La Vecina, martes 5 de mayo, Capitulo 17

Antonio’s not sleeping and neither is Sara. He’s sorry he was so cranky with her. Sara’s sorry for…well, everything that’s happened since they met. He gets that things don’t always go the way she plans. Sara gets that she doesn’t really belong in his life. But he can’t stop thinking about her, so…*smoochies* They take the party to the bedroom.

Natalia gets back home and finds out Antonio didn’t spend the night. And he was warned about the ultimatum, but he also agreed that the wedding’s back on.

Next scene: Antonio and Sara are in bed together after…but also before again…but no, he’s getting out of bed now. And the toothpaste is still on the counter. And she tells him from the bedroom she loves him. Yeah, dude, you’re in trouble.

Isabel feels bad about basically forcing Antonio to say he still wants to get married. But not that bad.

Merce’s friend? Leti calls to tell her the cousins went out with Sara and Antonio seemed upset. Merce’s sure he wasn’t really.

Fidel’s feeling all beat up after his B&E last night. Magda suggests a massage, but Fidel thinks their massage guy just gives him bruises (magullar).

Pedro’s a creep who abuses his wife.

Juancho got up early just to go over to Cheo’s and collect his pay. Sara’s on the 1pm flight, but that’s all he knows.

Sara said she was making breakfast, but that’s a buffet on the table. Antonio didn’t realize he had that much in the fridge. He’s gotta hurry to his meeting and then he’ll be back to take Sara to the airport. *smoochies* *more smoochies*

Pedro calls the hench doing his latest pipe perforation and updates his map. He names the location “Martha.”

Nacho visits the Conatrol office in San Gaspar to pick up his personal belongings. Marianita tells Nacho about Antonio disappearing for the weekend.

Antonio calls to ask Ligia to reschedule his 11am meeting. Sebastián has her pass him the phone so he can ask how Antonio’s houseguest is.

Nacho understands Antonio’s disappearance. Who wouldn’t want to disappear with Sara? (That sounds creepier than it was intended.)

Sara tries to clean up Antonio’s place, but she knows she could never get things back the way he does it. She calls her mom to tell her she went to a cantabar with the cousins and Antonio’s taking her to the airport later. She puts the picture of Isabel facedown so she doesn’t have to look at her.

Isabel calls Antonio to confirm a lunch date with her dad at 3. She has to leave a message on the house phone.

All the guys and Marianita complain to Nacho about Antonio. He gets it, Antonio’s not a lot of fun, but he suggests they do as they’re told and not risk their jobs. (And he said it nicer than it sounds in writing.)

Antonio’s plan for San Gaspar got approved, so he’s feeling pretty good about himself right now.

Laura, Pedro’s wife, drops off some stuff for the church bazaar. When she gets outside, she realizes she’s got a flat tire and she doesn’t know how to change it.

La Jaibolera was moved! Padre Vicente blames Rodobaldo.

Cheo calls Padre Vicente to rat out Sara for staying at Antonio’s.

Bruno sees Laura waiting at the church with her flat tire. He offers to show her how to change the tire…which involves a refresco.

Antonio tells Sebastián he and Sara made love.

Sebastián hopes he’s not in love.

Oh, hell yeah he is. And now he’s gotta go take her to the airport.

Bruno puts the tab from a coke can in the wrench (?) to help it grab the thing that won’t turn because it’s stuck.

Ricardo calls to invite Isabel to check out some art with him, but she can’t go today. She calls Antonio and this time he answers. Lunch is on for 3pm, he’ll pick her up at 2:30.

The flat is changed and Bruno and Laura are making eyes at each other.

Sara’s dressed and ready for Antonio to come pick her up. He calls to tell her he’s running late, but Sara’s sure everything is going to go right for once. She hangs up his house phone and accidentally plays the previous message from Isabel about having lunch with her dad at 3 and that she didn’t mention anything about the wedding and that Antonio made her the happiest woman in the world last night and in two months they’ll be married!

Sara starts to cry. She calls her buddy with the cab and asks for a ride to the airport.

Uribe asks Ricardo what his problem is with Antonio’s plan.

Ricardo says it doesn’t matter, his job is to support Antonio.

Well, then, Uribe wants a report on the potential impact of Antonio’s plan at other CONATROL plants. He tries to call Antonio, but finds out he’s not in the office. Ricardo supposes he’s dropping Sara off at the airport.

Gabriel finds Antonio’s apartment, or close enough. Sara tells him it’s all gone wrong and she can’t miss her flight.

Ricardo complains to BBFF that Antonio’s plan is going to be used in other locations. Antonio’s going to end up a VP before Ricardo. There’s nothing Ricardo can do but wait for Antonio to screw up.

Antonio gets back to his apartment and can’t find Sara. He finds a note from her saying if he listens to Isabel’s message he’ll realize why she left. And she doesn’t want him to come after her again.

Antonio listens to the message and goes running out of his apartment.

Roque thinks it was a bad idea for Cheo to rat Sara out to her uncle. And that he needs to give up already–the relationship is over!

Gabriel gets Sara to the airport and doesn’t charge her for the ride.

Don Pedro’s at El Molcajete and upset that Laura isn’t there yet. Nacho shows up and Pedro seems genuinely happy to see him. Now Pedro complains about Antonio, like everyone else did. Nacho mentions that the woman Antonio got lost with is Simon’s niece.

Sara gets checked in at the airport and remembers seeing Antonio kissing Isabel and everyone giving her a hard time for crushing on him.

Antonio gets to the airport parking garage and hopes he’s made it in time.

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