La Vecina, martes 28 de abril, Capitulo 12

Sara’s not kissing Cheo because things have changed and she’s not sure she wants to get back together.

Antonio parks his car at the apartment building and Chepe asks about his novia. No, not Sara, he already knows Sara left…his real novia. Antonio growls that she left. Chepe’s like “Guy’s got two girlfriends and he’s STILL cranky?”

Javi and Bruno and a couple of other guys are all set to start the live music party, despite Simón’s objections. Antonio gets settled in his apartment, turns on the AC, and the music starts. He figures he had it coming.

Sebastián comes over to Natalia’s and whines his way back into her good graces. He swears he’ll never do anything like this again!

Antonio can’t take it anymore and goes knocking at Simón and Bruno’s door. Sorry, man, they can’t stop playing–they’re going to be in mourning for the next nine days over their friend who went back to Progreso .

Sara says not getting back together with Cheo has nothing to do with Antonio. It’s about Cheo and his attitude and how much he treated Sara like an object.

Cheo whines that she’s the only woman he’s ever loved.

Antonio gives up and leaves the apartment.

Merce and Juancho come back from making deliveries and notice Cheo’s truck. Merce says they should let Sara and Cheo work things out, so Juancho decides to go to Carlo’s house for some biology homework…and Merce sneaks up to the house to listen at the front door.

Cheo’s whining about how he can be different and he’s going to ask his boss to hire Sara.

But Sara would rather have a job more in line with what she studied.

Cheo walks out of the house, past Merce and Merce asks Sara what’s going on with him.

Sebastián is ready to move his and Natalia’s pizza party into the bedroom, but out of solidarity for Isabel, Natalia refuses. She complains about Antonio being with a “golfa,” which makes Sebastian feel like he doesn’t know Antonio as well as he thought. Natalia’s like “join the club.”

Sara explains to Merce that Cheo’s upset they’re not getting back together. She hadn’t told Merce about busting him flirting with a client. And now, her heart is not her own. No, nothing happened with Antonio, but she’s in love with him. And yeah, he has a girlfriend, so she’s not going after him.

Antonio checks into a hotel and has a vision of Sara in his room telling him to chill. Oh, he’s gotta finish this report and everyone’s jobs are on the line? Then she’ll leave him alone.

He doesn’t want her to, but Sebastián calls and she fades away. He’s basically calling to find out if Sara’s a “golfa” like Isabel said.

“What else was she gonna say?” Antonio’s gotta finish this report and he’ll catch up with Sebastián when he gets to the DF.

Fidel gets home, asks Magda for dinner, and quizzes Vladimir on the Padre’s fútbol tactics.

Isabel’s kind of waiting up for Antonio to call and say good night. She tells Natalia they didn’t even make love while she was there. Maybe he really did fall in love with the golfa.

Cheo still thinks something happened between Sara and Antonio and he’s not going to let Antonio beat him.

Antonio gets to the office in a crappy mood. He wants the music off, he wants the a/c fixed, and if he can’t have that then he wants the walls knocked down so he can finally get some air in there!

Sara’s having no luck finding a job. She promises Merce she’ll take Cheo up on his offer if she has to, but she’s not there yet.

Ricardo texts Isabel and she calls him. They make plans for lunch tomorrow.

Rafa tries to convince Antonio to go with the flow, San Gaspar style, if he wants to win over the employees so they can get this place working to capacity.

Antonio’s not into it if it means letting people be late, shirtless, and turning the volume to 11.

OK, then. Rafa tried.

Bruno watches Simón and Edwina flirt over talk of property valuation and low interest rates. Simón still wants to think about the loan.

Bruno teases Simón about it on their way out of the bank. They run into Pedro who acts like it’s highly suspicious for them to be in there. Simón’s all “We’re at the bank. Doing stuff.” and walks past Pedro like it’s NBD.

Ricardo’s in a good mood thanks to his pending lunch with Isabel. The blonde BFF comes in with a report Ricardo wanted. And no, BBFF hasn’t heard that Andrade’s neighbor is a golfa. Ricardo thinks it would be good for Uribe to know that Antonio’s trying to hire her to do community outreach. But he’s not going to go to San Gaspar to check her out….

