La Vecina, lunes 18 de mayo, Capitulo 26

Carmelo has just suggested killing Antonio, but wait! Pedro thinks that will just have the place crawling with cops. Instead, he’s planning to use Sara Granados, aka “the one he disappeared with for the weekend” as leverage.

Sara’s back at Simón’s. Padre Vicente’s at Nabor’s ranch. He tries to pull a fake-out, saying he’s got company coming. But no, Sara is welcome whenever she wants to come by.

She tells Simón about her first day at work and can’t figure out why he doesn’t like Pedro, because he and Laura are, like, super nice. (Did she forget the phone call? Because I didn’t forget the phone call).

Simón’s got good news too–they’re getting the truck in a few days! Yay!

Isabel listens to her messages. Natalia’s staying at Sebastian’s. Her dad is in Germany. Ema can’t get hold of Antonio. And finally, Antonio’s apologizing for not remembering what they talked about last night.

Isabel returns his call and once she tells him what he said about missing the man he used to be when he was with her, he says at least he wasn’t lying. He thinks they should talk more and he’s planning a visit to Mexico so they can do that.

Now he’s just gotta figure out what he said to Sara that pissed her off so much. He chases her out of the building to get her to talk to him. Sara finally tells him he apologized, but it doesn’t change things. She needs to get the pre-Antonio Sara back. Does “I miss the man I was when I was with you” sound familiar?

Ricardo calls Isabel and she tells him she’s giving Antonio another chance and she doesn’t think she and Ricardo should see each other. Ricardo’s so angry, he snaps a pencil.

The a/c in Antonio’s office is working and Marinita hopes it improves his mood. She offers to bring him coffee to warm up.

Sara gets to El Molcajete and Laura shows off the new computer Pedro bought them. He’s off attending to some other business stuff…he doesn’t like to talk about it and she never goes on his business trips. Anyway, maybe Sara could get CONATROL to start up their contract again….

One of Pedro’s clients pays for his latest shipment of gas. He’s heard it’s going to get harder to steal gas soon….

Pedro says it’s nothing he can’t handle. He’ll call when he’s ready to send the next shipment.

Elias, the hench, says he heard one of the agricultores isn’t going to sell to Pedro this season.

Pedro calls and the guy tells him it’s true–he can possibly get a better price through Simón and Bruno.

In that case, Pedro calls another of his henches and tells him to find two guys nobody will recognize and have them follow Simón and Bruno around.

Rosendo tells Simón and Bruno that Pedro was furious about being paid in cash. They’re seemingly unaware of just how evil Pedro is, because they’re saying stuff like “Well, if there’s nothing in the paperwork you signed that says your repayment has to be in crops, then he has no way to make you sell to him!” Rosendo’s just looking at them like he’s amazed at how naïve they are.

Fidel has a meeting with Antonio. Nobody’s found any more clandestine valves since the last one. He’s concerned that if Antonio wants more people to keep an eye on things he’d have to ask for more officers.

Oh, no, they’d have to put someone every 500 meters and that’s just not gonna work. Antonio will let him in on the plan later.

Fidel understands it’s confidential information. Anyway, how’s it going with the neighbors?

Antonio says he thinks having them tossed in jail overnight got the message across. But why didn’t Fidel let them go once he paid the fine?

“Are you a fútbol fan? Then you probably wouldn’t understand.”

Antonio At Work montage.

Sara’s waiting in his office to talk about renewing the contract with El Molcajete.

Antonio tells her he doesn’t like the idea of her working there. He made the decision to end the contract after eating there once and noticing that they allow people in with guns.

Sara’s like, “Don Pedro’s an important businessman and those were probably his bodyguards. Lots of people like him have them.”

And do they also show them off? Antonio’s an important petrochemical executive and he doesn’t use bodyguards. And anyway, Pedro was being way too nice to him. He doesn’t seem like a businessman, but a mafioso.

Bruno runs into Fidel and Quintin on his way to get a license for driving large trucks. He and Fidel razz each other about who’s gonna win the next game.

Quintin’s seriously worried that if Simón, Bruno, and Padre Vicente are all on the field, the Alados might win.

Fidel says all they have to do is make sure Simón and Padre Vicente don’t make it to the field.

Bruno’s tail called Jacinto who called Pedro to report that Bruno seems to be friends with Fidel. And as for Simón, he’s at the deshuesadero (salvage yard).

Sara says Antonio’s welcome to break whatever contracts he wants, but she thinks he’s being childish.

