El Sultán Episode #22

Mustafá and Mehmed are fighting in the schoolroom. Mustafá won’t share his pen and Mehmed spills ink on Mustafá’s writing. They argue about which one of them will be sultán.

Gulsa comes into the room and tells Mustafá and Mehmed to cut it out. When she walks through the harem, the other concubines say she looks like a rat…at least, Hürrem said so. She tries to attack them, but there’s only one of her. One of the women tells her to go attack Hürrem if she’s so brave and it throws her. Heh.

Hürrem wears her tulip pin when she visits the Sultana Madre’s room.

Ibrahim complains that Mustafá was a brat at dinner, reminding Ibrahim that he’s a slave. And also, he gives Hatice a peacock brooch.

Gulsa goes sneaking through the castle at night and repeatedly stabs somebody with Mahidevran’s knife. She sneaks back to Mahidevran’s room and stuffs the bloody knife in the fireplace.

Hürrem’s servant Asma’s shrieking wakes everyone up and we find out it was Nurhan who got stabbed. And Mahidevran suspects Gulsa. Gulsa admits she did it, but only because she thought it was Hürrem. She did it for the ungrateful Mahidevran, who beats her and kicks her out of the room.

Ibrahim’s sure Sumbul must suspect someone…Sumbul admits he suspects Gulsa.

Gulsa and Nurhan are both in the infirmary. Gulsa’s apologizing, but Nurhan isn’t awake. Firial comes in and starts squeezing Gulsa’s face and asking what happened.

Hürrem runs into Hatice and Mahidevran in the hallway. Mahidevran’s not looking much better than Gulsa or Nurhan and she’s being very deferential to Hatice. Hatice sends her back to her room so she can talk to Hürrem.

Firial gets all the info she wants–Gulsa stabbed Nurhan, she was trying to stab Hürrem, she wasn’t doing it under Mahidevran’s orders, and Mahidevran beat her.

Firial got promoted (as Mahidevran promised). She’s now the Sultan’s servant. I’m not sure what that means, but she has more power.

Leo’s going back to Ruthenia, but he wants to see “Aleks” one last time. He writes her a note that ends up down Firial’s bodice. Sumbul thinks Firial and Leo are having a thing. Ibrahim demands the note and fishes it out of her bodice himself (which is both rude and scary). He makes Firial read it and realizes that “Aleks” + “Ruthenia” means Hürrem. He orders Firial to give the note to Hürrem and see what happens. And if she talks to anyone about this, he’ll kill her.

Firial delivers the note and watches Hürrem read it and burn it. When she tells Ibrahim, he starts hissing at her to just find…something…anything…in Hürrem’s room! Sumbul sees them talking in the hallway that leads to Ibrahim’s office.

Leo has finished the painting. He cuts Hürrem out of it and takes that part of the canvas with him.

Firial found a little box with a sketch of Hürrem’s face in it, but she doesn’t know why Hürrem would have kept it hidden like that.

Out in the garden, Hatice lies in Ibraham’s lap and tells him she had a dream of Hürrem asking for help.

Firial convinces Ibrahim she didn’t find anything. Now he’s waiting to see if Hürrem shows up to meet with Leo.

Suleyman’s supposed to see the painting today, but Nasuh doesn’t know if he and Leo are invited. Leo thinks they should go have drinks somewhere near the port.

Firial tries to convince Hürrem not to go to the garden without actually telling her not to go.

If she goes, she’ll have plenty of company. The Sultana Madre has decided to enjoy the weather. She also tells Mahidevran that Gulsa will be retiring once she recovers.

Firial’s in the harem, stressing. Sumbul comes by with food for Gulsa and says something about Firial being in love….

Firial realizes Sumbul ratted her out to Ibrahim. He has no idea what he’s really done.

Ibrahim’s spying on Leo, waiting for Hürrem to show up, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Ibrahim has two of his soldiers take Leo back to his castle. Ibrahim searches Leo’s bag and finds the piece of the painting with Hürrem. This is apparently definitive proof of something or other.

Hürrem joins the rest of the party outside just long enough for Suleyman to announce she’s accompanying him to a “state” dinner at Ibrahim’s.

Firial is relieved when Hürrem comes back inside, mentioning that she had been with the Sultana Madre and Suleyman.

Leo thinks Ibrahim is going to let him out of the poky little room he’s being held in, but Ibrahim demands to know who Leo is and how dare he write a letter to the Sultana.

Leo swears he didn’t do it.

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