De Que te quiero, Te quiero Capitulo 37

Vicente’s reading up on comas. He worries that Rodrigo would end up in a vegetative state even if he came out of the coma. And metaphysically–where is he? Vicente would rather he were dead. He asks Rosa what she would do, but she doesn’t answer.

The nurse caring for Rodrigo’s totally got a crush on him. Rodrigo hears her.

Diego gives Diana the judge’s order–she has to get that DNA test done at a reputable lab.

Alonso takes a chance and kisses Irene after dropping her off at Caprico. She’s angry at him.

When Eleazar drops Natalia off, Alonso asks him out for a drink.

Irene’s mostly thinking that the age difference means Alonso’s likely to break up with her soon.

Natalia shows up late and says she had a fight with Brigitte over the job. Anyway, she’s been working on this design…Irene’s busy thinking that she’s gotta stay away from Alonso.

Guys. Drinks. Love talk. Pouting.

Irene and Natalia wrap up work way late.

Guys. Drunk. Whining about Irene and Carmen. And Tadeo and Chato. And clavos.

Natalia brings Irene home to meet Carmen and talk to Brigitte. Carmen’s pissed that Natalia didn’t warn her.

Irene tells Brigitte that Natalia’s not taking her job. Brigitte begs Irene to let her work for free, doing her social service hours. Irene looks cornered.

Carmen’s convinced Irene’s trying to score points with her so she’ll let Natalia date Diego.

Kimberly comes over to Eleazar’s. The results are predictable.

So, Brigitte’s going to work with Irene and Natalia, with a scholarship. Carmen practically runs out of the apartment to go complain to Luz.

Diana and Diego are getting the DNA test done, accompanied by their lawyers. And while they wait a week for the results…

Eleazar vacations with Kimberly and doesn’t enjoy himself as much as he thought he would.

Chato brings Carmen flowers.

Irene sees that Vicente’s reading the books Alonso loaned her.

Alonso’s still thinking about kissing Irene.

Brigitte shows Irene a sketch, but Natalia makes adjustments. Brigitte scowls.

Alberto goes looking for Brigitte, but she runs away from him.

Tadeo and Irene are still working on getting his foundation set up.

Diana’s looking awful and refusing food.

Karina keeps looking for a job.

Irene watches an older woman with a younger man being affectionate at a coffee shop.

Diego peeks into Irene’s office to smile at Natalia.

DNA results are back…and the baby is Diego’s. Wait, what?! The judge tells them to play nice.

Natalia and Brigitte go fabric shopping. Brigitte’s cranky. Oh, because it’s Saturday and she’s hungry. They’re in the same store as Irene. Brigitte perks right up and starts talking to Irene about the fabrics she likes that Natalia didn’t. Irene’s face is tired of Brigitte turning everything into a competition.

Diego’s not happy about becoming a father like this. And he’ll still support the baby, but he’s NOT staying with Diana.

Diana’s thrilled that she’ll be able to get more money out of Diego now. She calls home and tells Hilda to put some champagne on ice. The baby’s Diego’s!

At the fonda, Carmen’s upset that Brigitte and Natalia aren’t there to help. Chato wanders in and gets put to work. At one point it looks like he’s handing out raw vegetables.

Eleazar’s not happy to see Chato moving around the fonda. He takes over server duties to prove he can do it better.

They’re done at the fabric store and Irene invites Natalia and Brigitte to lunch. Tadeo calls and Irene invites him along.

Vicente was still doubting that the baby is Diego’s, but when Diana shows him the tests, he’s all into celebrating. Oh, not that he likes Diana anymore–she’s still an adulteress. He’s just happy about another Cacares.

Chato calls some of his drivers to the fonda to help, so Eleazar calls some of his guys over too.

Tadeo runs into Alonso near the restaurant and invites him to lunch. Alonso gets all “What are your intentions toward my lifelong crush?” Tadeo’s all “I knew you liked her!”

Irene and the Garcia sisters arrive before things can come to blows.

Brigitte’s talking. Irene’s thinking of Alonso. Tadeo’s thinking about Alonso. Natalia’s thinking about Diego and the DNA test results. Brigitte just keeps on talking.

The cops are all set to come in and arrest someone, but if Eleazar orders them to wait tables, OK. Chato recognizes Morales as the guy who tried to arrest him outside Lupita’s school.

Morales admits it was him, but the school called him to report a weird guy hanging around. Eleazar gives him 24 hours of arrest. Carmen looks like she knows what really happened.

Diego calls Natalia, finally, and asks if he can pick her up so they can talk.

Diana complains that nobody in this house thinks she’s a person.

Natalia skips out on the rest of lunch. Brigitte becomes more obnoxious, complaining that Natalia tries to seem sooo mysterious. And hey, Tadeo’s a famous painter! Could he use a model?

Tadeo declares that sooo last century.

Alonso literally runs into Karina at her new job at a coffee place.

Natalia can tell from Diego’s face that the baby is his.

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