La Vecina, miércoles 20 de mayo, Capitulo 28

Isabel tells Ricardo he has to leave–Antonio’s there!

Ricardo won’t go until he’s snogged her.

Antonio gets off the phone with Sara and heads out to the living room. Isabel tells him it was just a neighbor wanting to talk about a security problem. And then Antonio gets a call from *wink, wink* “the plant” that isn’t important.

Laura agrees with Sara–Antonio shouldn’t come back to San Gaspar.

Pedro pulls some cash out of his safe and sends his hench to go give it to somebodyorother. He’s grumpy when the maid tells him Laura’s not home and then he can’t get through to her phone.

Javi finds Bruno moping on the ground floor. That girl whose flat tire he changed…she’s upstairs with Simón and Sara. She’s married to Pedro.

Javi figures if she puts up with Pedro, she must be a little like him at least. He suggests they go to the billar.

Isabel’s still hot and bothered by icardo’s kiss (nope, not correcting that), which is gross on several levels. And it looks like she’s planning to use Antonio to put the fire out.

Simón offers to make dinner for Laura and Sara. Pasta’s his specialty. He learned in Italy and he speaks Italian too. But Laura’s gotta get home.

Isabel and Antonio did the deed and neither one of them was satisfied. Isabel sneaks out of the bedroom with her phone.

Ricardo’s drinking, contemplating Isabel, and listening to metal. He’s pleased when she texts him and responds that he can’t stop thinking about her either.

Laura’s gone and Sara wants to call Antonio again, but Simón tells her not to. He’s obviously with Isabel. He’s made his decision and hopefully he won’t be back. And hopefully the distance between them will help Sara get over him.

Pedro’s waiting up when Laura gets home. She tries to maintain her usual calm with Pedro screaming at her. She tells him exactly where she was and calls Sara from his phone so Sara can confirm. Pedro’s still pissed off that Laura didn’t come straight home after closing El Molcajete like she’s supposed to.

Pepe’s telling the story of his attack and heroic escape, which now involves six cars and the disarming of one of the bad guys.

Nelson interrupts the story before it can grow any farther. Pepe’s a little hurt that Nelson didn’t come keep him company at the police station. They had him looking at pictures, but he didn’t recognize anyone so they had him talk to a sketch artist instead.

Nacho’s putting up a help wanted sign. Mrs. Nacho complains. Hurry it up, Mrs. Nacho, we have actual story points to get to.

Pedro’s off on a business trip. He’s leaving Anselmo to watch Laura.

Fidel’s on his way to a meeting at CONATROL and offers Padre Vicente a ride to somewhere on the way. Fidel tells him what happened to Pepe. Padre Vicente’s glad nothing happened to Antonio or Pepe. And of course, Padre Vicente chalks it up to God and Fidel thinks it’s just luck. And then they move on to fútbol smack talk.

Antonio calls Marinita to tell her he’s probably not coming back until late today. He tells Sebastián that Sara begged him not to come back.

Sebastián agrees with her, but Antonio refuses to abandon his project. And it’s not because of Sara because that’s over and he’s back with Isabel.

And by the way, he had no idea Natalia was so cheesy! She gave Isabel a book and wrote something about always being there for her.

Sebastián says she’s never so much as dedicated a song to him on the radio. Anyway, they’ve got a meeting with Uribe.

Simón thinks the problem with Sara’s jeep is the battery. Bruno’s going to give her a ride to work and Simón will drop off the jeep when it’s fixed.

Anselmo’s outside El Molcajete when Carlos, the alcohol vendor, shows up. Sara’s not there yet, but Laura would like to start looking at quotes.

The meeting with Uribe is more of a conference call including Rafa, Fidel, and the guy in charge of security at San Gaspar.

Antonio’s sure the saqueadores weren’t trying to kill him. They had plenty of time to do it if that’s what they wanted.

Fidel agrees with him, but Uribe doesn’t want to send Antonio back.

Antonio doesn’t want to stay away and give the impression that CONATROL is weak.

