La Vecina, jueves 21 de mayo, capítulo 29

Bruno walks through the orchard with his memories of Laura. He can’t stop thinking about her.

Sara wants Laura to come with her to the booze sampling event. Laura turns down the invitation. When Sara reaches out to encourage her friend to come along, Laura’s sweater falls and Sara sees a bruise on Laura’s upper arm. Laura excuses it by saying she ran into something. Sara thinks it looks more like an apretón (a bruise caused by squeezing.) Laura gets put out and tells Sara to leave it alone. Sara apologizes. She really didn’t mean to make Laura angry. Sara tries again to get Laura to come to the booze sampling. Laura turns her down again.

Eventually Laura feels bad about her outburst. She apologizes to Sara and they do decide to go together to the booze sample fiesta.

Cheo is angry at Roque for not passing along Juancho’s message. If Sara isn’t working for Antonio, there’s still hope for Cheo! Roque didn’t tell Cheo about the message because Roque thought Cheo was done with Sara. Roque is just trying to be a good friend. Cheo said he wasn’t going to have anything more to do with Sara. Cheo can’t help it! His feelings for Sara are too strong!

Antonio arrives back at the apartment complex with the escoltas in tow. Chepe tries to get information about the atentado from Antonio and the guards, but he strikes out both times.

Ricardo meets Isabel at a restaurant. He doesn’t regret anything. He would kiss Isabel over and over. He proceeds to prove it by snogging the hell out of her right there in the middle of the restaurant.

Isabel breaks off the kiss. They can’t do this. Their being together is a mistake. Ricardo disagrees. It’s not a mistake. Is Isabel afraid? He says she wants him as much as he wants her.

Antonio steps off the elevator. Sara is right there waiting for him. Sara says he should have listened to her and stayed in the D.F. If anything happens to him, she’ll die! Antonio is sure he’ll be fine. He came here to complete a job, and he’s going to do that! He can’t let someone else do the job for him.

Still, Sara wants him to take care of himself. She has to ask though, when she called last night…was he with Isabel. Antonio confesses that he was. Well. Ok. They both agree to be friends and go their separate ways.

In her apartment, Sara is sad that they have to be just friends.

For Antonio’s part, he wants to know why he can’t be honest about his feelings and tell Sara. Why does his life have to be Isabel and not Sara

Simón is going to show Edwina how a basic rocket works. They go to the pharmacy for antacid tablets, a syringe and a couple other things.

Basically put the tabs in one little bottle. Then put water in the syringe. Attach the small bottle to the syringe and pump water into it. The pressure make the bottle “rocket” fly. When Edwina tries, she accidentally blows out the lightbulb of a business. Run!

Some creepy dude follows.

Simón and Edwina stop to catch their breath and laugh. Simón jokes that if she ever rides his rocket, she won’t be the navigator. He offers to walk Edwina home, but she says she’s fine walking by herself. They part ways.

Creepy dude follows. (Um… I just looked up from my notes to see him following. I’m not sure who he was following. Hopefully I’ll find out in the next episode.)

Sebastian sees the art book sitting on Isabel’s coffee table. He makes a comment to Natalia about what Antonio said about it. Natalia manages to cover the lie. Sebastian leaves when Isabel gets home. Natalia tells Isabel she should have warned her about the lie. Isabel kind of panics. Did Natalia tell Sebastian the book was from Ricardo. Natalia assures her that all is well. Sebastian doesn’t have a clue.

Natalia asks Isabel where she was. Isabel lies and says she was with her art teacher.

Sara is mad at Bruno. He was kinda rude with Laura. When Simón comes home Sara asks if he thinks Bruno is being weird too. Sara invites Bruno to the Booze Sample Party with her and Laura. Bruno says no and walks out. Simón does find it odd that Bruno turned down booze AND a party.

Anselmo reports Carlos The Booze Guy’s visit to the restaurant. Of course, WE know Carlos is the booze guy. Anselmo just tells Pedro that some guy came to see Laura. Pedro wants Anselmo to investigate. Who the hell is he?

Antonio calls Isabel’s house phone. Small talk. Then Isabel’s cell phone rings. It’s Ricardo. She cuts the call with Antonio short. She tells Ricardo she can’t see him anymore. Ricardo says she will have to tell him that face to face.

