La Vecina, lunes 4 de mayo, Capitulo 16

Via Natalia, Sebastián finds out that Isa’s going to give Antonio an ultimatum.

Sara’s making herself at home in Antonio’s apartment. Clothes all over the place, borrowing his toothbrush, leaving toothpaste on his counter.

Simón and Edwina work on his loan paperwork. He’s an aeronautical engineer…widowed (widower-ed?)…hm, loan paperwork’s a good way to pre-screen suitors.

Sebastián texted Antonio a warning, which he got right before dinner with his dad. AKA, the interrogation about Sara. His dad’s OK with Antonio “cheating,” as long as Isa doesn’t find out.

Antonio’s sister and boyfriend get to his building just as the pizza shows up. Sara answers the door in her…uh, his robe and Mariana decides to just leave the pizza and a message for Antonio that they stopped by.

The boyfriend is sneering over Sara being in Antonio’s apartment. Mariana thinks Sara’s “normal” and there’s no reason not to believe Antonio when he says there’s nothing going on. She calls to tell Antonio.

Natalia finds out Sebastián warned Antonio about the ultimatum. So much for their sleepover.

Antonio arrives at Isabel’s lair. She puts Antonio on the spot asking if he loves her–yes or no? I’m sure he’d like to have an “It’s complicated” option. He says if he seems different, it’s just work stress.

Isabel claims to believe him. And also she wants to go ahead with the wedding. He still wants to get married, right?

Doña Luzita’s dying! Padre Vicente’s gotta get to her place ASAP!

She’s dying of greedy relatives who won’t quit bickering over their inheritances while she lies there pretending to be asleep. Padre Vicente knows the score. (Ay, Mariana Karr…QDEP.)

Sara gets hold of her cousins and goes out to a cantabar with them. Cantabar!

Fidel’s having a sleepless night thinking about Padre Vicente’s playbook. He decides some B&E is the best way to get back to sleep. Padre V’s playbook is filled with prayers, which only confuses Fidel.

Antonio  gets back to his apartment, looking for Sara. All he finds is the mess. He tries the doorman and finds out she left alone. He calls Mariana to ask if Sara was upset enough after meeting them to have taken off by herself.

Mariana doesn’t think so. She tells him to chill. Instead of chilling, he calls Sebastián.

Cousin-fest continues. I’m not sure what they’re eating at the food truck. Hot dogs? And the shorter cousin says they’re going to take her to Reforma so she can at least see something of Mexico while she’s there.

Antonio and Sebastián go out looking and just then, Sara and the cousins drive up. Antonio scolds her like a teenager. ¿No que she doesn’t know anyone in the city and she was just going to order a pizza? Sebastián and the cousins take off and leave Sara with grumpy Antonio.

Pedro and the other guy he hangs out with who’s not a hench continue making plans to get Simón to trust them. Also, he’s going to figure out what Antonio’s weak spot is.

We all know Antonio’s weak spot is Sara. He’s upset about her not being at the apartment, and the pizza in his bed, but he seems to have found the mustard on his jacket endearing.

Sara won’t go to bed until she’s explained to Antonio that she was angry about him being at Isabel’s, even if  she doesn’t have a right to feel that way. And she’s the kind of person who the more upset she is, the more she dances!

Now Antonio wants to talk, but Sara’s in the bathroom. She’s given up on this sweatshirt that’s making her neck itch and walks out of the bathroom without it. Awkward!

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