El Sultán Episode #21

Hafse hangs out with Hürrem, praising her for having gotten her ring back without drama. Hürrem sucks up her pride and says when she thinks about the stupid things she used to do…. She even invites the Sultana Madre to stay for dinner. Good thing she declines!

Mahidevran’s gloating about having faithful servants in the palace. Firial says what she gave Leo was just a gift from Hürrem to thank Leo for the portrait and for protecting the princes.

Firial gets to Hürrem’s balcony and says Suleyman is staying at Hatice’s palace tonight. Nurhan’s all, “Um…isn’t Sadika there?”

Sadika’s in the bath weeping and scrubbing her skin and apologizing to her dead husband.

Hatice feels better now that Suleyman spent the night. She’s ordered Sadika to keep the guest room ready for him.

Ibrahim gives her a preoccupied kiss goodbye and tells the maid at the door to get Sadika. He tells Sadika what happened in that bedroom is a secret. She’ll leave the palace as a bride.

Hürrem visits Hatice’s and convinces herself with a look at Sadika that Suleyman’s sleeping with other women while she’s waiting for him.

Ibrahim either snogged Firial in the hallway or Firial’s just fantasizing about it.

Mahidevran bribes Firial with jewelry to keep her informed. She even offers to make Firial Suleyman’s servant. Firial says there is something going on, but she’s gotta check first so she doesn’t give Mahidevran bad information.

Ibrahim sees Firial crying in the hallway. She gives an unconvincing excuse before saying she’s stuck between Mahidevran and Hürrem and doesn’t know whose slave she is.

Ibrahim gets all sweet, wiping her tears away and saying she’s no one’s slave and Firial moves in to kiss him, which is apparently not what he wanted.

Suleyman’s sister, Beyhan, visits. She and the kids are fine, she’s glad Suleyman’s OK…but Suleyman’s not looking OK.

He admits his council judged her husband, Ferhat, guilty and carried out his sentence. Hatice was right to be worried about how Beyhan was going to take it. For starters she calls Suleyman a killer and asks how he could do this to his own sister. She disowns him as a brother.

Beyhan goes to her mom’s room and blames her mother and sister too. She refuses to live there. And she’s not going to live in Hatice’s castle. She’d rather die! She tells Hatice she can’t understand what she’s going through. She’ll understand when Suleyman kills Ibrahim.

Suleyman watches Beyhan’s carriage drive off and pouts to Ibrahim that she disowned him.

In the harem, a couple of women are up on the favorites’ balcony, which annoys the ones who are working to clean on the main floor. Daye says one of them is to go to Suleyman tonight and the other will be working for the Sultana Madre.

Hürrem’s furious when Firial tells her, but Firial reminds her she promised not to fight. They’re in the baths. Maybe Firial shouldn’t have told Hürrem where they were. She goes to the baths and then angrily goes back to her room to get the caged birds Suleyman gave her. She sets them free from the balcony.

Later that night, she paces her room before taking the dagger Suleyman gave her out of a cabinet and marching determinedly out of the room.

Hatice’s still thinking about what her sister said. She tells Ibrahim she couldn’t bear to lose him.

Sumbul walks the new concubine to Suleyman’s room, but wait! Hürrem comes into the room, kisses his hem, pulls the dagger out of her belt, and points it at him. But she doesn’t want to kill him, she wants him to kill her if he’s going to be with other women.

Suleyman pulls the dagger out of Hürrem’s bleeding hand. He’s tired of her antics.

Hürrem says she’s put up with a lot for his sake, but nobody cares about her or her pride. She knows he’s been with Mahidevran, Nurhan, that new girl Sadika. It’s up to him–he can either get rid of the new Russian slaves or she’s leaving.

Hürrem walks out of his room, bumping the new concubine on the shoulder.

Suleyman’s not making a move to either have her brought in or sent away. He looks at Hürrem’s blood on the dagger and cuts the tip of his finger.

Hürrem doesn’t want to tell Firial what happened, but Firial makes her stop to get a look at her hand. Gulsa’s in the hallway, but that’s all she hears.

Sumbul dares to enter Suleyman’s room and ask about Tanya. All Suleyman says is “Get out!” Sumbul tells Tanya the Sultan’s not in tonight–the only sultan she’s gonna see is in her dreams!

Back in her room, Nurhan binds up Hürrem’s hand. She still won’t say what happened, but she tells Nurhan to get her and the kids packed up to leave tomorrow.

Gulsa runs to tell Mahidevran that Hürrem’s hand was bloody, she was coming from the Sultan’s room, and she was furious.

Hürrem tells Firian and Nurhan about the ultimatum. Neither one of them thinks this was a good idea.

In the morning, Suleyman’s barely listening as his mom’s all “I heard about Hürrem, that girl has no limits!” And then he asks her for a favor.

Nurhan did pack everything up, but the guards will never let them out the gate. Hürrem starts talking about sneaking out, maybe asking Ibrahim to help them. He’d do anything to get rid of her!

In the harem, Daye’s giving Sumbul whispered orders.

Firial comes to Hürrem’s room to tell her that the Sultan threw out the Russian slaves. They’re packing now. Hürrem thinks this must mean Suleyman loves her.

Sumbul tries to tell the two Russian women to leave, but they’re not getting it. The other concubines who aren’t going home are muttering that Hürrem got them thrown out like she said she would. And how long before she gets rid of them?

Madre Sultana’s really worried about how much worse this is going to get. Hatice thinks it’s just a demonstration of how much Suleyman loves Hürrem.

Well, there’s no love in the harem! Love destroys order. It makes you a slave.

Suleyman tells Ibrahim that he can’t imagine living without Hürrem. She loves him so much she was prepared to die for him. He asked himself if he could do the same…and no. But he did fall in love with her again.

Suleyman visits Hürrem’s room.

Mahidevran’s just sick about Hürrem’s invincibility. Gulsa takes a knife from the cabinet and tells Mahidevran she’ll cut Hürrem’s throat.

Mahidevran’s pretty clear about not wanting Gulsa to do it.

Suleyman gives Hürrem the tulip pin he’d been working on as a reward for her histrionic behavior.

Some big time Venetian merchant, Gritti, who grew up in Istanbul and speaks Turkish visits the palace. He brought presents–crafting supplies. OK, but this is Suleyman so it’s big precious stones.

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