La Vecina, miércoles 13 de mayo, Capitulo 23

Pedro and Laura are fine with hiring Sara, not that they tell her before she leaves the interview.

Gas dye. Andrade and Gutierrez have agreed on the right one. Nelson’s at Marinita’s desk to find out who Gutierrez is.

Vladimir’s depressed and he hasn’t told anyone why. Magda’s hoping he’ll tell Padre Vicente, but no. He’s at least interested in Padre Vicente’s story about his excellent bicycle kick, plus re-enactment.

Simón bought chocolates for Edwina. He and Bruno see Sara on her way out of town and get caught up on the news about her job interview and the loan, and then Sara’s off so she’s not on the road late.

More fútbol talk until Vladimir is willing to admit that he’s sad because his dad said Padre Vicente only pays attention to him because he feels sorry for him. Padre Vicente disagrees–Vladimir is his number one assistant coach and they wouldn’t have won their game without him.

Ricardo gets an art appreciation lesson from Isabel and flirts. He’s starting to win Isabel over. Heading back to the office he laughs at Antonio’s stupidity and hopes he takes his time “thinking.”

Nelson nearly gets caught by Rafa while he’s searching Marinita’s desk. He claims he’s staying late to finish up some work. On Marinita’s computer, he finds a report or something.

Merce’s worried about Sara being near Antonio in San Gaspar, but it’s not like there are a ton of jobs out there. Sara swears she’s going to be indifferent to Antonio no matter what.

Nelson nearly gets caught again as he’s printing off what he found on Marinita’s computer. The security guy doesn’t have a problem with him being there, but Nelson rushes out so fast he leaves multiple pages still printing after he’s left.

Antonio drops Ing. Gutierrez off at his hotel and sits in his car acting like his back still itches.

Nelson meets up with Pedro. Pedro wants confirmation that Antonio and Sara are still friends. Nelson hands over the paperwork he printed out. Pedro can see it didn’t all get printed and tells Nelson to do the job he’s paying him for.

Simón and Edwina are meeting for coffee. Edwina can’t figure out what to wear. She’s so late Simón takes off and she hurts her arm and her leg tripping over something while she waves frantically at Simón.

Edwina goes to talk to Magda about the non-date. Magda thinks if Simón brought her chocolates that’s a good sign. She wants to hear all about their non-relationship.

Antonio surprises Sara at her house. He brought a list of jobs for her to apply to, with people he knows. She turns him down. She’s got a good lead already. He doesn’t need to feel responsible for her–there’s no room in his life for her. He might as well pretend they’ve never met. And he should leave now.

Merce sees him leaving the house and scolds him for not leaving Sara alone. He apologizes, but he can’t.

Merce’s glad Sara turned down Antonio’s help. It was nice of him and all, but she needs to stay away from him.

When Fidel gets home, Edwina’s on her way out. She and Magda make a face at each other that says something like, “Please don’t say anything to Fidel or he’s gonna get all protective and there goes my non-relationship with Simón,” before she goes.

The official story is that Edwina just stopped by to say hi. And BTW…does Fidel think it’s possible for just a regular person to launch a rocket into space? Fidel doesn’t think so and he figures Simón was just teasing Edwina.

Nacho y Cuatachos is open for business. Antonio’s surprised that Nacho was serious about quitting CONATROL. He doesn’t agree that things are calmer in San Gaspar. Nacho grabs them a couple of beers and talks to Antonio about getting to know about people’s personal lives to get along better with them.

Nelson gets to work early like he told Pedro he would, but Rafa needs him to go check a sensor that’s showing a loss of pressure…en fin, Nelson can’t make it to the printer.

Pedro brags to his work buddy that the devil is on their side. Nelson’s going to get them the rest of the information so they can keep Conatrol from dyeing the gas and Laura wants to hire Antonio’s fling at El Molcajete.

Marinita’s in a bad mood, dealing with someone who joined a tanda and is making excuses not to pay up. Antonio’s trying out his new Nachofied demeanor, but he gets the Antonio version of Marinita back. And before he asks, they’ll be here to look at the A/C today.

Laura calls Sara to tell her she’s got the job and she can start ASAP if she wants to. Duuude, Sara will be there first thing tomorrow.

The guy who sits at the desk in the corner brings Marinita the stuff she printed, but she’s confused. Who else printed out the report from Ing. Gutierrez?

Rafa’s in Antonio’s office with Gutierrez, telling him about the problem sensor that he’s already replaced. Marina comes in and asks about the extra copy of Gutierrez’ report. She was the only one who got the virtual copy and she’s worried that when she printed it yesterday she didn’t give him the whole thing. Antonio’s sure she did, and this is confidential information…he’d hate to think somebody at Conatrol was leaking information.

Rafa’s mortally offended at the suggestion and would vouch for any of his employees!

Gutierrez is taken aback at the way Antonio and Rafa were talking to each other and asks if it’s always this tense. Antonio grouches that they have very different ways of working.

Out at her desk, Marina tells Rafa that Antonio was specifically accusing her, since the printout came from her computer. She can’t work for someone who doesn’t trust her!

Nelson shows up, as usual, and gets the chisme. He acts just as offended as Marina and Rafa that Antonio would dare distrust them!

The guy Bruno gave the extra fertilizer to brings some tamales over for Bruno and Simón. He and some of his other peeps are excited about Bruno and Simón getting the truck and selling directly. Bruno’s out looking at prices so he’ll know what they should sell for.

At the market, Bruno runs into Laura and they make eyes at each other.

Pedro calls Nelson to check up on the missing report pages. He doesn’t want excuses, Nelson’s just going to have to find a way to get them. Pepe catches Nelson complaining about what he’s going to do now and Nelson says he’s behind on reports and the boss is in a bad mood and was fussing at Marina.

Sara’s packing her stuff and tries calling Padre Vicente, but there’s no answer. Oh well, she’ll surprise him!

Nelson asks Marina what’s going on and finds out that Antonio suspects someone of working with the saqueadores. The chisme spreads and there are feelings about it. From Ramón’s broad hand gestures, I’m guessing he was saying “If he could make ME put a shirt on, what could he do to YOU!”

Gutierrez is ready to head to the airport. He accepts a ride from Antonio. He also asks a favor–he’d like to be there when the dye arrives and they add it to the gasoline.

Edwina stops by the warehouse to apologize for not standing Simón up last night. She and Simón make it clear to each other that there are absolutely no feelings going on here. Nope. No feelings. But she can stop by periodically to check on the rocket’s progress.

When Antonio and Gutierrez get to the parking lot there’s a sign telling Antonio to look for spies somewhere else.

Juancho’s just getting home when Sara’s ready to leave. He gets all angry that Sara’s going to San Gaspar where she can be closer to the güero desabrido. Sara says it’s none of his business, but she’s NOT going out with Antonio OR Cheo, so there’s no point rushing to Cheo with the news.

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