La vecina, jueves el 7 de mayo, Capítulo 19

Pepe and the dudes beg Rafa to let them leave a half hour early so they can go to their soccer practice. In the midst of their suplications, Nelson gets a phone call. We don’t know who he’s talking to, but he tell them he can see what he can manage and he’ll let them know. Nelson returns to the group and offers to stay behind.

Rafa relents and lets the guys leave early. They head to practice. Chucho is just joining the team. Apparently he’s good for defense. They all kind of make fun of Fidel for his European style training. Vlad tries to tell his dad that he’s seen some new training videos online. Fidel shushes him and says that what the team needs is old-fashioned practice.

Vlad pleads his case again later, but he’s ingored.

Back at Conatrol, Nelson snoops around for Sara’s job application and paperwork. He almost gets busted by Marinita. He was just straightening the papers that fell. He straightens some more and asks if Marinita can get him some coffee. Nelson is snapping pics of the papers when Rafa almost catches him. Nelson plays it off as checking the camera on his cell. Selfie!

Eduardo comes home from a grueling day at work. They lost an important contract to a competing company. Emma tells him about Isa and Antonio coming to dinner. She wants to take advantage of it to talk to Antonio alone. Eduardo wants her to lay off and trust Antonio. Besides, if she says anything Antonio will know his dad blabbed stuff that was said in confidence. Note: Emma is still referring to Sara as that tipa esa. Emma is ready to get this marriage thing filed under “complete”. Isa is an heiress and it could really help the Andrade finances. Eduarado can’t believe Emma is being such an interesada.

When Natalia gets home, Isabel invites her to join them for dinner. Isabel is a little confused though, wasn’t Natalia supposed to be with Sebastian? Yes, she was. But he never showed up and Natalia is more than annoyed.

Oh, but Sebastian arrives and explains all about the car issues that wasted time in Wednesday’s episode. He even has the receipt from the tow and car shop as proof. Natalia lets him in. Isabel invites him to dinner too. She plans on making the big announcement that the wedding is back on for the original date.

Antonio reads the note from Sara again. He calls Rafa for a favor. Antonio asks him to call at exactly 9 PM and say that Antonio needs to come back to San Gaspar for an urgent meeting.

Cheo goes to Merce’s house to see Sara. He’s disappointed that she’s gone back to San Gaspar. Merce tells him to give Sara some space and trust Sara. He gained some ground with Sara at the aiport. Sara had noted how sweet Cheo had been. She even said it had been a long time since he was so considerate.

Back in his car, Cheo calls Padre Vicente. Despite what Merce said, he worries that he’s actually not on Sara’s good side. Maybe Merce was just saying that to dorar la píldora.

Padre Vicente answers and hands the phone over to Sara. Sara promises to see him on Sunday. She thanks him for everything.

Padre Vicente spends the rest of the evening trying to cheer Sara up with hunting stories and dominoes. Tomorrow they will go see Nabor. That should cheer Sara up too.

Sara spends the evening thinking about happy times with Antonio.

Nelson shares the pictures of Sara’s paperwork with Pedro. Pedro questions the motives of hiring a hotel chef for the Community Outreach job. They talk about how attractive she is. Pedro knew this was all just an asunto de faldas. Pedro tells Nelson to get a picture of Sara.

Antonio calls Merce’s house. Juancho answers. Great. Juancho says Sara is out with her boyfriend.

Luckily, Merce is the one who answers when Antonio calls right back. She tells Antonio where Sara is and how long she’ll be there.

As soon as he’s off the phone, Antonio makes reservations for tomorrow’s first flight to San Gaspar.

Hector and Mariana talk about seeing Sara in Antonio’s apartment. She asks him not say anything during dinner.

Emma is busy giving orders to the household staff about dinner. Then Isa’s dad shows up. Then Isa, Nat and Sebastian show up. Emma is annoyed. (Obviously she’s going to have to stretch what was probably an already thin dinner.)