Pedro has Edwina do a transfer for him and then asks what his good friend Simón was doing there. Edwina’s too nice–she tells him Simón was looking for a loan.

Ricardo goes to HR and says he wants Sara Granados to come in for an interview before they hire her in San Gaspar.

Pedro meets with some other guy and talks about offering Simón a loan so they can install more ducts or something.

Silva, the guy from HR, calls Sara’s house and gets a very enthusiastic, but not terribly professional, response from Merce and Sara both. She agrees to accept the plane ticket to get to an interview tomorrow.

Cheo sells a car. He asks his boss to hire Sara, but the boss doesn’t like having couples working for him. They’ll see.

Ricardo asks Silva if he heard right–Sara’s mother was the one who answered the phone?

Yep and she seems familiar with Antonio and fond of him.

Sara admits to her mom that Antonio never withdrew his offer of a job, she’s the one who decided to come home. She doesn’t want to call him until she sees how the interview goes.

Ricardo’s annoyed with the charts BBFF made for the meeting. And they’re missing the data from a couple of the plants. He calls Ligia to scream at her about her incompetence. Then he calls Silva to see if Sara’s going to be there before this 10am meeting. He figures once the people at the meeting figure out that Antonio’s trying to hire his lover, Antonio’s burned.

Fidel’s calling to remind guys about fútbol practice. Ramón’s all pissed off that he has to work late because of the delay in the thing that Cheo interrupted. He’s complaining about it to the other guys when Rafa comes in and tells him to get his shirt back on already.

Antonio comes in, saying it sounds like following orders isn’t something they’re good at around here. Ramón complains about overtime and how he’s going to leave when it’s time for him to leave and he’s going to complain to the union.

Antonio tells him to go for it, and until his shift ends–put on a shirt!

Ricardo calls Isabel to cancel their lunch tomorrow. He’s got this meeting and Antonio’s going to be in town. She asks him to come to lunch at her place today. She says to herself that she needs to find out what Ricardo thinks of Antonio.

Silva’s assistant calls Sara to give her the flight information. Sara’s still pretty stoked about this interview. And she also still has her hopes up (about Antonio I’m guessing).

BBFF gets coffee and overhears some of the other Conatrol execs laughing about how nothing ever goes wrong for Antonio, even after he disappeared for the weekend! BBFF mentions Antonio’s wanting to hire someone…Sara Granados. The guys all have a laugh over her being the one Antonio spent the weekend with. Although they don’t think Antonio’s that kind of guy. Or at least he wasn’t!

Ricardo shows up right on time for lunch and brings flowers. He spends a few minutes while Isabel’s putting them in water checking out the stuff on her coffee table so he can pretend he likes Liszt and Tamara Lempicka. And what a coincidence, he uses the same cologne as Antonio.

Antonio finished writing Ramón up. Marianita tells Rafa she thinks he’s going too far. And now he wants her to send an email telling everyone he’s going to be out of the office tomorrow.

And she tells him that when he comes out of his office. Antonio asks what they used to do when Ing. López wasn’t going to be in the office.

He’d just tell her and Rafa and a few other people, but there were never emails.

OK, then he’s told her and Rafa and now she can go to each department in person to tell them, so she doesn’t change her habits.

Anyway, he’s looking for someplace to have lunch. Rafa recommends El Molcajete because Conatrol has a deal with them.

He tries to call Isabel, but gets her voicemail.

She’s having lunch with Ricardo. She served him Antonio’s favorite salad. She asks if Uribe’s upset with Antonio about what happened over the weekend.

Ricardo says it’s more like “concerned.”

The answering machine comes on and Antonio starts leaving his message. Ricardo tells her to go ahead and call back. He’ll go wash his hands in the meantime.

What he actually does, though, is sneak into Isa’s bedroom, make notes about her perfume and get creepy with her bras.

Pedro drives out to the orchard to start putting pressure on Simón and Bruno. He talks to Bruno about being the only one in the area who can afford to buy an entire harvest. And he’s gonna give them a good price, too, because he likes hardworking people. And he knows they need money. It’s different borrowing from a bank than borrowing from someone you can trust.

Simón wonders where those trustworthy people are, ’cause he’s not seeing any.

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