La Vecina, jueves 30 de abril Capítulo 14

Sara gets ushered into the man meeting. She’s surprised to see Antonio there. She thought he was still in San Gaspar! She’s confused, is her interview appointment here?

Antonio shuffles her out of the room and those two creepy guys (I don’t know their exact job in Conatrol) strart grinning. Ah. So the rumors *are* true. Ricardo sternly tells them that Andarde is professional and to stop talking crap. In other words, he’s outwardly an Antonio fan so no one suspects him of shenanigans.

Outside, Antonio asks Sara why she’s there. She was called in for an interview. Did no one tell him? No she doesn’t need an interview. For the poistion he was thinking she only needed the visto bueno (approval) of he HR guy. Well, shrugs Sara, she came en balde (in vain/for no reason.) Antonio starts escorting her out…roughly. Sara complains and he lightens up. Sebastian walks by, but Antonio does’t introduce them. He asks Ligia who the girl was. Ligia tells Sebastian doesn’t know, then she knows even less!

Cheo yells at Juancho for foiling his plans. He wants Juancho to tell him Sara’s every move. When she comes back, where she is blah blah blah…..

Antonio calls Silva in HR. He didn’t call for an interview. All he needed was HR approval. What does the paperwork look like? Silva says he was told Sara was going to be the directora of the apoyo de comunidad (director) project and Antonio says she’s encarcagada (manages it….personally, I think it’s splitting hairs.) Silva says he was just following Ricardo’s orders.

Antonio gets off the phone with Silva. He notices Sara yawning. She’s a little hungry and cold too. Antonio calls Sebastian and asks for coffee. Sebastian squawks. He’s not a secretary. Antonio tells him to shut it and just bring the coffee.

Antonio loans Sara his very nice gabardina.

Uribe calls down to Silva. What position was Sara offered. Silva explains that he thought it was the directora job, but now he knows she’s just going to be encargada. Uribe says para el caso es lo mismo (it’s the same thing…Thank you!!)

Sebastian meets Sara. Behind her back he gives Antonio the thumbs up and mouths “muy bien”. I flip off Sebastian…right in front of the TV, no behind the scenes for me! Antonio asks Sebastian to watch Sara for him since he has to get back to the meeting. Sebastian walks out with Antonio so we can hear a recap of what Ricardo did. Unfortunately, Antonio can’t say anything to Uribe about what Ricardo did because it will look like Antonio is mixing personal and business.

Simón and Bruno pick up paperwork from Edwina at the bank. She offers to help Simón fill it out. He says he’ll take it home and fill it out there. Edwina flirty shakes his hand. Bruno notices.

Bruno and Simón stopped for batidos o algo así. Simón says putting together a nave is easier than this paperwork. Bruno reminds him that Edwina offered to help. Bruno wonders…has anyone sparked Simón’s interest since…you know. Simón says no. And if someone did, it’s not going to be Edwina.

Naco interrupts them. Hey! He’s back! Is he back at the plant? Nacho is back, but he’s going to use his severance pay to start a business here in San Gaspar. They get to talking about the new plant manager. Nacho lets it slip that Antonio is engaged to some multi-millionaires daughter. Bruno sees red.


Antonio goes back to the man meeting and they talk more about how to stop the saqueadores. Antonio also wants to open new gasolineras so the people don’t have to go to the clandestine ones. Ricardo objects to cost and I stop listening. Biznez never interests me….

Sebas talks to Sara about her unemployment woes.

Uribe adjourns the meeting. The other guys ask Antonio about the new hire. Antonio explains it was a misunderstanding. Ricardo is sure Antonio knows what he’s doing.

Ligia tells Antonio about Ricardo asking her to arrange the interview. She also tells Antonio that Ricardo gave her orders to tell him everything concerning Sara. He even threatened to fire Ligia if she didn’t. Antonio tells her not to worry. No one is going to fire her.

Sebastian tells Sara about meeting Natalia through Antonio and Isabel. His cell rings and he’s called away from the office.

After he leaves, Antonio’s desk phone starts ringing. Sara goes out to check and see if anyone is there. She decides to go ahead and answer the phone (whyyyy????) It’s Isabel, of course. Sara says she’s secretary and takes a message.

Isabel hangs up and goes to answer her door. Her dad is in town! He won’t be here long though. She tells him about having to postpone the wedding because of Antonio’s transfer. She assures daddy that Antonio was transferred only temporarily and not for punishment, but becasue he’s so damn competent. Dad asks if she considered moving to San Gaspar. She really can’t, her art show is soon and she can’t leave it.

Her father writes her a check, just in case. She insists that the money he deposits in her account is plenty, but she takes the check anyway. He invites her to his business lunch. She declines. They make plans for another time.

