La Vecina, miércoles 29 de abril, Capitulo 13

Ricardo gets back to the table and Isabel tells him Antonio’s showing up tonight–yay!

OK, now, about the San Gaspar job, did Uribe push him into it?

Ricardo says he offered it and Antonio accepted for the opportunity to turn the plant around. Ricardo would have accepted too, but now his job is to support Antonio. If things go well for San Gaspar, Conatrol benefits, and if Conatrol benefits, Ricardo benefits.

Pedro’s annoyed that Simón and Bruno are so suspicious of him. Can’t they see that he just wants to help?

Simón says Pedro’s the last person he’d accept help from. As Pedro drives off, Simón hopes he got the message this time.

Lunch continues. Ricardo keeps on backing Antonio. He’s in a new place, it’s good for him to meet people, if he said the weekend thing was just a chain of misunderstandings why not believe him?

Ricardo gets the call from Silva that Sara’s coming in on the 6am flight which will get her to Conatrol just before 10am.

Quintin tells Fidel they checked out the ciénaga and there was no sign of tire marks or a bottle of wine.

Fidel says they’ve done what they can. The mystery man will just have to go into the fosa común (potter’s field). And hey…does Quintin play fútbol?

Antonio has to insist on paying for his lunch, even though Nacho always used to charge it to the company account. Even on Sundays when he came in with his family.

Pedro comes over to meet Antonio and says lunch is on the house. But Antonio really, seriously wants to pay. As he’s leaving the restaurant, he notices one of Pedro’s henches has a gun shoved down the front of his pants.

Cheo shows up at Sara’s with a stuffed rabbit, some flowers, and the story of how he confronted Antonio at Conatrol, in front of his employees, to tell him Sara’s “his.”

Sara’s furious that he’s treating her like an object again. None of what he said yesterday was true. And just because nothing’s going on between her and Antonio doesn’t have anything to do with her breaking up with Cheo! And somewhere in there, she mentioned her interview at Conatrol tomorrow.

Ricardo gets back to the office and one of the other suits asks if it’s true that Antonio’s trying to hire his weekend affair for the community support job.

Ricardo can’t imagine how a rumor like that could have started. Oh, sure, if it’s true that would be terrible for Antonio. But no, Ricardo doesn’t think Antonio’s like that.

Sara explains to Mercedes that she had to tell Cheo off again. She realizes Antonio didn’t mention anything about Cheo showing up in San Gaspar. She and Merce gush about how kind and thoughtful and noble Antonio is and how he’s a man of his word. Which, OK, yeah he is, but the gushing seems a bit much.

Cheo gets back to work and complains to Roque, who reeeeeally thinks Cheo needs to just pack it in already. Instead, he calls Juancho and tells him to find out when Sara’s flight to Mexico City is.

Sebastián checks with Silva’s assistant and finds out that Antonio’s hiring request is in the works, but that’s all she can tell him.

Sebastián calls to tell Antonio, but he says they’ll talk later. Sebastián can pick him up at the airport at 6pm.

Marianita asks about lunch and Antonio wasn’t impressed. Why did they set up a contract with them?

Nacho liked the food and said they gave him good service.

Uh huh. And who owns the place?

Pedro Arango.

Antonio really wants out of that contract. He doesn’t like people who go around with armed security.

At El Molcajete, Pedro tells the server that if Antonio ever comes back, he should absolutely not accept his money and tell him those were Pedro’s orders.

Laura, Pedro’s wife, comes in with a couple of grocery bags. Pedro starts griping that she’s late and if she needed something she should have told him and he’d get one of the guys to go get it. And the new director of Conatrol was there. He wants her to inform him if Antonio shows up again. Just tell the server to point out Antonio to her if he comes back and then she can call Pedro.

Laura very serenely says she’ll go check on today’s menu.

Fútbol practice. Fidel tries to copy Vicente’s blindfolded passing drill. Vladimir can’t even look. It doesn’t occur to Fidel that having everyone passing to ball to Nelson all at once might be a bad idea.

Antonio’s flight gets in and Sebastián’s waiting in the parking garage. Antonio’s tired and still not finished with his presentation for Uribe.

Sebastián’s gotta know if Antonio’s seriously hiring la vecina for the community outreach position.

OK, first of all, her name is Sara and she’s exactly the kind of person they need in that position. And she’s not a golfa! She’s a muchacha de familia (a good girl, close to her family) who tells it like it is and is even a little naïve sometimes. She’s also a magnet for trouble.

Ricardo bought a bunch of CDs and art books to study up. His mom calls him. So Ricardo has a mom. And she’s super nice and he couldn’t be more of a jerk to her. Not over the phone anyway.

Juancho doesn’t have to do much to find out Sara’s flight time. He just asks when Merce says Sara’s going for an interview tomorrow.

Antonio and Sebastián are still working on his proposal when Isabel comes over. She offers to make dinner and Sebastián decides he should leave.

Juancho calls to tell Cheo Sara’s flight leaves at 7am. Cheo clearly wasn’t expecting to have to be awake at that hour. He promises he’ll pay Juancho double if he fakes an illness at 4am. Sara would never leave if he were sick!

Simón has been thinking and he wants to take the risk of getting a loan from the bank.

Bruno’s sure someone will be very happy to see him.

