La Vecina, martes 19 de mayo, Capitulo 27

Isabel makes Ema happy by saying it’s not, like, totally over yet. And then Antonio calls to tell her he’s going to Mexico tomorrow to talk to her. Ema says she’s glad they’re getting back together and maybe he could visit his family.

Sara’s jeep won’t start in the morning. Antonio offers to check on it and concludes it’s either the battery or the starter. He offers her a ride, as a good neighbor.

Isabel shows off her art history book, signed by Ricardo, to Natalia. Antonio’s the love of her life and Ricardo’s from…a different social class.

Ema’s bragging to Antonio’s dad about how Antonio and Isabel are getting back together. Antonio’s dad says he’s considering asking Isabel’s dad for a loan.

Bruno teases Simón about his visit yesterday. Did Edwina, Magda, and Vladimir come over to ask for his hand. And how come he’s giving Edwina private aeronautics classes? He never did that for Bruno!

“You were never interested.”

Bruno agrees, he wasn’t, he’s just giving Simón a hard time.

Edwina’s reading a book on aeronautics when a customer stops by her desk needing to do some banking.

Antonio drops Sara off at work, where Pedro’s henches are waving their guns around. Sara agrees they should be more discreet. Antonio promises to rethink the contract if Pedro’s guys stay outside the restaurant.

Sara goes inside and passes on the message to Pedro and Laura. Laura agrees, if it’s so important for Pedro to have the contract, then he should accommodate Antonio’s request.

Pedro goes outside to yell at the guys for not being discreet. And how many times has he told them?! They’re supposed to act like his bodyguards! From now on, they aren’t going into the restaurant.

He comes back inside and tells Sara it’s done. She and Laura go to the kitchen to discuss today’s menu.

Isabel calls to thank Ricardo for the book and the dedication about being friends forever. She says she can’t meet him for dinner. Ricardo wonders if she really has something else to do or she’s just making an excuse.

Antonio gets to work and asks Marina to make a reservation for him for a flight to Mexico tonight and return tomorrow morning. Marina has suggestions for restaurants they could contract with instead of El Molcajete. Antonio leaves the decision up to her and says she should get it done ASAP–there are going to be a lot of people coming from Mexico.

Pedro tells Jacinto he wants to give Antonio a scare. Just a scare, no killing. And no witnesses.

Antonio’s surprised when Sara calls to assure him armed men won’t be coming into the restaurant anymore.

Antonio offers to talk about the contract when he’s back from Mexico tomorrow. Sara fumes, assuming he’s going to see Isabel. No wonder he was apologizing!

Marina already set up a contract with Las Girasoles, but they’re on a 15 day trial. Antonio tells her to let it run out. He’s rethinking the contract with El Molcajete.

Jacinto and another guy are waiting outside CONATROL to give Antonio that scare, but they don’t notice it’s him in Rafa’s truck. By Antonio’s car, Pepe is trying to get Nelson to come with him to get Antonio’s car serviced. He ends up having to go alone.

Sara’s been looking at costs and she thinks they’re paying way too much for alcohol. She knows a guy who can get them a much better price. Laura tells her to go for it, call the guy.

Jacinto and his buddy end up following Pepe on a drive through the country on a dirt road.

They cut him off and Jacinto gets out of the truck and tells the “Ingeniero” this is it for him. Pepe pulls some fancy car moves and gets the hell out of there as Jacinto fires his gun in the air.

The guy Sara knew is no longer working for that company, but they pass her on to another sales rep, Carlos, who just happens to be coming to San Gaspar tomorrow. He’ll come by El Molcajete at 10.

Pepe nearly runs over Nacho on his moped in his hurry to run from trouble. He apologizes, but…THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL HIM! Nacho suggests they go to his place and get Pepe a drink.

Vladimir’s doing his English homework when Fidel gets home. Fidel shows off his knowledge of English. Pollito means…chicken. And gallina? “Chicken mother.”

Vladimir doesn’t think that’s correct. But anyway, he wants to learn English so he can become an astronaut and fly in a cohete like Simón’s.

Fidel still thinks Simón is having one on, but Vladimir assures him he’s seen the cohete and it’s real!