Antonio tells Sebastian he has to meet with Uribe, so could Sebastian take Sara to lunch and make sure she gets to the airport on time? Sebastian is more than happy to help, but he tells Antonio that after all of this there is no way Sara can be hired.

Antonio goes back to his office. Sara relays Isabel’s message. She tells Antonio she pretended to be a secretary so he can chill. Antonio tells Sara he has more meetings. Sebastian is going to take her to lunch and the airport. He asks Sara for her home number so he can call later. They hug goodbye. He tells her to take the coat in case she gets cold.

Ricardo is having lunch at the same place Uribe is. Ricardo’s flunky shows up (what’s his name agan?) Ricardo is pleased that Antonio is late and that Antonio really can’t rat him out because it will look like personal business in interfering with company business. Flunky wonders if maybe Ricardo is going too far.

Antonio finally arrives (late.) Uribe is getting tired of Antonio’s personal life causing issues at work. He’s looked at Sara’s resume and he doesn’t think being a chef at a restuarant qualifies her for the community outreach job. Antonio thinks she’s perfect. She can talk to people and…Uribe puts his foot down. He doesn’t want Sara working at the company.

Isabel’s dad, Guillermo, runs into Emma at another restaurant. They both agree that postponing the wedding is a bad idea. Guillermo, though, thinks it’s really not their business to interfere.

Emma disagrees. She’s worried about maintaining a relationship long distance. They’re young people. They aren’t going to stay home alone. They’re going to go out. What happens of one of them meets someone else. Guillermo is pretty sure that if they really love each other, that’s not going ot be a problem.

They both notice Sebastian walk in with Sara. They go over and say hello. Sara introduces herself. After Emma and Guillermo leave Sebastian sweats bullets. That was Isabel’s dad and Antonio’s mom. Sara shrugs it off. It’s not like they knew who *she* was.

Ricardo is enjoying watching Uribe give Antonio a dressing down.

Uribe wants Antonio to distance himself from Sara. She just causes problems for him. If there are more issues, Uribe will not only replace Antonio in San Gaspar, but also ask for his resignation.

Lunch ends and Antonio walks over to Ricardo’s table. He wants to see him at 4. Ricardo can’t make it. He’s got a meeting. Antonio threatens to yank him out of the meeting himself.

Magda has sewing class. Does Vladimir want to go with her, or should she call Dora to watch him? Vladimir asks to to see Padre Vicente’s soccer practice. Magda worried Fidel will get mad. Vlad reminds her he went to practice the last time and Fidel didn’t get mad.

Emma gets home from lunch. She tells Eduardo that she saw Guillermo at lunch. She’s still harping on the wedding postponement. Eduardo tells her to stop talking about that.

Oh! She also saw Sebastian. He was with a girl…who was wearing the one-of-a-kind gabardina that Emma gave him. She had the distinct impression that Sebastian was babysitting Antonio’s lover. Eduardo thinks she’s blowing things out of porportion, but he’ll go to dinner with Antonio to see if he can find out anything.

Isabel tells Natalia about the visit with dad. Yeah, she told daddy they were postponing the wedding. What bothers Isabel most is she still can’t figure out Antonio’s feelings. She’s going to sit down and have a serious talk wih him. In fact, she now wants to go ahead with the orginial wedding plans. She’ll move to San Gaspar if she needs to.

Back at the restaurant, Sara orders dessert. Sebastian asks what Antonio said about the job. Did he say he was going to hire Sara. Sara says, pretty much, yeah.

Antonio talks to Silva again. What exactly did Ricardo tell Silva. Silva apologizes again. Sebastian’s call interrupts. Emma ran into them in the restaurant and he’s sure she recognized the coat Sara was wearing. And dude, you really need to tell Sara ASAP that she is NOT getting hired.

Silva asks what he should do about Sara’s job. Antonio sadly tells him to forget about it.

Antonio barges into Ricardo’s office and tells Ricardo he’s not good enough or smart enough to beat him (Antonio.) What is Ricardo’s problem? Jealously? Inferiority complex? Either way, Ricardo has messed with the wrong person. Oh? Ricardo wants to know who he’s talking about…himself or la Vecina. Ricardo tells Antonio not to confuse neuronas con horomonas. Antonio tells him to watch out.

Sabastian drops Sara off at the airport and calls Antonio. He totally gets why Antonio fell in love. Sebastian is practically in love with her himself.

Sara walks up to the counter to board the plane. Oooops. It’s leaving without her. Yeah, it leaves at 5, but you have to be here earlier. They didn’t hold the plane for her. The next flight is at 7, but it’s sold out. Sara runs to see if she can catch Sebastian before he leaves. Darn! He’s already gone!

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