Operación Pacifico, Capitulo 9

It’s been a while…did we have this James-Bond-esque entrada before?

Gabe talks Tuerto and Copete into not checking his truck because the bosses are in a hurry, o algo asi.

Gabe and Amalia get back home with the wounded Vargas.

The real Avila’s got his bed, food, medication. Jones reminds him they’re still trading for information.

Vargas isn’t in great shape, but maybe if he’d quit going “It hurts when I do this” it might hurt less. He’s checking out AMA.

Pedraza and Ortega explain what’s going on to the prosecutor to get an arrest warrant for Mr. Mmm, but they don’t have enough evidence.

The real Avila got unhooked from his bed and is working on getting out of his room.

In a parking garage, Ortega’s team waits for Señor Mmm to take a call from Vargas before they surround his car…and arrest some other guy. He gloats to Vargas that their trick worked. They’ll keep it up until they get rid of Ortega and Pedraza.

The next time Jones checks on Ávlia, he’s gone.

One of Amalia’s kids has a PTSD flashback at school and beats up another kid.

The prosecutor calls Amalia to remind her that she’s gotta turn Faux M over to her within 24 hours or it all becomes illegal.

So, Ávila’s gone, but they’re tracking him as he moves through a market and makes a call.

Pedraza has bad news–the guy they have isn’t Mr. M. Amalia interviews him alone, saying they can’t risk him having even a scratch on him when he gets to the prosecutors. Their Fake Mr. M keeps asking for a lawyer.

Ávila has moved on and collected some allies. His boss is totally OK with them all going and shooting something up.

Copete, Tuerto, and el Gobernador have figured out they’ve been had. Gobernador shows the other two pictures of Pedraza and Ortega on his tablet. He and Copete want to move the operation and protect their infraestructura now and THEN go after them. Tuerto thinks they should go after Pedraza and Ortega first. He says he’s going to break down the guy from the bar until he gets information from him.

Arias traced the cell phone call.

Amalia threatens Fake M with 30 years of prison for drug trafficking.

Ortega gave Pedraza her phones, so he takes the call from Jorge that Lorenzo beat that other kid up at school. Amalia’s getting ready to go, telling everyone to keep Gabe from going into the cell with the prisoner. But Jones sees the real Ávila driving up with his guys.

It’s 12 of them and six of law enforcement, but hey, they’ve got surprise on their side. And then Jones realizes they don’t even have to go out there. He crashes a drone into the crowd outside, causing an explosion.

General Lopez’ official statement is that it was a fight between drug cartels.

Amalia has Gabe drive her to the school to pick up the kids. When she gets home, her sister and Jorge are hanging out in the bedroom. Yeah, they were just, working on a petition to get her back into school. Amalia swears she’s going to take care of it.

The school told her Lorenzo has PTSD. Amalia barely gets that out before Gabe calls her just to say hi. Jorge’s pissed.

Fake M is getting processed. Once they get his pictures and biometrics, he can call his lawyer.

Tuerto’s following Lopez around to get to Ortega and Pedraza.

The prosecutor tells Amalia they’re letting Fake M go for lack of evidence. She’s sorry.

Gabe begs for five minutes–“NO!”

Lopez is pissed that they’re losing a suspect for lack of evidence. He’s pissed at Ortega for all the things that have gone wrong in this investigation.

Helena, the prosecutor, finds Amalia in the bathroom crying/trying to pull herself together.

“My life is shit!”

“Everyone’s life is shit at some point.”

Amalia says her marriage is falling apart, her kids are traumatized, and she’s going to end up with no job and no family.

Helena doesn’t think Amalia needs a lawyer, but she has the number of a therapist who’s helped her out before. (Hey, that’s pretty progressive.) They’re hugging when Amalia’s phone starts ringing. Pedraza has news….

They get to keep Fake Mr. M because his fingerprints on file didn’t match the ones from his intake. Even his sleazy lawyer’s like “Oops.” He might not be Mr. M, but he’s guilty of pretending to be, so they get to hang onto him.

Sleazy lawyer tells the real Mr. Mmm that they don’t have to worry about the fake one turning on them. He doesn’t know who he was supposed to be impersonating and he needs the money. He’s not gonna crack.

General Lopez is waiting for Amalia near the exit. If she’s on her way out, then this is personal time and he thinks she needs to talk.

I hate that Tuerto was right that if he followed Lopez, Lopez would lead him to the other two.

Lopez apologizes for yelling at her earlier. But maybe he was right about needing someone different running the investigation. Sure she *can* do it, but right now….

Amalia calls bullshit on that. She’s always had to fight the idea that a woman with a family can’t be a successful professional. And if he said it, he must be thinking it. She would have expected this from anyone but him.

Wherever Lopez and Ortega stop, there’s too much traffic for Tuerto to get close to the car.

Vargas takes out a hit on Pedraza. He’s paying half the fee up front and handing over the hotel card key to Pedraza’s room and to a neighboring one.

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