El Gran final de El Sultán, primera temporada

Leo says he didn’t write the note–it was a trap! The others in the studio don’t like him. The instructor told him to leave.

Annnnd, the piece of the painting?

Leo says he didn’t like it. He didn’t want anyone else to see it.

Ibrahim keeps smacking him around trying to get him to admit he’s got something going on with Hürrem. Not that he can confess to anything while Ibrahim’s choking him.

But the dinner guests have arrived, so they’ll have to take this up again later.

Ibrahim makes a big deal of unveiling the painting before dinner. Lo and behold, the painting is intact, but it only has Suleyman in it. Too bad Leo can’t come to the palace tomorrow–he’s left. Hürrem thinks this is all over until Ibrahim makes a point of saying he went to Ruthenia, where he found love.

After dinner in Gritti’s honor, Hürrem and Hatice are entertaining Gritti’s sister. She’s fascinated with the idea of the harem and Suleyman having 1000 women.

Hürrem gets pissy. There aren’t 1000.

Hatice asks if there’s not a harem at her brother’s palace.

Oh, no, the church forbids it.

Right, but…she and her brother have two different mothers.

Oh yes, see Sister’s mother married daddy in the church and Brother’s mother didn’t.

Hürrem says smugly that Sister’s father has a harem.

As soon as the party breaks up, Ibrahim goes right back to interrogating Leo. He’d better tell all or Hürrem dies.

Nasuh has a crush on Sadika. He thinks he’s been running letters back and forth between her and her uncle. Today’s note tells her to hurry it up already.

Leo tells Ibrahim the truth, including that Hürrem’s not to blame, and Ibrahim goes away unsatisfied.

Hürrem’s having a nightmare about getting dragged before Suleyman for treason and Ibrahim strangling her while she swears her heart belongs to Suleyman. She wakes up and tries to pour water for herself, but she faints.

Yep, she’s pregnant again. She swears her tears are tears of happiness, but that’s not how it looks from here.

Sumbul’s trying to get Nurhan moved to a private room (away from the backstabbing backstabber who stabbed her in the back). Firial thinks the news of Hürrem’s pregnancy will cheer her up.

The Madre Sultana invites Hürrem to the Palace of Marble, but Hürrem says she’s feeling sick ’cause she’s pregnant. She asks permission to tell Suleyman herself. What she tells Firial, though, is that as soon as they leave, Hürrem needs to go see Ibrahim.

Sadika’s time really is running out–Ibrahim’s going to give Nasuh permission to get married…he just needs to wait a couple of days.

Suleyman was hoping to go riding with Hürrem, but Sumbul says she’s at Ibrahim’s…and she’s pregnant.

As soon as Ibrahim sees her approaching, he sends his guys to bring Leo up from the basement. He has Firial wait outside his dining room/living room/art gallery and tells Hürrem he knows “everything.”

Hürrem says it’s all a lie and Suleyman’s the one who’s going to get hurt by it. Ibrahim just wants revenge on her.

The guards come in with Leo, who’s looking about as sick as Hürrem. He tries to say it wasn’t her fault, but Ibrahim chokes him to silence. All he wants to hear about are the letters and private meetings. He wants Hürrem to die–her and the kids.

Suleyman rides up to the palace and heads to a tent in the back yard. Sadika goes inside to fetch Ibrahim and Hürrem.

Ibrahim has already seen Suleyman waiting outside. He poisons a dish of candy and expects Hürrem to eat one (or several). And there will be no pleading to leave the kids alone, because he already told her what was at stake.

He leaves Hürrem and Leo with the candy and they’re supposed to decide who dies or something. I feel like Ibrahim’s slipping. He thanks Firial for helping end this problem.

Sadika and her letter opener are headed out to the tent. She gets the knife to Suleyman’s throat….

Good grief, just dump the candy on the floor and leave! But no, Leo wants Hürrem to live. He eats a piece of candy.

Suleyman’s just been waiting patiently with Sadika’s knife at his throat and now he flips her over to crash on the coffee table and asks who her boss is. “Luis Segundo.”

Now he turns on Ibrahim, who has finally shown up, slams him up against a tree and says Ibrahim’s servant nearly killed him with the dagger he plunges into the tree.

