La Vecina, viernes el 8 de mayo, Capítulo 20

Padre Vicente and Sara head out to Nabor’s ranch for the bautizo. Wow that was an abrupt start!

Natalia and Sebas go to see Isabel early in the morning. Natalia didn’t use her key because she didn’t want to interrupt anything *wink wink*. Isa bursts into tears while Sebas thinks to himself that Antonio is stupid. He slips away and calls Antonio.

Dude! You need to cancel your flight and get over here. Antonio refuses. Sebastian tells him that Emma just showed up. Antonio doesn’t care. He’s going back to San Gaspar.

Emma is confused. Everyone was so happy last night! Isa corrects her. “I was happy last night. We were not.” Emma is going to make Antonio apologize. Isa is done. She’s cancelling the wedding. Emma begs Isa not to. Too late. The decision is made. Nat is going to stay with Isabel. Emma wants to talk to Sebastian.

Emma knows that the woman Sebas was with in the restaurant was La Vecina. Sebas swears he’s trying to make Antonio forget about the neighbor and get his life back to “normal.” Emma knows Antonio is off seeing Sara. She calls her a “golfa” again and I’m really tired of this. Emma is going to fix all this even if she has to move to San Gaspar.

Simón and Bruno meet with Bermúdez, the bank risk assessment guy (at least that what it sounds like he does.) The first thing Bermúdez wants to know..”What’s that thing.” Behold! The audience gets their first glimpse of EL COHETE.

Simón saw the moon landing as a kid and became obsessed with space. Bermúdez wants to know if Simón plans to take el cohete to the moon. Well of course not. That would be pretencioso! No, Simón just wants to take it to the outer atmosphere. He just can’t decide if he wants to fly in it himself or just send it on an unmanned flight. (I think.)

Later, Bermúdez runs into Edwina. He breaks the news that he will not be recommending Simón for the loan. That guy is crazy! He has a rocket in his barn! Edwina looks excited and intrigued.

Isa cries to Natalia. Antonio is just not the same person since going to San Gaspar. He doesn’t kiss her or touch her. He doesn’t make love to her either. The old Antonio is gone and Isa is tired of trying to find him.

Meanwhile, Emma goes home to Eduardo and complains about Antonio and the cancelled wedding. Eduardo tells her to stay out of it. Let Ant and Isa figure it out.

Sebastian finds Antonio at the airport. He again tells Antonio to stay in the DF and fix things. Emma knows that the vecina was in town. Anto has to fix things before they fall apart. Antonio says things already have fallen apart.

Antonio calls Isa, but she just assumes his mother or Seastian puts him up to it. Anto doesn’t want things to end this way. Can’t he please call her later so they can talk calmly about everything. Isa tells him to call wen he knows what he wants.

Antonio tells Sebas that he’s being torn apart. Sebas thnks that if Ant will just go back to being the old Antonio, then that will fix everything. Ant disagrees. Sara taught him to live life differently.

Natalia talks Isa into going out and getting her mind off things. They can go shopping and to the movies. Isa agrees.

While they are out, they run into Ricardo who just happened to be shopping for some art books. Natalia invites him to join them at the movies, but he can tell from Isa’s face that he shouldn’t take Nat up on the offer.

Natalia goes off to buy tickets. Isa tells Ricardo she has cancelled the wedding. Ricardo is so sorry to hear that, but agrees that Isa had to do it. Natalia comes back with the tickets and the ladies leave.

Ricardo is very happy to learn that Isa is now free.

Roque wants to go get some chelas after work. Cheo is going to go see Sara.

Sara and Padre Vicente arrive at Don Nabor’s. Don Nabor asks about the Conatrol job. When he learns Sara didn’t get the job he declares that it’s Conatrol’s loss.

Ant gets back to his apartment in San Gaspar. Bruno and Javi see him and start loudly talking about the celebration they are planning. Ant tries saying something but they act like they don’t hear him. For the second day in a row, Bruno uses the expression ponerse flamenco.

