De Que te quiero, Te quiero Capitulo 38

De que se emborrachó, se emborrachó

Karina is, indeed, working at the Coffee Shop Company. And not getting fired, at least for now. She offers Alonso a freebie with his coffee and he accepts a “cuernito” (horn…either a croissant or a horn-shaped pan dulce with lots of sugar on it).

Diego swears to Natalia that he really hasn’t been with Diana since he realized Natalia was the love of his life. Natalia believes him, but she’s still worried about the baby. Diego swears he’ll be there for the baby, but he wants to spend his life with Natalia. They smooch on it.

Diana’s clothes don’t fit and she blames the engendro. She summons Hilda and asks her to get bandages. She refuses to buy maternity clothes and swears she’ll hide her belly until she gives birth. “But what if it’s bad for the baby?” Hilda asks. As if Diana would care about that.

All of Carmen’s extra “help” is turning out to be more work. She’s not happy with Eleazar or Chato either. Lupita thinks El’s side did a better job. Sure, Chato’s her dad, but she likes Eleazar more. Burn!

Diego asks if Natalia could love a child who wasn’t biologically hers. Natalia finally tells Diego about being adopted, and how her mom found her in the Nativity scene at Padre Juancho’s church.

Diego wants to explain his “situation” to Carmen, but Natalia says she’d rather do it herself.

Alonso’s hanging out at the Coffee Shop Company, working. He offers Karina a ride home and she definitely reads more into that than he intended.

Hilda finishes wrapping up the mummy…I mean, Diana…who is now able to button up her pants again.

Karina talks to Alonso about her job at the Coffee Shop Company on the drive home and awkwardly suggests they go out to the movies together…uh, just so he can get out of his routine.

Eleazar catches Carmen alone in the kitchen to ask her what’s going on with Natalia. Eleazar says he knows that Natalia and Diego like each other, but there’s a long way from “liking” to “being involved.”

He tells her Diego’s a nice guy and not trying to take advantage or anything. He’s talked to him over beers at Alonso’s apartment. Natalia is NOT the reason Diego’s divorcing his wife.

Drunk!Diana calls Karina to ask her to come out and party with her. She hangs up on her when Karina tells her she shouldn’t be drinking, but not before she told Karina what bar she’s at. Alonso calls Diego and they agree to meet at the bar. Natalia says she’ll get a taxi home.

Drunk!Diana gets hit on by some guy who orders a bottle of champagne.

They’re dancing when she has a bout of non-morning sickness that sends her running.

Alberto visits the fonda to try to make up to Brigitte, who’s still pissed that he RIGHTLY called her a gossip. He finally leaves it in her hands, saying he can’t do more than apologize, which he already did, so unless she’s willing to drop it…. Brigitte agrees and goes back inside to tell Carmen that she’s leaving with Alberto.

Karina shows up at the bar with Diego and Alonso and calls Diana when they can’t find her. Diana, from the bathroom, drunkenly brags about the hot guy hitting on her.

Chato wonders if Eleazar is in luuuuuurve with Carmen and can’t get past the whole “they’re like brother and sister” thing. “Like,” dude. That’s not the same as actually being siblings.

Natalia comes home with her sad face on, but she doesn’t want to talk to Carmen about why.

Diego busts Diana flirting with the guy. He tells the guy she’s his wife and she gloats for a bit, but then screams at Karina for ratting her out.

Diego lectures Diana about drinking while she’s pregnant, but she’s all pouty because no one cares about her! She refuses to take responsibility for “Diego’s” baby. Diego threatens her with jail if she harms the baby.

Diana says she’s tired of being treated like an incubator. And if she actually cared about the baby instead of seeing it as a giant dollar sign that’s going to ruin her figure, I might care.

Chato goes to pump Luz for information. She tells him about Eleazar’s girlfriend and then lectures Chato for being irresponsible. He doesn’t know Lupita’s birth date, her best friend’s name, what her favorite activity is…all things that Eleazar knows, because he’s been around. But Luz cracks up laughing that Chato even thought that Eleazar would be interested in Carmen as a woman!

Bratty Brigitte with her grumpy face is upset that Alberto took her to the movies instead of to a pricey dinner. She doesn’t want to go on “normal” dates. Well, too bad…Alberto is a “normal” kind of guy. So if she wants to be a normal couple going on normal dates and she can give up her dreams of a prince on a white horse, then she can have him. Brigitte slurps his face in agreement. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Alonso drops Karina off at her place, where a peck on the cheek goodnight convinces her she’s scored points with him.

Drunk!Diana gets hauled into the house by Diego and insults Irene. She tries to get Diego to spend the night in her room, but he extricates himself. Lala brings in a cup of strong coffee, but Diana refuses to have Lala attend her. She demands that Lala send Hilda in.

Chato wonders if he can make up for the past. Luz says what Carmen needs is a man who commits. “Um…marriage?” Chato can’t get out of Luz’s fast enough, taking the rest of his pan dulce with him. That epitomizes Chato.

Down in the study, Diego tells Irene what’s going on. And that it’s his baby. Unfortunately, since she’s 10 weeks along, he says that’s well within the range of time he was still sleeping with her. He doesn’t know how to feel about this.

Irene gets a little jealous when she hears that he heard about Diana being at the bar from Alonso, who heard about it from Karina.

Diana makes a big stink about Lala not wanting to leave the room. She screams so loud Vicente comes over to see what’s going on.

Alonso thinks Diego is going to have to do what it takes to keep Diana contented, for the sake of his child.

Lala comes in to tell Diego that Vicente is asking for him. After he leaves, Irene asks Alonso if he’s dating Karina. “No, but what’s it to you?” Ouch.

Brigitte comes home and tells Carmen that she’s dating Alberto. She sneers at her mother for wanting the formality of Alberto coming home with her so they could announce it to her together.

“Puh-leeze. This, coming from you? I don’t even know if it’s serious yet.”

Chato is so freaked out at the idea of marrying Carmen that he sees himself marrying her on the TV at the bar. He makes eyes at a woman who comes up to order a drink.

Vicente thinks Diego needs to keep a closer eye on Diana. He’s annoyed that Diego was out with Natalia and still thinks she’s only after his money, but he finally agrees that if Diego wants to be with Natalia, so be it…but he can’t ignore Diana if he wants his child to be born healthy. Or at all, at the rate Diana’s going.

Natalia prays for Diego and asks La Virgen to watch over his child.

Diego calls to tell her what happened at the bar. They agree to go out for breakfast tomorrow.

Alberto calls Diego to see how he’s doing. Diego tells him about Diana’s drunken follies. Alberto says they can’t do anything legal to stop her now, but once the baby’s born, all bets are off.

Alberto’s all happy to announce he’s going out with Brigitte. Because somehow he’s failed to actually get to know her.

Andres picks up Chato, who is still having ED. He says he’s tried everything, but nothing works. The only time he feels like his old self is when he thinks about Carmen.  So it’s either celibacy or marriage.

Eleazar has breakfast at Luz’s. She can’t stop laughing, thinking about how Chato thinks Eleazar is in love with Carmen.

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