La Vecina, jueves 14 de mayo, Capítulo 24

Antonio yells at Rafa about the sign in the parking lot.

Bruno calls Javier. “Bring your scissors. We’ve got plans for el señorito.”

Ramón easily owns up to being the one responsible for the sign. Rafa tells him to be careful. He could get written up or fired. Ramón is cool with that…as long as he gets his liquidación. Marinita reminds Ramón that the fact is, there were shenanigans with the report…the CONFIDENTIAL report. Ramón says there’s still no reason to doubt any of them. An unnamed worker tells Rafa to talk to Ant. They are all here to work and follow orders. Ant doesn’t have to be such a jackass. I wrote down the phrase “No es Juanito sino el modito.” I’m assuming that means something along the lines of “It’s not him personally, but the way he does things doesn’t sit well with us.”

Cheo loses a sale to a flirty patron. His heart just doesn’t seem to be in it any more. Juancho calls him, but Cheo ignores it. He even erases Juancho’s number from his phone.

Ant has left the facility, but Rafa gives him a phone update. While Ant is stopped at a red light, Sara sees him from her red light. Of course he would be the first person she sees.

Nelson skulks in Marinita’s work area. Rafa is surprised to see him there. Rafa offers him a ride home. Nelson claims he still needs to get a few things done. No big. Rafa will wait.

Nelson talks Rafa into going out and getting them some tacos. While Rafa is gone, Nelson tries to get into Marinita’s computers. It’s password protected now.

Sara gets to Padre Vicente’s, but he’s not there. He’s busy playing cards with Luisita (He won.) Luisita is planning for her imminent death as well. She’s got plenty of things to donate to Padre Vicente. No way are her vulture children getting them. Padre Vicente tells Luisa she isn’t going to die any time soon. She shows him some of the items she’s going to donate. When Padre tries to go, Luisa challenges him to cards again. Luisa needs to have her rematch!

Antonio gets home. Chepe calls up to Bruno. Antonio is here!

Bruno and Javi catch Antonio in the hall. Bruno apologizes for the loud music incidents. Antonio apologizes for the getting them thrown in jail incident. They decide to make peace over tequila.

Sara gets tired of waiting for Padre Vicente. She heads to Nachos y Cuatachos. She has to call out to get anyone’s attention. She gets Señora Nacho’s attention. The lady does not seem to enjoy her job. When Sara orders a cappuccino, Mrs. Nacho says she’s getting coffee since she doesn’t know how to work the cappuccino machine. Sara can’t believe how rude the waitress is. She even says that Mrs. Nacho is the first rude person she’s met in San Gaspar. Mrs. Nacho informs Sara that she is not from San Gaspar.

The sandwich turns out to be lackluster as well. Sara asks if maybe she can get some jitomate or lechuga maybe? Sara makes the comment that they will soon be out of business if the food and service are so bad. That’s perfectly fine with Mrs. Nacho.

Nacho shows up. Sara warns him that he might want to go somewhere else. The wait staff there is terrible. Nacho laughs. I see you’ve met my wife.

He and Sara chat for a bit. He learns about her new job at the Molcajete. Nacho knows the place. His friend Pedro Arango owns the place. Sara leaves. Mrs. Nacho comes out and yells at him. Is he done flirting?

Antonio is not a drinker. He has the one tequila and makes to leave. Bruno and Javi talk him into one more. Clearly they need him drunk. Antonio has the second drink and gets up to leave. Bruno and Javi stop him. Why is he so uptight? C’mon! One more drink! Javi, turn on some music! It’s Ant and Sara’s song. He thinks about his weekend with her. He gets a sad face and asks for another drink.

Ant gets good and drunk. He just can’t understand the laid back attitudes of the San Gasparinos. He just wants to work and get things done!

Bruno thinks Ant has a pretty bad impression of San Gaspar. Anto launches into a recap of his Lost Weekend with Sara. He finishes up with declarations of love. He even tried to help her get a job, not out of guilt but because he loves her so much.

Eventually Anto falls asleep. Javi asks if they are still going to shave his head (or at the least cut his hair very short.) Bruno decides against it.

When Antonio wakes up he demands music and cumbia dance lessons! When they run out of tequila, Ant suggests they go to his apartment for whisky.

Rafa drops Nelson off at home. Nelson calls Pedro. We need to talk.

Cheo is not answering Juancho’s calls. Merce comes home and Juancho complains about Sara being with Antonio. Merce calls Padre Vicente. No answer. She’s a little worried too. Maybe Sara is seeing Antonio. She talks herself out of that line of thought.

Back at Antonio’s apartment it’s time for some opera. La Donna e Mobile. He goes out to the balcony and start screaming “Sara! Forgive me!”

Down in the parking lot Sara is “WTH? Antonio?”

Nelson tells Pedro the computer is password protected now. There was a problem this morning. Marinita and Antonio suspected a spy. Nelson is pretty sure that things are cleared up now. Pedro says they better be or it’s Nelson’s ass on the line.

Sara gets up to Antonio’s apartment. Bruno and Javi managed to get him back in the apartment, but he’s still screaming about how much he loves Sara. When Sara makes her way into the apartment, he thinks he’s hallucinating. Bruno and Javi assure him that Sara is really there. Antonio falls at her feet.

Rafa comes home to find Quique is still there. Quique didn’t leave after all. Rafa is late. He says he had work. Quique offers to make dinner, but gets upset when Rafa said he already ate. So were you working or at dinner? Rafa gets mad. He hates when Quique gets jealous. Quique apologizes and tells Rafa he’s ugly when he’s mad. They make up and settle in for a night of popcorn and TV.

Antonio starts begging Sara. If she doesn’t forgive him, he just can’t go on. Bruno and Javi leave.

Antonio swears he’s a mess because he can’t stop thinking about Sara. Sara thinks coffee is in order.

Nelson mopes over to Nacho’s fonda. Maybe Nacho can give him some advice. He has this friend. He made a bet on a soccer game and lost. Now the friend can’t pay it and he’s being threatened. Nacho shrugs it off. It’s just a soccer bet among friends. It’s not like a problem with the mafia or something. Nelson: “Gulp.”

Sara is angry with Bruno and Javi. What were they thinking? They were thinking that they were going to shave his head, but Bruno doesn’t have the heart for it now. Sara reminds them again that Antonio doesn’t drink.

Simon has made his way to Nacho’s as well. He gets the news about Sara’s new job from Nacho. Simon is not thrilled to hear that Pedro owns El Molcajete. Nacho says it’s more Pedro’s wife’s business. Simon still doesn’t trust Pedro.

Simon has to talk Nacho into letting him pay for his beer.

Sara brings Antonio some coffee. He doesn’t want to drink it because he’s afraid when he does that Sara will leave. He doesn’t want her to leave.

His phone starts ringing. Yup. It’s Isabel. And, yup. Sara answered it. Antonio takes the phone. He says he’ll call Isa later. She yells at him. He’s drunk and with La Vecina. He tells Isa he misses her. He misses the man he was with her. Yup. Sara is still there to hear all of it.

Sara gets up to leave. Antonio has the nerve to say he doesn’t want her to go. She reminds him he has Isabel. He says he just doesn’t want Isabel to hate him like Sara does.

That was a weird ending.

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