Ant goes upstairs and calls Rafa. Could Rafa tell him where Padre Vicente’s church is?

Edwina goes to Simón’s apartment. She’s dying to see his rocket.

Simón tells her all about his love of aeronautics. He studied it in college. That’s where he and his friends first hatched the idea of building their own. They presented the idea and it was well received. Unfortunately the resources just weren’t there. His dream never died. Then Malvina, his wife, passed away and he had to take care of other things, like the land she had inherited from her parents. But one day, he will finish that rocket and people will all come to see it launch. Edwina says she’ll be the first in line.

Simón takes Edwina out to see the rocket. While there he explains about needing the loan so they can buy the truck so they can make more money on their crops. Edwina has to break the news to Simón. Bermúdez thinks you’re crazy and isn’t going to approve you for the loan. Simón is pissed. Seriously? Bermúdez thinks it’s cray for an aeronautical engineer to have a rocket? LIke, yeah, if he was a dentist or a veterinarian. Edwina says they will just have to find a way to convince him. Yup. WE. This is a project for a TEAM. Simón smiles.

As they leave the barn, Edwina’s heel gets stuck in a hole. She falls and takes Simón down with her into a compromising position. The ranch hand swears he didn’t see a thing.

Antonio and Cheo just miss seeing each other at the church.

Rodobaldo tells each of the them (separately) that Sara is with Padre Vicente at Don Nabor’s ranch. Cheo wants to leave ASAP. Roque puts his foot down. He wants breakfast before they go anywhere.

Sara looks utterly miserable while she watches everyone dance. Don Nabor notices and asks her to join him in a dance. She almost refuses until she remembers telling Antonio that she was the kind of person who, when they hurt, just dances all the more. She and Don Nabor cut a rug…and Ant shows up. He wants to talk to Sara.

Once they are alone, Ant swears he never lied to Sara. He just didn’t tell the whole truth. Sara is upset. She wonders if he ever planned to tell her anything. She wouldn’t even know about the wedding if she hadn’t heard the recording. And the job offer! He didn’t even have he nerve to tell her in person. He sent a crappy letter. Ant swears that was completely out of his control. He wasn’t the one who sent the letter. Sara says he should have told her. She would have slept with him without the offer. She is not the type to offer her body for favors. He never should have made promises he couldn’t keep. He didn’t just mess with her heart. He messed with her life and livelihood too. She needed that job. She needs to help support her family.

Ant begs Sara. “Please, let me find you a job.” The only thing Sara wants Antonio to do for her is leave her alone. Disappear.

Yay. Cheo showed up to Don Nabor’s too. He wants to see Sara. Don Nabor tells him where whe is. Cheo walks off and Don Nabor runs to get Padre Vicente.

Sara is in the middle of telling Antonio she just wants to forget everything. He destroyed her heart. She walks away, but here comes Cheo.

He and Anto get into a fist fight while Roque restrains Sara (Roque’s throat, let me introduce you to my fist.) Don Nabor, Padre Vicente and Nabor’s shot gun break up the fight.

Sara agrees to talk to Cheo alone. She says there is nothing going on between her and Anto. Cheo doesn’t believe it and breaks up with her. Whatever.

Padre Vicente takes advantage of the moment to reiterate to Anto that Sara’s heart is broken. Padre Vicente is pissed about the job rejection letter too. Antonio again says he had nothing to do with that. That was out of his control. Padre reminds him that failing to mention a girlfriend and upcoming wedding was in Antonio’s control. Forgiveness is a good thing, but it will never erase the facts.

Padre Vicente catches up with Don Nabor. He’s arguing with Roque about Sara. Padre points to Cheo’s truck. Wasn’t Nabor thinking about buying something similar? Roque goes into salesman mode and offers to go on a test drive with Nabor.

Padre goes in search of Cheo. He’s busy drinking. Padre counsels him with more booze and reminds hims that violence is not the answer.

Antonio finds Sara again. He can’t leave until Sara hears him out. He swears she changed his life for the better. Sara agrees that her life was changed too but in a bad way. She begs him to get out of her life.

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