Antonio finally arrives. Isa makes the big announcement. We’re getting married in two months! Everyone cheers. Antonio gulps. Isa and Guillermo lobby for a small, intimate wedding. Emma lobbies for a large affair with influential people.

Pedro meets up with Laura. He had someone check on her tire. She wonders if he was just making sure she told the truth. Pedro says he was just checking. She’s so purty and he has to take care of her….or something…honestly I don’t pay close attention when Pedro is talking to Laura because he’s vile with her.

There’s a brindis for the “happy” soon-to-be-married couple. Everyone asks about their plans. Isabel will of course go to San Gaspar to live with Antonio. She still plans to have her art opening so she’ll set up a studio in San Gaspar and make trips to the D.F. when she needs to. Emma says something about them needing to buy a house. Antonio’s apartment is small. There’s no way Isabel can set up a studio there. Antonio looks sick. It’s a huge relief when his phone rings.

Antonio makes a show of talking to Rafa about the “urgent” meeting the governor wants to have. Antonio says he’ll get right back to San Gaspar ASAP. Sebastian is seeing right through it.

Isabel offers to go to San Gaspar with Antonio. Emma is not letting that happen. They have too many things to take care of before the wedding. Natalia agrees. Looks like Isabel isn’t going anywhere.

Pedro gets a call. They’ve captured Luis Mario. Pedro is pissed. He tells Laura he’ll be in Tabasco a few days.

As he leaves, he tells Anselmo to keep tabs on Laura without Laura knowing. Another hench asks Pedro if he thinks Luis Mario will talk. Pedro is sure he won’t. Luis Mario is very aware of what will happen not only to him but also to his family if he talks. The organization is going to have to find someone to replace Luis Mario though.

Sebastian pulls Antonio outside for a private conversation. What is Antonio thinking? Here he is, announcing his wedding and at the same time chomping at the bit to see La Vecina. “Sara. Her name is Sara” Antonio corrects him. Antonio had no idea Isabel was going to announce the wedding. He was trapped! Sebastian begs Antonio not to go back to San Gaspar. Antonio swears he wanted to explain things to Isabel, but she jumped the gun.

I’m not sure if Isabel heard that, but she appears suddenly. She wants to talk to Antonio alone. They argue.

They end up going back in and saying their farewells. Emma says she’ll talk to Isabel later to make plans.

Vladimir mopes at the dinner table. He’s upset that Fidel didn’t want to listen to his soccer tips.

After dinner, Fidel worries about being a good father. His conversation with Magda gets interrupted by a walkie talkie call from Quintin. Luis Mario has been arrested!

Isabel and Antonio are in bed for the night. She asks about the spots on his chests. It’s the zancudos that bit him. She tries some canoodling, but Antonio is not there for it. He’s stressed about work, family…everything. He’s just not in the mood. Isabel says she can tell he’s everywhere except with her. She rolls over and goes to sleep.

A tale of two breakfasts…

One breakfast belongs to Simon and Bruno. A call from Graciano interrupts it. Some bank dude is over at the farm/fields to interview Simon or something. Bruno and Simon rush out to meet him. They’ll do whatever the bank needs them to do. The faster they can get their own truck the faster the agricultores can organize and cut out the middle man and get better prices for their crops.

The other breakfast is one Sara prepares. It turns into a metaphor for her relationship with Antonio. Padre says Sara needs to let go of Antonio, like the eggs, she and Antonio simply need to stay separate. Together they just make a mess. Now, no me respingues (don’t go fussing at me.)

Antonio wakes up the next morning and looks mighty lovey dovey with Isabel. Which really I shouldn’t be mad at him. He has made it clear that he’s conflicted. I’m still annoyed though.

He tells Isabel he has no time for breakfast. He promises to be back by next week. Isabel is upset that work is still more important to him. She wants the old, caring, loving Antonio back. If he’s still cold and distant Antonio next week, he shouldn’t even bother coming. He just gets up and goes to the bathroom.

Isabel cries.

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