Nacho gets Pepe some tea and Pepe tells the story of his run-in with Jacinto.

And the guy said “inginiero”? Because Pepe’s not an engineer. They must have been  after Antonio. Pepe was in his car, right?

Pepe’s a bit annoyed with Rafa now for asking him to take Antonio’s car in.

Rafa’s on his way home later than usual because he dropped Antonio off at the airport. Quique’s being snotty about it. Rafa hangs up when he gets the call from Nacho, telling him that Pepe got shot at because someone thought he was Antonio. Pepe’s fine now, it was just a scare.

OK, look Fidel, there’s a real cohete and Magda and Edwina both saw it too.

Fidel drops the cohete talk–he gets a call and has to go running out the door.

Sebastián picked Antonio up at the airport. They go to Antonio’s apartment. Antonio’s sure he’s going to get back together with Isabel. And then he gets a call from Rafa on his apartment phone. There’s a bit of a delicate situation…they shot at Pepe. He’s fine, just scared. Fidel’s coming over to Nacho’s.

Antonio wants to hurry back, but Rafa thinks it’s best if he stays away until they find out what’s really happening. Rafa will update him later.

Antonio’s convinced the saquadores were behind the attempt.

Rafa calls Marina to tell her to tell the security guy to ramp things up after the attempt on Pepe.

Nelson’s chisme radar went off, so he’s right by Marina’s desk when she gets off the phone. He agrees they were going after Antonio. He rushes over to Nachos.

Antonio calls Uribe to tell him he’s in town overnight to deal with some personal stuff, but he got a call from Rafa Padilla that someone who was in his car got shot. Pepe’s fine, but the saqueadores must think he’s breathing down their necks.

Uribe’s glad he’s OK, but he doesn’t want Antonio to go back to San Gaspar tomorrow. Antonio tells Sebastián not to tell Natalia or Isabel.

Sebastián thinks maybe  they need to send someone else to San Gaspar, but Antonio says it’s going to happen no matter who’s there.

Pepe doesn’t know how long he was being followed. He only saw one guy whose face he saw clearly. The guy got out on the passenger side…but he can’t be sure.

Fidel’s taking Pepe to the station to give his statement.

Nelson has arrived by now and seems surprised when Rafa says it must have been the saqueadores. Nacho notices Nelson’s face, but Nelson says he’s just upset about his BFF getting shot at.

Rafa offers Nelson a ride, but he says he’s going to his mother-in-law’s house nearby.

Antonio comes over to Isabel’s apartment and tells her the truth about his drunken night with the neighbors and she doesn’t really believe it, but OK.

Anyway, Antonio’s there to take their engagement off hold.

Nelson meets up with Pedro and says he quits. He doesn’t work with killers! Someone tried to kill his best friend because they thought he was Antonio.

Pedro denies he’s a killer, ’cause it’s bad for business. And Nelson’s not quitting either. Nelson gets out of the truck and Pedro tells his guys to tell Jacinto to hide until this blows over.

Fidel puts a couple of guys on watch at the apartment building since the bad guys probably don’t know Antonio’s out of town. Chepe doesn’t really know what it’s about, so he can’t tell Bruno and Simón anything.

Laura and Sara are finishing up the day’s accounting.

Antonio tells Isabel she’s going to have to plan the wedding alone. He’s got a lot to deal with in San Gaspar. Isabel would rather wait until they can plan things together. She goes to the kitchen to make dinner and Antonio  notices the art book on the coffee table with its mushy dedication. Suddenly Isabel needs help with the salad.

Simón calls Rafa to find out what happened that afternoon. Bruno doesn’t see why Antonio would bother coming back.

Antonio’s sitting on Isabel’s bed thinking about making love to Sara.

Sara brings Laura home with her, introducing her as her boss and Pedro Arango’s wife. Bruno looks disappointed.

Simón tells Laura and Sara what happened to Pepe. Sara calls Antonio, interrupting Isabel’s attempt to seduce him.

The doorbell is also interrupting . Isabel tells Antonio to take the call and she’ll answer the door. It’s Ricardo.

Sara begs Antonio not to come back to San Gaspar and risk his life, even if it means she never sees him again.

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