Well, Uribe doesn’t care and he’d rather send Ricardo out there.

Anselmo’s looking through the window as Laura and Carlos talk booze. He invites her to a tasting tomorrow for some lesser-known brands.

Uribe insists he’s sending Ricardo and ends the conference call. He’ll update everyone when he’s made a decision. Seriously, Uribe doesn’t want to risk Antonio’s life. (But he wants to risk Ricardo’s? You know what, I’m OK with that.)

Bruno drops Sara off and he and Laura smolder in each other’s general direction. She invites Bruno in for coffee, but he can’t get out of there fast enough.

Anyway, Laura says Carlos does indeed have way better prices than they were getting. They head inside to look them over.

Ricardo’s shocked that somebody tried to kill Antonio! Uribe tells him the story. He’s decided Ricardo should take Antonio’s place. Ricardo’s face can’t decide if this will get him one step closer to a Vice Presidency or death.

Rafa’s disappointed they’re pulling Antonio out of San Gaspar when he was just starting to get along with everybody.

Fidel’s surprised there was some friction. As much as he agrees the attack came from the saqueadores, he can’t discard the possibility that it could have been someone from CONATROL.

Ricardo has no problem taking Antonio’s place, but isn’t this going to slow down the process? He’d have to get caught up on everything.

Antonio agrees they don’t have time. The plant won’t last another four months the way things are going.

Yep, see, nobody knows this project as well as Antonio. Although, he understands the concern for Antonio’s safety. So he’ll go along with whatever they decide.

Antonio points out that anyone’s safety would be in danger. He wants to go back and finish what he started.

Uribe agrees, as long as Antonio has bodyguards.

Ricardo’s like “Yeah, man, you totally have my support.”

Uribe calls Rafa and Rafa calls Fidel–Antonio’s coming back and he’s going to need security. Fidel calls Quintin to send a couple of guys over to CONATROL.

Fidel joins Simón in the apartment parking lot. He asks what Simón thinks about the possibility that the attack on Antonio was personal. He understands Sara’s ex….

Simón says Cheo does have a tendency to solve everything with his fists, but no, he wouldn’t have gone that far.

And now Fidel asks him about the cohete. He’ll have to go check it out sometime.

Juancho literally jumps in front of Cheo’s truck to find out why Cheo won’t take his calls. Hey, maybe Cheo was never really friends with him. And Sara’s not with the güero desabrido. Roque was supposed to tell him that. Sara’s working in San Gaspar, but at a restaurant.

Isabel and Sebastián drop Antonio off at the airport. Sebastián tells Antonio not to take any unnecessary risks. When they hug, Sebastián whispers “Seriously, be careful, because if they kill you, I’ll kill you!” Awwww!

Ricardo explains to David that they wanted to send him to San Gaspar in Antonio’s place because someone tried to kill him. And he can’t be Vice President if he’s dead! So Antonio’s going back to San Gaspar and maybe Ricardo will get his job when he dies…kidding! Also Antonio’s going to be paying Isabel way less attention now, which totally works for him.

Isabel calls and makes a dinner date with Ricardo.

Rafa meets Antonio at the airport in San Gaspar and introduces him to his bodyguards. Who are not optional because Uribe said so.

Laura’s so pleased with Carlos’ prices, she wants to place an order right away…house wine, tequila, whiskey, cognac…and maybe some of the stuff from the tasting. She was hoping Sara would go–she doesn’t like to go out without Pedro.

Sara doesn’t think Pedro would mind…Simón comes in to tell Sara her car is ready. And he also mentions Fidel’s questions about Cheo.

Sara agrees, Cheo’s a brute, but he’s not a criminal.

Simón tells her Antonio’s coming back to San Gaspar.

Marinita insists on hugging Antonio when he comes back to the office. She’s glad he’s back.

Antonio asks to speak to Pepe. Pepe’s glad Antonio wasn’t in the car–they would have killed him for sure! They didn’t think he’d come back from Mexico, but the fact that he did makes them proud to have Antonio as their boss.

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