Antonio says he’s just looking out for the safety of his employees, like he looks out for her safety. But OK, if it’s that important to her, he’ll sign the contract.

Sara doesn’t want any favors. Although, in a way he’s doing her a favor by making sure he’s not going to be there everyday where she has to see him.

Sara leaves and Antonio looks sick.

Back at El Molcajete Sara tells Laura, and then Pedro, that Antonio’s refusing to reinstate the contract because having armed men around bothers him. Pedro can’t believe he’s worried about something so trivial! And why didn’t Laura tell him she was sending Sara over? He wanted to deal with this his own way!

Sara says it wouldn’t have mattered which one of them talked to him, the answer would have been the same.

Laura asks why it’s so important to him anyway. Pedro gets up in her face and says having the CONATROL executives coming to eat at their restaurant gives it a certain prestige…but what’s done is done.

Isabel tells Natalia she feels guilty leading Ricardo on if there’s a shot at getting back together with Antonio. Natalia thinks she could have kept Ricardo in reserve.

Ricardo’s in Uribe’s office trying to concentrate on the cost estimate for the dye and the report about what it would take to dye the gas at the other plants, but he’s distracted. He stops to take a phone call to say that he’s in a meeting and he’ll call later.

Simón got some new parts at the salvage yard to try to make a fuel pump out of. Bruno tells him he’s got his truck driver manual and he has to take a test to be allowed to drive on the highway. And a bunch of the growers in the area want to sign up with them. He’s going to go to some of the nearby pueblos to see what the prices look like.

Edwina’s out shopping when she sees Magda and Vladimir. She shows off her book about cohetes and Vladimir says he wants to be an astronaut. Edwina offers to show them Simón’s rocket. (I’m not laughing, I swear.)

Antonio stops by the church to ask Padre Vicente to help him get Sara to quit her job working for Pedro. Because guns.

Padre Vicente tells him the same thing Sara did and even though he doesn’t know Pedro well, he does know Laura and they’re good people. Now Antonio needs to stop making up reasons to be near Sara and stay away from her. All he does is confuse her.

Edwina, et al, show up at the warehouse and Simón’s happy to give them a tour of the rocket.

Isabel’s the one who called while Ricardo was meeting with Uribe. Ricardo thinks if she feels guilty about what she said she was probably calling to apologize. And if she feels guilty that means she has more than friend feelings for him.

Ricardo was right about her feeling guilty.

Rocket talk. Edwina’s getting all…swoony. Uh huh, Magda noticed. And she’s not buying the whole “We’re just united in our passion for rockets” story. When Edwina goes to the bathroom, Magda hurries to get out of there and asks Simón to give Edwina a ride home, k thx bai!

Uribe calls Antonio to tell him they’re working on the import paperwork for the dye and the sensors will get to him soon. Antonio tells Rafa to gather everyone in the conference room.

Edwina gets back from the bathroom and finds out Magda and Vladimir left without her. Simón says he’ll give her a ride back as soon as he gets done with some stuff, so Edwina says she’ll read. Simón’s so impressed that she’s reading a book on aeronautics that he offers to lend her some of his books.

Antonio joins everyone in the conference room to announce they’re going to get going on the anti-theft measures soon and he’ll need all hands on deck, long hours of teamwork and etc. Rafa says he has everyone’s support…except for Nelson who’s clearly panicking at the thought of Pedro’s business drying up within a month.

Edwina’s worried the books might be hard to understand, but Simón will gladly explain anything she needs. Plus, hello, she has access to a real live rocket under construction.

Padro’s screaming at Laura as soon as they get home. She should have told him Sara was going to go talk to Antonio. And it’s not so much about the contract, it’s that HE’s the one who does the thinking around here!

Nelson calls to tell Pedro about the one-month timeline and Pedro busts out laughing. A month is plenty of time to screw things up!

Isabel and Ricardo are getting ready to spend some time together when Ema shows up at Isabel’s place.

Antonio. Sara. Balconies. Sparks.

Ricardo takes off and Isabel tells Ema he just came by to drop off a book for Natalia.

Ema wants an update on Isabel and Antonio’s relationship. Isabel says they’re talking.

Sara says they’re not enemies. She doesn’t hate him. But things are going to be different. She was just saying that stuff about turning back into the worst neighbor because she was angry. So they’ll try to be good neighbors.

Sara goes back inside and says it’s over.

And Antonio says he’s got to forget Sara.

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