La Vecina, martes 12 de mayo, Capitulo 22

Merce doesn’t pass on Antonio’s message. She suggests they go to the field so Sara can say goodbye to her uncles.

Simón may have his brains rattling around in his head, but he manages to score a goal with the help of the other team. They’re up 3-0 now, according to Quintin. A few more goals and things are looking good for the Alados, but Rodobaldo gets injured….

Pedro’s upset that Laura wasn’t waiting home for him. She’s at El Molcajete subbing for an employee who’s been unreliable lately–Pedro tells Laura to fire her.

Isabel and Ricardo apparently had a good time. She won a stuffed bear at some kind of shooting game. Her dad greets them outside the building–he came by to say goodbye to her.

At least Rodobaldo didn’t break anything, but he’ll be in a splint. And now Padre Vicente can turn his attention to what Merce’s doing there. Merce’s pissed off at both the uncles and says she’s taking Sara home with her.

Isabel breaks it to her dad that she’s not marrying Antonio. He doesn’t understand why she’s worried about Antonio being so cold and distant when he’s always been cold and distant.

Antonio runs into Sara at the vending machine in the hospital and passes on the message Merce didn’t. He’s struggling with his feelings as much as she is. He’s seen the doctor and he’s got a fractured rib…and a pounding heart…his phone rings to interrupt any potential smoochies.

It’s Isa, wanting to talk and take back her decision. Antonio tells Isa they’ll talk later.

Rodobaldo’s being released and he’s glad Sara will be around to help Padre Vicente. Merce says that’s not happening.

Edwina and Bermudez meet up at the place Nacho’s planning to buy. She brags about how brilliant Simón is and how he almost got hired by NASA. Bermudez thinks he was wrong to write Simón off as “crazy.”

At the police station, they get the guys on duty to let Simón and Padre Vicente in with food for Bruno, et al. They also tell the guys they won the game 7-0.

Vicente runs into Fidel in the parking lot and finds out the Artilleros lost their game 2-1. And Fidel finds out his dirty trick didn’t hurt the Alados. He hears the guys singing in the holding cell and lets them out.

Antonio’s all excited when he sees grocery bags at his door, but this time it’s Rafa who left them. He also brought by some reports Antonio will need for his meetings tomorrow.

Susana, the one who’d been missing work a lot, sent word with her son that she won’t be coming back to work. Pedro tells Laura to put an ad in the paper to find a replacement for her.

Antonio talks to Simón and Bruno in the hallway and they kind of patch things up. Simón says Sara went back to Progreso and Antonio should just leave her alone.

Natalia gets home from a date with Sebastián and gets the latest update from Isa. Her dad got her to re-think her calling off of the engagement and she called Antonio, but he hadn’t changed his mind.

Simón tells Bruno about the letter from CONATROL and how the interview was a misunderstanding. Bruno still blames everything on Antonio. Simón tells him to back off, and this time it’s an order!

Sara’s home and getting Juancho’s POV on the situation, which is that she ended up like el perro de las dos tortas…or, rather tres tortas since she didn’t get the job, either. Who asked him anyway!

Sebastián calls to see how Antonio’s doing.

Well, Sara won’t listen to him and he’s not sure he wants to get back together with Isabel. And Ricardo hasn’t sent some report he’s waiting for. He acts like his shirt tag is scratching him.

Natalia sees the bear lounging on Isa’s bed and finds out Isa won it at a carnival. Natalia’s hoping that maybe Ricardo could be rebound material, but Isa says she doesn’t have eyes for anyone but Antonio.

Antonio’s back in the CONATROL SG office on Monday. He only has to glare to get the music turned off. Marianita tells him about his full schedule and asks when Sara will be starting work, which as we know is never. Probably because of that weekend, huh?

Antonio tells her to keep the commentary to herself. And haven’t they fixed the A/C yet?!

She says she’ll call right away.

Sebastian comes into Ricardo’s office to ask for the graph of thefts bla bla bla. Ricardo faux-casually asks how the meeting with the governor went.

Fine…the governor’s going to support Antonio with “everything” whether Ricardo likes it or not. Hey, they all know he’s got this competitive thing going on with Antonio.

Simon’s loan has been approved. Edwina says she’ll call him when it’s time to come in and sign.

He tries to apologize for Saturday, but Edwina says he was right–she’s just a bank employee. Next!

Bruno’s still angry at Antonio and Javi agrees they’ve gotta get him now. And maybe they can do it so Simón never finds out…like the time they shaved some guy’s head while he was sleeping.

Rafa and Marianita are discussing how hard it’s going to be to put Antonio’s plan in place without Sara doing the community outreach job. Nelson comes over and gets the chisme.

Ricardo calls to check up on Isabel and gets himself invited to lunch.

Sara sees the ad in the paper for someone with management experience and calls El Molcajete. Pedro’s about to write her off for living in Progreso and not San Gaspar, but Sara swears it’s not a problem if the job’s in San Gaspar. Pedro can’t believe his luck when Sara gives him her name. He cancels a meeting with someone later so he can interview Sara at 5.

Bruno’s going to email someone the info on the orchard so he can get a quote on a drip irrigation system. Simón comes home and tells him about the bad non-date with Edwina and that they got their loan approved. They’re going out later to pick out a truck.

Antonio calls Rafa into his office to ask him to start searching for another community outreach person and to read the info he was sent about the dye for the gasoline.

Merce’s not happy that Sara’s latest job prospect is in San Gaspar, but she’ll pray Sara gets hired.

After truck window-shopping, Simón and Bruno run into Bermudez, who says they owe it all to Edwina for convincing him Simón wasn’t “crazy.”

Antonio’s making good on his offer to help Sara find a job. He’s just getting off the phone with someone after saying he’d send on her resume when Marianita buzzes him. Ing. Gutierrez has arrived. They start talking gas dye.

At the interview with Pedro and Laura, Sara explains her work history and confirms she has accounting and payroll experience.

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