Pedro calls Laura. He asks how she’s doing. What’s going on? She says she’s fine and nothing is going on. Just working. Laura wants to know when he’ll be back. He says he’ll call her when he knows. Pedro thinks it’s fishy she wants to know when he’s coming home. Pedro is sure she’s hiding something thing. She’s sure she shouldn’t say anything to Pedro about going to the Booze Taste Fest.

Cheo texts Sara. How’s work? I’m always thinking about you. She responds that work is fine. Cheo texts again, but she doesn’t answer. He still gets his hopes up though.

Padre Vicente and Fidel make a bet for the upcoming soccer match. If Padre’s team loses, he’ll be Fidel’s assistant cop. If Fidel loses, he has to attend catechism classes with Vladimir.

Simón and Bruno talk about what to charge the agricultores for transporting the crops. Bruno thinks 10%. Simón says with the bank loan and truck maintenance they might want to charge more. Bruno suggests 15%.

Simón asks about Laura. Bruno confesses he can’t stop thinking about her, but she’s married. When Bruno leaves, Simón sighs. Ay! Another one who has their eyes set on the wrong person.

Antonio comes to El Molcajete, interrupting a conversation about power bills and energy efficient refrigerators. He and Sara make googly eyes at each other. Laura invites Antonio to the BoozeFest. He accepts.

Outside, Anselmo reports the arrival of Antonio. Does Pedro want him to follow Antonio? No. Pedro wants Anselmo to stick to Laura.

Pedro reports to Carmelo. Antonio is back in San Gaspar. Carmelo suggests again that they need to get rid of Antonio. Pedro doesn’t want to take such a drastic step (yet.) Pedro says they need to stop the dye from getting to the plant first. Carmelo will go along with that for now, but if it doesn’t work they are going to get rid of Antonio. Pedro still advises caution. If they over play their hand and the Conatrol plant closes then they are permanently out of business.

Natalia is admiring Isa’s work when the doorbell rings. Yikes! It’s Ricardo! Natalia goes to get Isa. Isabel panics. Did Natalia already tell Ricardo she was there? Isabel tells Natalia to tell Ricardo she’s already asleep. (Damn these situations are hard to recap/write about coherently.)

Natalia goes out to pass the message. Ricardo sees right through it, but he leaves.

Isabel confesses to Natalia that she kissed Ricardo. Isabel wants Ricardo more and more. She is confused. Ricardo makes her fell things she hasn’t felt before, but she insists she and Antonio are made for each other.

Antonio comes to pick up Sara. Simón is glad he’s ok after everything that happened. Sara comes out. Antonio is stunned by her beauty. I’m lukewarm on the outfit. Love the pink color. Just wish it was a whole dress.

Sara tries inviting Simón one last time. He declines.

Javi and Bruno get a snack at Nachos y Cuatachos. Bruno is sure Laura is the type to go for older men with money. They are interrupted by Mr and Mrs. Nacho. She’s done with the restaurant business. Mr. Nacho better come up with a better way of making a living.

Nacho cries (or complains) on Javi and Bruno’s shoulders. He and the Mrs. never used to fight before. He swears he’s gonna show Mrs. Nacho who’s boss AND make the restaurant work!

Anselmo watches as Antonio arrives to pick up Laura, then he follows them to the BoozeFest.

Great. Antonio’s escoltas can’t come in to the event. Meanwhile, Anselmo sneaks in the back door.

Carlos sells the product. Sara asks what his favorite it. Carlos confesses he doesn’t drink. Weird, but true.

Ricardo texts Isabel. Is she afraid to see him? Isabel ignores the text. She throws away the oso de peluche. She tells Natalia she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Natalia leaves Isabel alone. Isabel calls Antonio. He doesn’t pick up.

Ricardo is at home fuming when Natalia calls. They agree to meet the next day.

Sara gets a text from Cheo. She tells Antonio it’s nothing important. They hit the dance floor.

Cheo sits at home like a middle schooler, waiting for Sara to text back. Roque wants him to stop pining for Sara. He wants to go get Sandra and Gladys and go out. Cheo just wants Sara.

Sara and Antonio dance and come very close to a smoochie moment.

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