La Vecina, miércoles 6 de mayo, Capitulo 18

Laura gets to El Molcahete and explains she had a flat tire. Pedro doesn’t like hearing that some guy helped her.

Natalia and Sebastián plan a make-up date.

Antonio begs the guy at the gate to let him by so he can talk to the love of his life.

Aw, that’s sweet. But no. Antonio turns around, disappointed, and sees Sara.

Padre Vicente shows up at Merce’s, asking about Sara. She’s in Mexico City interviewing at Conatrol? What a coincidence.

There’s nothing Antonio can say to change Sara’s mind. She knows he got re-engaged last night and then came home and made love to her. He just thought he’d take the time to think about Sara vs. Isa without asking either of them for a break. Cue “Perdóname.”

Sara goes through security, leaving Antonio behind.

Padre Vicente tells Merce he’s worried that Sara’s going to get hurt. The two of them head for the airport to pick her up.

Cheo’s already there, waiting. And Sara feels so terrible, she flies right into his arms.

Antonio flies into Sebastián’s arms. Figuratively. He tells Sebastián about the phone message from Isa. Sebastián totally gets why Sara reacted the way she did. He thinks Antonio should take advantage of the situation and get over Sara.

Antonio can’t do that. And he can’t marry Isabel. He’s never felt for anyone the way he feels for Sara.

Sebastián reminds him there’s a difference between sex and love. If he thinks he’s in love with Sara, then he should call Isa and call of the wedding.

Antonio can’t do it.

Merce and Padre Vicente get to the airport. Sara’s in tears and tells them it’s just that she’s tired.

Padre Vicente waits for Sara and her mom to head for the exit before he asks Cheo “So Sara slept with Antonio, huh?” Cheo blames the bad intel on Juancho.

Sebastián keeps trying to convince Antonio that Sara’s not the right woman for him to marry.

Uribe’s having the HR guy send Sara a letter saying she is absolutely totally completely NOT getting a job at Conatrol.

Antonio cancels lunch–Uribe needs him for a meeting at 3. Isa says to herself that she’s never going to come first for Antonio.

Ema calls her to schedule dinner. Isa cancels on her dad for lunch and invites him to dinner at the Andrades’.

Vicente asks Sara what happened. She told him nothing happened on That Weekend and Sara insists it didn’t. But this time it did. Vicente kind of shrugs and rolls his eyes as he hugs Sara.

Cheo just can’t leave well enough alone. He calls Nestor to thank him for taking Sara out last night and Nestor volunteers that Sara spent the night at her “friend’s” place. Cheo tries to talk himself back into a good mood, hoping Sara was upset because she had to rebuff Antonio’s advances.

Now Padre Vicente’s worried about what’s going to happen with Sara and Antonio working together. Sara tells him not to worry, Antonio knows it’s over and he already promised he’d have her transferred to the Conatrol office in Progreso if it didn’t work out..

Uribe’s angry at Antonio for telling him Sara had gone home when she hadn’t and for not, apparently, having told her she’s not getting the job.

But aside from that, Uribe tells him Ricardo’s looking into what kind of effects Antonio’s plan will have at other plants. He hopes Antonio understands the future of the company’s in his hands.

Sebastián’s got car trouble and he’s late for his date with Natalia. And he’s got engine gunk on his shirt. And something under the hood is smoking. And he left his phone at the office. He starts looking for a taxi.

And now we meet Nacho’s wife. She hates San Gaspar as much as Nacho loves it. And she hates the idea of running a food place.

Bruno got some new fertilizer–it’s cheaper than the one they have, and it has nitrogen and nutrients and they can spray it on when they spray the insecticides. At least, I think that’s what he said.

Sebastián gets to the restaurant. They won’t let him in and Natalia’s just driving off.

Antonio and Ricardo have another spat on the playground…I mean, in the hallway. Antonio’s going to do the same thing Ricardo’s planning–wait for Ricardo to screw up.

Antonio calls Merce’s house. She thanks him for looking out for Sara and the job and all that. Padre Vicente’s trying to wave her off, but she keeps going until he motions to her to tell Antonio Sara’s asleep. And then there’s something about Cheo and they go out to deliver laundry.

The taxi driver doesn’t manage to catch up to Natalia’s car and he’d be happy to help Sebastián get his car going again, if it hadn’t already been stripped down.

Antonio tries to get Silva to stop that letter from going out, but it’s already being hand-delivered to Sara. Antonio reads it and calls her at Merce’s right away, but all Sara will say is that he completely let her down and all he did was use her.

When his phone rings, he thinks it’s Sara, but Sebastián’s all “No, it’s me.” He asks Antonio to get his cell phone and come pick him up.

Sara shows Padre Vicente the letter. He thinks Antonio doesn’t deserve her crying over him. And also he called and she hung up on him. She begs Vicente to take her back to San Gaspar so she doesn’t have to tell her mother what happened. He makes her promise to stay with him and not Simón.

Sara had left the phone off the hook so Antonio wouldn’t be able to call her again and when Vicente tries to call Rodobaldo, he gets through. Vicente just tells him Sara’s not there and the letter from Conatrol was pretty clear about her not having a job and no, he doesn’t have her cell number.

Vicente tells Sara she’d better hurry up and pack.

Bruno’s giving one of his fellow farmers some of his leftover fertilizer. He talks to the guy about rotating his crops. And does he have a buyer yet?

The guy says he owes Pedro money, so he has to sell to him. And even if he tried to sell to someone else, they’re all offering the same crappy prices. Bruno tells him about applying for a loan to buy a truck so they can get their crop somewhere that will pay what it’s worth.

Merce gets back from hanging out at Leti’s. Sara and Vicente are toooootally casual about going back to San Gaspar.

While Antonio and Sebastián wait for the tow truck, Antonio agonizes about not telling Sara about the job himself. He wants to go back to San Gaspar first thing tomorrow. He’s supposed to be having dinner with Isabel and his parents tonight, but maybe if Sebastián could call him and say–

Sebastián refuses. He’s not going to help Antonio jump into the void!

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