Hürrem comes out of the house, all flustered, finds out that Sadika just tried to kill Suleyman, and blames it on Ibrahim. He must have been keeping her in the palace all this time so she’d have a chance to kill Suleyman.

Hürrem’s about to explain her theory when Hatice arrives. Suleyman says Sadika tried to kill him. Hatice’s eyes shoot over to Ibrahim, but he gives her a little shake of the head.

Suleyman’s furious that Sadika had access to his mother and his sister. How did she even get into his household in the first place?

Ibrahim says Nasuh found her in town and Ibrahim took her in on Nasuh’s say-so. (OK, but still, that’s not a substitute for a background check.)

Suleyman wants everyone who had something to do with this found and killed. Including…Nasuh.

Ibrahim’s supposed to be interrogating Sadika, but instead, he stops in the dining room to clean up the remains of the candy dish. A couple of soldiers already took the body.

Hürrem’s in obvious distress and Suleyman thinks it’s because of the pregnancy. He nods to Firial to get her back to the palace.

So now Firial’s the one who has to explain the murder attempt to Daye and Hafse. They’re all a bit shocked at how someone working for Luis II could have gotten in.

Well, Ibrahim brought her to the palace, Hafse gave her the name “Sadika,” she saved the princes, everybody trusted her….

Hürrem starts muttering about lies and Ibrahim in her sleep. Firial says Hürrem got scared.

Nasuh thinks he’s been brought to the palace because Sadika’s ready to marry him, but instead Ibrahim decks him for being careless. Those letters from Sadika’s “uncle” were from Luis, giving her instructions to kill Suleyman.

At this point, Ibrahim thinks Sadika killed Ayşe. Suleyman blames Nasuh and says Ibrahim will decide his punishment.

Ibrahim decides Nasuh’s punishment will be to kill Sadika.

Hürrem has a nightmare that Leo’s dead body is in bed with her. She wakes up screaming and begs Suleyman never to leave her.

Hatice brushes her hair and talks about feeling sorry for Nasuh. Ibrahim says he’ll get over it. Hatice’s definitely suspicious about something.

Nasuh takes Sadika out to a little rowboat and says there’s a galley waiting for them. He rows for a while and she finally realizes he’s not helping her escape. He gives her a burlap sack to get into, ties the top with his scarf, and throws her into the water. I thought he might go with her, but no.

Hürrem’s sobbing in the bath. Asma runs to get Firial, but Hürrem calls her a traitor. She accuses Firial of telling Ibrahim about Leo and slaps her.

Firial tells her to go ahead–she’s got reason. But Firial didn’t do anything wrong. Someone saw her receiving the message from Leo and told Ibrahim. She searched Hürrem’s room, but she didn’t tell Ibrahim about the drawing–she burned it. And her grandmother was Russian, so if she had been out to get Hürrem she would have done it a long time ago. She tried to protect Hürrem.

Mahidevran comes in and Hürrem flees. Firial says she’s just upset about what happened to the Sultan and the pregnancy has her feeling a bit sensitive.

Hürrem’s still on edge when Sumbul comes to her room to tell her Suleyman’s waiting in the garden for her with the painter. Er, he means Suleyman’s waiting for her in the garden and he just figured that meant the painter was there.

Suleyman’s a bit pouty about not being able to trust anyone. And also he’s ready to do something political.

Hürrem forbids Firial from entering her room again. Firial takes the box with the picture she found out from behind the cushions. She swears she’s been faithful and she’s protected the princes. What more does she need to do? Die? Hürrem’s welcome to order it.

*sigh* Ibrahim’s screaming at the head of the guard about better background checks, or else! The screaming is getting boring.

Suleyman gives Hürrem a horse she names Amor.

Gulsa has recovered. Mahidevran takes her back as long as Gulsa never again does anything without permission.

Suleyman and Hürrem finish their ride and find Ibrahim and Mustafá waiting for them. While Mustafá hangs out with his dad, Ibrahim tells Hürrem their previous business is closed and it’s best not to try to open it again…but she’d better remember he saved her life and the lives of her children and owes him every breath she takes, etc.

Yeah, well, she thinks he’s going to end up choking on all the blood he’s been spilling.

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