La Vecina, viernes 15 de mayo, capítulo 25

Antonio repeats his weird line about not wanting Isabel to hate him. Sara rolls her eyes and leaves.

Natalia arrives home to a mopey Isabel. Isabel tells her friend about calling Antonio, the Vecina being there AND Antonio was drunk. Isa is hoping that his saying he misses the man that he was is a good sign. Natalia really can’t believe Isabel is putting up with Antonio’s crap. Isabel thinks the problem is the fulana, not Antonio.

Sara wasn’t happy hearing that Antonio and Isabel still care for each other. Javi isn’t surprised. They were getting married weren’t they? Bruno explains to Sara the Antonio really doesn’t know his own feelings. This is scary for Antonio. Sara drives him crazy. He can’t live with her, but he can’t live without her either.

Isabel tries calling Antonio again. He whines about no one wanting/loving him (querer.) She talks about being made for each other. They have the same habits, routines…social class (*eye roll*.) Antonio falls asleep. Isabel realizes he’s not listening and hangs up.

While Sara thinks about Antonio missing the man he was with Isabel, Simon comes home. He was out at Nacho’s and heard Sara got a job at El Molcajete. Simon is concerned. Pedro Arango is a not nice guy. He really cheats the agricultores. Sara didn’t get that impression. Pedro and his wife were really nice. Sara doesn’t really have the luxury of turning down a job offer, but she promises to keep her eyes open and if anything looks sketchy, she’ll quit. Simon admits that he doesn’t really know anything about the wife. He hopes everything works out ok. He’ll trust Sara’s judgement.

Changing the subject wasn’t Sara going to stay with Padre Vicente. Yeah, but he wasn’t at home. She’ll go back over there early in the morning. She doesn’t want to risk running into Antonio.

The next morning Antonio still hasn’t arrived for The Very Important Meeting. Rafa is freaking out. Marinita will try calling Antonio. The phone is off the hook.

Back at the apartment, Antonio wakes up with a nice case of cruda/resaca. And yikes! It’s already 9!

Gutierrez meets with Uribe at the Conatrol DF Home Office. Gutierrez is sure the tinta will work. Gutierrez mentions the strained relations between Antonio and the employees. Uribe doesn’t think that’s an issue. He didn’t send Antonio over there to make friends. Gutierrez also mentions the issue with the confidencial report pages being found in the printer, Antonio’s mistrust of the workers and the protest sign in the parking lot. Uribe worries about the workers boycotting Antonio Gutierrez thinks things got settled. Eventually everyone just figures the printer duplicated the pages (it’s a legit theory…computers and printers have minds of their own.) Uribe mentions that Antonio has the power to fire anyone he sees fit to fire.

Sara and Simon go to Padre Vicente’s, but he’s still not back. A kind lady tells them he went to go see a sick parishioner.

Isa did not sleep well, but she feels like Antonio still loves her. Natalia still can’t believe she’s putting up with Antonio. Natalia thinks maybe all Antonio means is he’s comfortable with Isabel. Natalia would have already sent him packing. Isa just can’t turn her back on him. He said she was what he needed!

Sara and Simón run into Antonio as he’s leaving for work. Antonio is surprised she’s back! When did she get here? She rolls her eyes and walks away.

Simón wants to talk to Antonio when he gets a chance. Rafa calls Antonio. Where is he? Ant swears he’s on his way. Could Rafa give everyone a copy of the reports to go ahead and read?

Sara headed upstairs and called Padre Vicente. He’s still not answering his phone. Simon can tell she’s still upset. She’s mad about what Antonio said last night. Simon thinks maybe she should talk to him. Sara says no way.

Antonio didn’t even make it to his car. Isabel called him and asks if he’s feeling better after his drunkfest. Antonio wonders how she knew. She called him? What did they talk about? Isabel hangs up on him. He turns around and goes right back upstairs.

He catches Simon and Sara leaving. Edwina had called. Simón was approved for the loan and he can come pick up his check! Antonio asks to speak to Simon alone. Antonio needs to ask him what happened last night. Is Sara mad because he was drunk? No. She’s mad because of what he said to Isabel. Antonio doesn’t even know what he said!

Simon asks Antonio “Are you willing to give up everything for Sara?” Antonio remains silent. Simon says the silence speaks for itself. Antonio doesn’t know what to do. Simon says that often, when someone can’t make a decision, Life makes the decision for them.

Ricardo is checking out an announcement for an art exhibit. He decides to call Isabel. She answers the phone yelling at Antonio. Um. Isn’t she an artist getting ready for her own show? Is Antonio the only person she expects calls from? Enough time had passed that she hadn’t just gotten off the phone with Ant. Does she not check to see who a call is from before she answers? I mean, she’s done this before….

