La Vecina, viernes el 1 de mayo, Capítulo 15

Sara rushes back into the airport and asks if there’s another flight on any airline she can take. Um…yeah, there’s one. It costs 4000 pesos (I think. I didn’t write it down.) There’s another one tomorrow at 1…it’s only 800 pesos. Sara will have to put it on her card. Hope it doesn’t get rejected!

Cheo calls Juancho for an update. Sara should be on her way home. Cheo asks Roque to close up shop. He’s got to get to the airport!

Sara gets a cab to Conatrol. What a small world! The driver is also from Progreso! They talk about how serious folks are in the DF. Sara tells him about her unemployment and new job. He doesn’t charge her when they get to the Conatrol offices.

Magda drops Vladimir off at Padre Vicente’s practice. Padre V is more than happy to watch Vlad. Vlad tells him he’s been watching soccer training videos on the internet.

When Fidel comes to pick up Vladimir, he thanks Padre for the first communion lessons. Padre is surprised. Miracles do exist!

Emma calls Natalia. BTW, she ran into Sebastian. Does he have a coat like Antonio’s? Not that Natalia knows of. Emma is sure there are shenanigans.

Ricardo tells Uribe that Antonio came to his office and challenged him to a fight. Uribe is so very tired of chismes. Basically, Ricardo stirred the pot.

Antonio and Gutierrez discuss anti-saqueo strategies. The phone rings and Antonio is surprised to hear Sara is back. He tells security she can come up.

Meanwhile, Natalia has called Sebastián to ask about the gabardina. He says he was with Lic. Alvarez and the gabardina did belong to Antonio. As soon as that call ends, Antonio is ringing his phone.

Sebastián tells Antonio that Emma ran into them and that she recognized the gabardina. Antonio is worried about Sara being back at Conatrol. He tells Sebastián to go get her while he finishes the meeting with Gutierrez. Sebastian gets off the phone wondering what the hell happened. He left Sara right at the counter. How could she still be in the DF. Boy, Antonio wasn’t kidding when he talked about her being a magnet for problems.

Sara makes it up stairs. She sees Ricardo and makes a beeline for him. Luckily, Sebastian stops her. They better to to Antonio’s office. He’s going to strangle the both of them.

Antonio comes out of his meeting and Ricardo tries to gloat- “Sara is in your office.” Antonio is well aware of that fact. He tells Ricardo that once again, he’s a step behind.

Fidel tries to get intel from Vladimir, but Magda walks up. Fidel pretends to be angry with her about taking Vlad to the soccer practice. He can put up with the communion classes, but taking him to soccer practice is too much. Magda says the boy insisted on coming!

Sara explains to Antonio that she missed her flight. Antonio is going to take care of her and personally take her to the airport tomorrow. Sara asks if she can use his phone to call home.

Merce is yelling at Juancho when the phone rings. He overhears Merce’s end of the conversation. He realizes Sara is still wih Antonio. Juancho yells something about Cheo flipping out when he hears.

Sara tells her mom she has enough for a hotel and not to worry. Don’t call her cell though. The battery is dying and she didn’t bring her charger. She’ll call her mom when she’s at the hotel.

Cheo waits en balde at the airport. The muiscians remind him that the charge by the hour and they get paid whether they play or not.

Sara never arrives. Cheo owes the guys 3 mil pesos. They watied around an hour and a half.

Juancho calls Cheo and tells him Sara is still in the DF. I’m trying not to be mad at Merce. Sure she’s told him repeatedly not to tell Cheo about Sara, but the twerp keeps blabbing. Merce just needs to stop talking Sara’s business in front of Juancho.

Back in his car, Cheo calls Conatrol offices in San Gaspar. He pretends to be the owner of a gasolinera needing to talk to Antonio. Can he get his cell number? Marianita is not authorized to give out that info. She’ll give him the number to Conatrol DF. Antonio is there now and they should be able to put him in contact with Cheo.

Uribe calls Antonio into his office. How could Antonio challenge Ricardo to a fight? Uribe doesn’t let Antonio explain his side of the story. Uribe is in the middle of yelling when the phone call from Cheo (posing as the San Gaspar office) is patched through.

Cheo makes macho manly threats. Antonio manages to answer him while making it sound like a legit business call from his end.

When the call is over, Uribe rants a little more. He tells Antonio to foget about hiring Sara.

Emma whines to Antonio’s sister (Mariana) about Antonio. He’s been in town all day and hasn’t called once. Mariana tells her to call him then. Oh no! It’s Antonio’s job to call his mother.

Eduardo is on his way out the door to meet Antonio for dinner. Emma is going too. Something is up with that gabardina and she’s going to find out what! Eduarod is frustrated. Otra vez el burro al trigo! Lay off Antonio. Emma demands Eduardo get the truth out of Antonio about the gabardina and Sara. Eduardo stops. Sara? La Vecina? A ha! Emma is triumphant. She *knew* something was up. Why did Antonio bring that golfa to the DF? (Not cool, Emma. Not cool.)

Sara is going to stay at Antonio’s apartment. He’ll drop her off there before dinner with his dad.

Ricardo meets them in the parking lot. He slimy apologizes to Sara for the mix up. He was the one that called her for the interview. Sara laughs it off.

Antonio deposits Sara in his car and goes back over to Ricardo to tell him that Sara is off limits.

Back in the car, Antonio helps Sara with the seatbelt. A call from Isabel interrupts the seat belt romance. Isabel has to drag a “te quiero” out of Antonio. Sara’s face falls.

Antonio starts up the car. Classical music begins to play. He asks Sara if she likes it. It fits the car she tells him. She can’t imagine there being anything a little more alegre. Au contraire! Antonio already has one of the happy tuens from the soundtrack queued up! Well the only thing that would make it better is turning up the volume, which Antonio does.

Uribe comes out. Sara waves at him wildly.

Cheo goes over and yells at Merce. Antonio is using Sara!

Edwina runs into Simón. How’s the paperwork going. It’s a little troublesome. Edwina offers to help. He’ll swing by the bank tomorrow. Aw! She won’t be at the bank tomorrow. She can help him right now. But the papers are back at Simón’s place. Oh no bother, Edwina can help him at his house.

Whoever Merc is talking to on the phone reminds her that Lalo and Nestor live in the DF. Oh this is great! Sara can stay with them! She takes down their number.

Antonio gives Sara a tour of his place and waxes nostalgic about Doña Asunción’s place. They get to his bedroom. She’s never seen such an organized room! He plans to sleep in the sala. She offers to be the one to sleep there, but he refuses. He won’t be here long any way. He’s got dinner with dad. He plans to see Isabel too.

He tells Sara she can borrow his pijamas and shows her the take out menus. The refri is empty so she’ll probably need to order out. He’ll write down his adress. Oh, and she’ll need to go down to the lobby to get the food. They don’t let delivery guys in the building.

After Antonio leaves, Sara orders her pizza hawaiana and calls her mom. Juancho overhears that Sara is at Antonio’s place. Merce gives Sara Lalo and Nestor’s number. She would really rather Sara stay with them rather than at Antonio’s. Sara assures her mother Antonio isn’t even there. After all the trouble he went through, it would be rude for her to just leave and go somewhere else. She wants to call Lalo and Nestor though. It will be nice to catch up with them.

Merce hangs up and tells Juancho that if he tells Cheo, she’ll ground Juancho for a month. Not that the threat does any good. When Cheo calls asking the right questions, Juancho is more than happy to answer them so Cheo can figure out where Sara is.

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