reeeeeally sorry. Simón just gives him a smile like if the girlfriend weren’t there, they’d be exploring the physics of one neighbor tossing the other one off a balcony.

Isabel’s finally ready to head to the airport and Antonio’s not enough of a jerk to just call her a taxi.

Vicente and Sara are getting back to the apartment when they see Antonio. Vicente takes one look at his face and shoves Sara out of the walkway. Antonio and Isabel walk by, get into his car, and drive off.

Sara’s like “Seriously?!”

Well, Vicente saw Antonio’s face and he thought it was best to hide, uh, the evidence of the crime?

In the car, Isabel’s still insisting she had the right to return la vecina’s property and so what if she involved her uncle–Antonio’s weekend involved his family, his friends, and his company.

In the apartment, Simón tells Sara the novia stopped by to return her dress.

What? Like he hasn’t seen something like this.

Hey, he’s just wondering why she didn’t pick something even MORE revealing. And oh, BTW…he holds up her underwear.

Sara rightly assumed they must have blown onto his balcony the day she got here and put some laundry out to dry.

Cheo tells Roque about his trip to San Gaspar and interrupting the gasoline thing at the plant. He thinks it’s hilarious. Roque thinks he could have gotten arrested. (Can we still arrest him? Please?)

One of the guys from the machine room tells Nelson what happened. And it wasn’t lost on him that Antonio’s personal life might be a mess, but professionally he knows what he’s doing. He starts to tell Nelson about Antonio’s ideas to stop the saqueadores, but Rafa comes over and says it’s time for lunch. Machine room guy says he has to take his wife to the hospital for a checkup and Nelson volunteers to take his place for the rescheduled gasoline thingy that Cheo interrupted.

At the airport it kind of looks like Isabel and Antonio have made up, but neither one of them looks happy about it.

The tios see Sara off.

Over lunch, Rafa gives Nelson the details about the community support program and the potential dying of the gas that will make theirs more easily identifiable.

Antonio calls to ask about the rescheduled thing. Rafa says the guy at the buque (ship?) wants to wait until 6pm, so he’s got time.

Antonio heads for Sara’s apartment and finds out she’s left for Progreso. And Simón really doesn’t think it’s a good idea for them to work together if Sara’s got feelings for him.

Look, Antonio can keep things separate and the job he found for Sara is perfect for her. So if Simón could just tell her about the job….

Simón agrees.

Sara drives back to Progreso, thinking about Antonio and that it’s best to get far away from him.

Natalia picks Isabel up at the airport. They complain about Antonio spending the weekend with a “golfa” and how it’s better that way because Isabel knows Antonio could never have anything serious with her. (Wow. Tacky.)

Antonio glides back into the machine room at 6pm exactly, telling Ramón to put his shirt on and asking one of the other guys to inform the buque tanque that they’re ready.

Merce’s surprised when Sara comes back to the house. The job is off, the girlfriend showed up, and anyway here she is.

Juancho comes home, all happy that Sara doesn’t have a job because now that they don’t have money he can quit school and get a job at the video game store. Haha, kidding! (I glare in his general direction.)

Vladimir’s catechism class is over and he wants to go with Padre Vicente to fútbol practice. Vicente tells Magda to take her time, she can come get Vladimir at the field.

Bruno goes home before practice and asks about Sara. Even though Simón doesn’t give him details, Bruno blames Sara’s leaving on Antonio.

Juancho calls Cheo. Cheo promises he’ll pay him THIS time, but he needs a favor–get their mom out of the house so he can be alone with Sara.

It looks like only Javi and Bruno are at practice, complaining about Antonio, until Padre Vicente shows up and tells them to run laps and all the extras appear. Padre Vicente explains to Vladimir the role of the auxiliar, but Vladimir doesn’t get it.

Rafa tells Antonio something about the thing still going on. Antonio’s working on the plan he’s going to present in Mexico on Thursday. He doesn’t need anything at the moment, but Rafa says he’ll be around, just in case.

Fútbol practice. Boys in shorts. Padre Vicente talks strategy.

Ricardo calls Natalia to check up on Isabel. Natalia says it’s all good, Antonio was with a golfa. (Um, ok then.)

Quintin comes back from checking on the dead guy in the ciénaga. No signs of violence, but his blood alcohol was high, so they’re thinking he was drunk and decided to go for a swim. And possibly he wasn’t from the area, so he didn’t know it was dangerous to swim there.

Something’s still not adding up for Fidel.

Nelson calls Pedro, who’s not at all worried about the community aid project…but dyeing the gasoline could be a problem.

Mercedes tries to cheer Sara up with soup and a pep talk. Juancho pops into the living room and offers to help his mom with laundry deliveries. Of course they think it’s suspicious, but Sara says her mom might as well take him up on it before he changes his mind. Juancho non-stealthily sends Cheo a text message. Pro tip: Have your secret messages already typed up so all you have to do is hit send.

Fútbol practice. Blindfolded passing. Vladimir’s the only one who does well. (And I am struggling not to freak out over the blindfold they’re all sharing…but still, even pre-Covid isn’t that gross?)

Antonio’s working late. Isabel calls him and tries to be all laid back and “oh, poor you!” at the lack of a/c in Antonio’s office. Antonio doesn’t return her “love you,” at the end of the call.

Bruno and Javi plot to annoy Antonio until he moves out of the building. Party time!

Cheo shows up at Sara’s house. Lies, lies, lies, let’s get back together! He moves in for a kiss….

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