Anyhoo, Ricardo will be right over to ease her pain/frustration with Antonio.

Sara beat the bosses to work. She must have been excited about the first day. She stopped by and got some flowers for the tables too. Pedro doesn’t want her paying out of her own pocket. He tells Laura to get an account set up for Sara.

Sara has already met Raquel and likes her. Laura is so happy. Sara will be working directly with Raquel. Oh! and they really need to look at the suppliers. Pedro leaves them to their business. Nelson calls him. He’s just found a document that might interest Pedro. They’ll see each other later at the usual place.

Antonio finally arrives at the meeting and they talk biznezz. Blah Blah Blah…Home office approved our measures….we trust you Sr. Andrade…

Simón picks up his check from Edwina. He thanks her for all her help and support. She thanks him for her new *ahem* pasión. She can’t stop thinking about rockets and aeronáutica. She’s his biggest fan.

Ricardo gets to Isabel’s house. She kvetches about La Vecina, San Gaspar and Antonio. She wants to know what Ricardo thinks. He thinks it’s not his place to give opinions about other people’s relationships. Day by day Isabel thinks she should dump him. She’s not sure she still loves him.

Ligia calls from the office. Ricardo has to go. Isabel gives him a hell of a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He asks her if she would like to go to this new art exhibit with him tonight. She accepts.

Antonio is finished with the meeting. He mentions lunch to Rafa. Marinita reminds Antonio that he canceled the account with El Molcajete. Then she asks if he’ll sign the paperwork for the AC. He sure will! Ha! She meant when it was finally ready.

Nacho is passing flyers out around Conatrol. Everyone is happy to see him. Antonio asks him to lunch, but Nacho declines. Nacho takes flowers to Marinita.

Sara is at El Molcajete changing up the presentation of the dishes. She even took classes on presentation in chef school!

Nelson hands over the new documents to Pedro. Pedro dismisses him and than calls Carmelo.

Ricardo makes it back to his office. He calls his sycophant and tells him to bring in some reports.

David the Sycophant comes immediately. Ricardo tells him about seeing Isabel. Isabel is a Cisneros. A rich wife is better than being VP of Conatrol. Ricardo is going to do whatever he can to keep Antonio in San Gaspar and away from Isabel. Isabel is priority number one.

Antonio talks about the canceled account with El Molcajete. Aontonio just doesn’t like Pedro Arango. Antonio doesn’t like that he has armed escorts. Rafa actually doesn’t seem that surprised. A lot of important business men have bodyguards. They are interrupted by hilarity coming from Antonio’s office.

Nacho left a planner their before he left. He and Marinita are in the office looking for it. Nacho told a joke and the next thing you know they are just laughing away. What did one jaguar say to the other jaguar? Jaguar you? (Trust me, it’s corny funny in Spanish.) Antonio didn’t think it was funny. Nacho thinks Antonio needs to laugh more.

Talk turns to the AC. Nacho calls down to maintanence and asks “Peor es Nada” to swing by Antonio’s office when he gets a chance. They explained why they all call him Peor es Nada, but I didn’t get it.

Bruno can’t wait to see Pedro’s face when he finds out they aren’t going to sell to him. Simón thinks they need to be careful. Pedro is Sara’s new boss. Bruno can’t be upset. He’s so excited about the truck and getting out from under Pedro’s exploitation…he can’t wait to watch that rocket go up to space.

Rosendo Vazquez calls Pedro at El Molcajete. Rosendo wants to pay some of what he owes Pedro. It’s not even half of what he owes but at least it’s cash. Pedro goes off. That’s not the deal. Rosendo is supposed to pay with his crops. Rosendo is going in with Simón.

Sara sees Pedro’s hissy fit.

Antonio calls Isabel. She’s at the art show with Ricardo. She must have been so enthralled with the art that she didn’t hear her phone. Ricardo has to tell her her phone is ringing. She decides not to answer it.

After the show, Ricardo takes Isabel home. He gives her a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Padre Vicente is still not back, but at least Sara finally got in touch with him. Now he’s at Nabor’s. He’ll be back early tomorrow. He’s a little worried about Sara being in close proximity to Antonio. Sara says not to worry. She’ll avoid him.

Antonio runs into Bruno. Bruno tells him about last night’s adventures. Bruno really wants to get along with Antonio, but when he sees Sara suffering it’s really hard to get along with Antonio.

Antonio leaves a message on Isa’s phone. He’s sorry. He misses her.

Pedro meets with Carmelo. Carmelo thinks maybe they can work with some chemists to mitigate the dye. Pedro is worried about those sensors.

Carmelo thinks they need to eliminate Antonio!

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