La Vecina, lunes 11 de mayo, Capitulo 21

Padre Vicente’s plan worked–Don Nabor and Roque are still doing a test drive  when they see Antonio pulling out of the driveway. Don Nabor asks about payment plans.

Vladimir and Fidel talk fútbol strategy, but as Vladimir says, “Why are you asking me if you’re not going to listen?”

Cheo’s sleepy-drunk. Roque’s trying to get him to go chase down Antonio, but Padre Vicente tells Roque his job as a friend is to give Cheo good advice. (Well…unless bad advice would be more fun…just saying.) Roque starts steering Cheo towards the driveway to drive him home.

Sebastián calls to ask Natalia out to dinner, but she’s too tired. She filled him in on her day with Isabel and he’s annoyed that she thinks Ricardo’s such a nice guy. They play “You hang up first…no, you hang up first….” and then Sebastián starts wondering what Ricardo’s up to.

Simón’s on his way to accidentally-on-purpose run into Edwina and the guy who came by to inspect the land. He tells Bruno and the guys to quit trying to annoy the neighbor already! Yeah, I’m sure he knew that wasn’t going to work.

Antonio shows up at Sara’s house to explain in person about the job she’s not getting, but Merce has no idea what he’s talking about. Does Sara already know?

Well, yeah, they sent a letter….

Merce’s annoyed that Sara didn’t tell her.

Antonio’s sure she didn’t want Merce to worry. If she talks to Sara, he wants her to convince Sara to accept his help in finding a job.

Juancho, the hub of all chisme, sees Antonio leaving the house and tries calling Cheo. Roque does the reasonable thing and refuses to wake Cheo up. Juancho goes into the house to scream at his mom about “that guy” and insist that since Cheo was upset that means he caught Sara and Antonio doing something. He’s sure Antonio’s just taking advantage of Sara.

Bank guy cancels on Edwina, so she and Simón have coffee together. And talk about his love of aeronautics.

Nacho, Pepe, and Nelson show up and there goes any possibility of romance. Especially after Simón says there wasn’t anything going on and Edwina’s “just” a bank employee.

Antonio’s back in his apartment and ready to get to sleep, but the guys start playing…. He calls Fidel to complain about the noise and Fidel would love to send some guys over. Heh, heh, heh! Bruno won’t be playing tomorrow!

At the apartment, Fidel says they could hear the music from the street and they’re getting locked up for 36 hours. Antonio hears everyone being hauled off and asks what’s going on. He just wanted Fidel to give them a warning!

Fidel says they admitted they were playing the music too loud, so what could he do? And he suggests they quit complaining or he’s adding more hours to their arrest.

Back inside, Antonio calls Simón to tell him what happened.

At the police station, Antonio’s literally sweating. All he wanted was for them to turn the volume down!

Simón tells him to go on home. Bruno kind of had it coming.

Fidel and Quintin are gloating about the Alados losing tomorrow’s match. But hey, the law’s the law.

Simón breaks it to Padre Vicente that he’s going to have to do without Bruno and Javi. That’s what the bench is for, right? He explains that they’re locked up for 36 hours for partying too hard.

Sara stomps off to go yell at Antonio for getting her friends tossed in jail.

And now Vicente catches Simón up on all the Antonio-Sara chisme.

The saqueadores elect Pedro the new head of the organization, now that Luis Mario’s been arrested. Pedro tells the guys he’s keeping a close eye on the new head of Conatrol and he’ll know about every move.

Ricardo watches Sebastián and Natalia leave Isa’s apartment so he can catch her alone. He offers to take her out to distract her.

Padre Vicente’s bench is not as deep as he needs right now. The only thing left to do is pray…but he starts giving Rodobaldo and Simón the eye.

Sara shows up at Antonio’s to yell at him over Bruno and Javi, but who cares about that! Antonio’s upset that Sara has such a low opinion of him and making love to her was the most wonderful thing that ever happened in his life and he doesn’t know how to forget her and oh yeah, Cheo bruised his ribs and he should go to the doctor. Sara agrees to take him if he doesn’t read too much into it and doesn’t speak to her.

Simón’s in goal and Rodobaldo and Padre Vicente are on the field.

Sara and Antonio haven’t gotten to the car when Merce shows up. Antonio gets the hell out of there to let Sara get scolded alone.

So now Sara tells her mom the truth, but Merce doesn’t believe there’s nothing going on between Sara and Antonio.

Sara admits she’s in love with Antonio and when they were in Mexico she, um, couldn’t resist…. Antonio lurks around the corner listening.

From under the bleachers, Quintin reports that the Alados are winning and Padre Vicente is doing a good impression of Hugo Santos.

Antonio hears Sara telling Merce she’s paying for this because she listened to her heart. She wishes she could be like Antonio and resolve everything with her head. Merce wants Sara to stay away from Antonio. She doesn’t even want Sara to go tell him to go to the doctor without her–Merce will tell him.

Back at the field, Simón stops a ball with his face.

Merce does go upstairs to tell Antonio to stay away from Sara. He’s not good for her, even if it’s not on purpose. And go get that bruised checked out!

Antonio wants her to tell Sara she’s wrong if she thinks he can solve this with his head. His heart and his feelings are overriding it.

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