Nelson still hasn’t found out any more about the additive for the gasoline. Pedro says he met Antonio.

Yep, nobody likes him. But it seems like he’s sticking around because of Simón’s niece.

One of Juancho’s friends calls to invite him over to play the new fútbol video game. He’s not sure his mom will let him go, but he basically just says “I’m going. I won’t take long.” Merce’s like “No…no…he just does whatever he wants!”

Sara pops out the hallway to the bedrooms to show Merce her interview outfit, which we don’t get to see.

After dinner, Isabel thinks Antonio should take a break, but he insists on staying up to finish his report. She takes that as her cue to leave.

The taxi arrives to pick up Sara. Juancho still hasn’t come home.

Juancho wakes up at Ricky’s and calls Cheo. So much for Cheo’s brilliant plan to show up at Sara’s around lunchtime and be completely surprised to see her.

Antonio carries out his dressing ritual. He calls to ask Ligia for his schedule. 10am meeting, 2pm lunch with Uribe, 4pm meeting, 5pm meeting, 6 pm meeting, 7:30 dinner with his dad. When he gets to Conatrol he calls and leaves Isabel a voicemail saying he’s sorry last night didn’t go the way she wanted and dinner was great and he’s got a really busy day so he’ll call her.

Isabel pouts to Natalia, who doesn’t see the big deal since it’s not like Antonio’s a super warm and fuzzy guy. Isabel: “He is with me.”

Antonio goes to Sebastián’s office to give him the follow-up on last night. He’s sure Isabel’s upset with him, because she didn’t answer her phone. See, Isabel’s always up at 7 and having coffee, so he’s sure she was sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring.

Anyway, is he still planning to hire la…uh, Sara?

He gave his word.

Uh huh. Is this not, maybe, more about him being love with her?

Sara’s in the taxi. She asks the guy to roll up the window because it’s a little cold for her. She’s horrified at the traffic, but the driver’s sure he’ll get her to Conatrol by 10.

Antonio tells Sebastián that Sara’s lovely in every way. And he swears NOTHING HAPPENED. He even tells him the true story of his weekend and Sebastián’s still giving him that “o rly?” look.

Silva sees Ricardo in the hallway and asks if he wants to be informed when Miss Granados shows up.

Ricardo can’t imagine why. It’s Antonio she’s going to interview with. He was just getting everything set up.

Sebastián doesn’t buy the real story. But he can tell Antonio’s got feelings for Sara.

Antonio admits that even though her laid-back attitude bugs him he loves it. While with Isabel the main draw seems to be that he’s been in a relationship with her for 4 years.

OK, OK, he admits it! He’s never felt for anyone else what he feels for Sara!

Now Sebastián believes he didn’t sleep with her ’cause if he had he wouldn’t be saying that. (Um, sure.)

They head for the meeting, running into Ricardo on the way. He sneers something about Antonio’s weekend. Sebastián stops to tell him not to mess with Antonio. Ricardo’s like “maybe you oughtta not mess with me.”

Antonio gets to the conference room and puts up with the indirectas from the two suits who are already there. Ricardo shows up and Uribe tells Miriam not to put any calls through.

So basically, they’re there to evaluate Antonio’s proposal. Antonio talks about his plans to strengthen ties with the community starting with a door-to-door campaign.

Ricardo butts in. Doesn’t that mean they’d have to hire people to do that?


And is there already someone in San Gaspar capable of doing that? ‘Cause he’d be happy to start the search for them…unless Antonio has someone else in mind? Antonio gets flustered and says he doesn’t have anyone else in mind.

Sara arrives at Conatrol, begs the taxi driver for a lower rate, and walks into the building.

Antonio explains that the community outreach program they tried before didn’t work because no one followed up on it.

Ricardo asks about the cost…

It’s an investment, actually, and of way less than what they’re losing. Right now the community wouldn’t give a flip if the plant closed. They need to make themselves into a significant part of the community. Or something like that.

Silva gets the call–Señorita Granados has arrived. He calls Miriam, who tells him she’s not putting any calls through to anyone in the meeting. He calls Pilar, his assistant, and says as soon as Sara arrives, escort her to the conference room to meet with Antonio.

Antonio’s still explaining his proposal. They’ll be able to slow the thefts in the short term, but not stop them. More business talk. Antonio has to admit that his entire plan hinges on the community outreach program, but only for Phase 1.

Outside the conference room, Pilar and Miriam don’t know what to do with Sara. But maybe if Antonio told her to come in for a 10am interview that means she’s supposed to be in this meeting. They call Ligia to get Antonio’s cell number…but his cell is off.

OK, then, seems like now’s the right time to interrupt the meeting.

They’ve moved on to talking about the dye. Ricardo’s all “Excuse me, but it sounds like the two things you’re proposing aren’t going to lead to an actual solution to the problem.”

Antonio snaps. He’s focusing on viable strategies and if Ricardo could quit interrupting, maybe they could evaluate the more radical strategies TODAY. They’re not getting anywhere calling investments “costs.”

Uribe agrees. No more interruptions!

Except here comes Miriam with the person Antonio made an appointment with. Antonio has no idea what she’s talking about but Ricardo volunteers to handle the situation.

He meets Sara and escorts her into the conference room while blatantly leering at her legs. So much for no more interruptions.

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