La Vecina, viernes 22 de mayo, capítulo 30

Antonio went in for the kiss, but Sara stopped him. She’s not going to let her heart rule her anymore. From now on she’ll be level-headed.

Laura is dancing and laughing with Carlos. When Anselmo stands up to get a better look, the bar owner sees his gun. Bar owner sends someone out to yell at the gatekeeper. Anselmo knows he’s been caught and slips out the back again.

The gatekeeper gets yelled at for letting in an armed patron. Antonio’s guards hear this and rush into the bar to find Antonio. They want him out of there, NOW! Antonio continues to downplay the whole thing. Sara tells him to please go. Antonio finally agrees. Carlos offers to take Laura home.

Anselmo follows Carlos and Laura. Laura is sorry the event kind of went to hell. Carlos is just glad nothing really serious happened. He can imagine that someone in Antonio’s position makes plenty of enemies. He and Laura make plans to see each other the next day to TALK BUSINESS. He kisses her on the cheek (WHICH IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR AND DOESN’T MEAN ROMANCE.) Unfortunately, Anselmo decides there’s more to it and calls Pedro. According to Anselmo, the kiss was on the lips. Pedro doesn’t care how Anselmo does it, but he wants Carlos in the bodega by tomorrow!

Antonio and Sara walk back up to their floor and talk about the evening’s excitement. He jokingly blames Sara for getting him into another mess. Sara is not taking blame for this disaster! Antonio says all the best disasters of his life have happened with Sara. *cue the orchestral version of our theme song*

Quintin gives Fidel a recap of the incident at the bar. Fidel wants to ramp up security. Antonio’s guards now have to take different routes each time they take Antonio to and from work or anywhere he regularly goes.

Sara is still worried about Antonio and really wishes he would get the hell out of San Gaspar. Antonio starts to confess… He said that he wasn’t leaving because he wanted to finish the job, but there’s another reason. He pauses meaningfully. Aaaaaand Rafa interrupts. He heard what happened at the bar and wanted to check on Antonio.

Sara fills in Simón (see paragraph 1.) Simón can tell Sara is still in love with Antonio. He reminds her that nothing is different. Antonio is still with his girlfriend.

Antonio asks Rafa to be discreet about the latest attempt on Antonio (which ironically had nothing to do with Antonio.) Antonio doesn’t want Uribe to call him back to the D.F.

Pedro comes home to a sleeping Laura. His creepy caress turns into a threatening grabbing of her throat. She wakes up. She’s “glad” to see him. She gets up to fix him a snack (?…recapping from memory and not wanting to watch the scene too much) but he stops her. That kiss on the shoulder is anything but romantic.

The next morning Sara and Antonio see each other outside their respective apartments. Sara wonders what Antonio was going to tell her the night before. He launches into Confession Parte Dos and his phone rings. It’s Isabel. Sara walks away. Antonio ends the call and runs after her.

He’s out of breath by the time he gets downstairs. He’s about to start Confession The Musical The Series when he is interrupted AGAIN by the guards. Antonio is getting really tired of the escorts. He wants to go with Sara so they can finish their conversation. The guards aren’t going to allow that. Fidel gave them orders and they are going to follow them. Antonio is exasperated, but he goes with them.

Anselmo pays some dude for information about who the guy was with Laura (Carlos some apellido with an E) and where he’s staying (Some Hotel somewhere in town.) Anselmo reports to Pedro. Pedro tells the Hench to wait there. Carlos is bound to come back.

Laura calls Sara at the restaurant. She has a headache and won’t be coming in today.

Gutierrez is in San Gaspar to talk dye. Rafa lets it slip that there was another attempt on Antonio’s life. Gutierrez is shocked, but agrees not to say anything to Uribe. He can’t promise to keep quiet if it happens again, though. Gutierrez is introduced to Ramón, who will be the team leader for the colorante project. The guys get down to business.

Nacho interviews an applicant for the job. She has experience and can even cook. Nacho hires her on the spot.

Laura gets ready to leave. She is going to church. Pedro is not going to let her go by herself.

Unfortunately the church is closed today. Laura honestly didn’t know this, but Pedro is a suspicious ass and thinks she was going to meet her lover. Laura denies it. Not that Pedro will believe anything she says. He practically starts beating her in the street. If that Bello dude hadn’t interrupted to ask Pedro about getting in on a construction contract for government offices, I don’t think Laura could have escaped Pedros literal clutches.

Fidel and Quintin discuss ways they can cheat to guarantee Fidel’s team wins. Fidel dismisses Quintin’s idea of bribing the officials, but they do need to think of something. He tells Quintin to note down their ideas. Quintin is prepared!

Laura cries. She runs into Bruno. He asks if she’s ok? Is there anything he can do? Laura claims she’s fine.

Carlos gets back to the hotel. Anselmo calls the font desk and asks to be patched through. He tells Carlos he is parked in a reserved spot and needs to move the car. Carlos obliges and gets conked on the head and stuffed in his trunk.

Cheo is going to go to San Gaspar. Roque thinks Cheo needs to give up on the whole thing, but he’s coming with Cheo anyway.

Antonio goes to the restaurant to finish his conversation with Sara. She’s closing up so there is little chance of being interrupted.

Carlos is bound and gagged in Pedro’s office. Pedro forces him to drink some alcoholic beverage. It’s sad that Carlos thought he had the option of turning it down.

Antonio finally gets to tell Sara that she was the other reason he came back to San Gaspar. She has completely turned his life upside down, but in a good way. He asks her (again) to give him some time. Sara wants to know what for? He wants to get his head in order. Sara is gentle but firm. Can’t Antonio see that this request is just him playing with her feelings? He can have his time, but she’s going to live her life. If she is still single when Antonio has his crap together, then she will be more than happy to hear what he has to say. Antonio promises that the next time he talks to her about love, it will be because he can offer it to her fully. And on that note, Sara says it’s time to go. Antonio says she’ll need to give him a ride since he came in the guards’ car.

Chepe won’t let Cheo in because of the new security regulations.

Pedro is still busy forcing Carlos to drink at gunpoint when Carlos’s phone rings. It’s Laura. Then she sends a text. She’s sorry she didn’t meet with Carlos this morning. Pedro grabs his gun. Hench 2 tells the boss not to get his hand dirty. Let them take care of things. Bye bye Carlos. QEPD.

Cheo is waiting for Sara when she pulls up with Antonio. Cheo jumps out of his car and calls out to Antonio. The bodyguards come running from around the corner. They tell Cheo and Roque to get down. Antonio and Sara both start yelling and the guards back off. Cheo thinks he’s the reason Antonio has guards now. (Don’t flatter yourself dude.) He just wanted to talk to Sara because she wasn’t answering his texts. Antonio doesn’t sound happy to hear that.

Natalia offers to cancel her plans to stay with Isa. Isabel says she’s fine and doesn’t want Natalia to cancel her plans. Great! Now Natalia can call Ricardo and arrange to meet with him at the Café Viena.

Antonio slams the door to his apartment. He’s pissed that Cheo is texting Sara. That must be why Sara said she was going to get along with her life. A call from Rafa interrupts him. Rafa was just letting Ant know that he would come by and get him in the morning. Antonio launches into a rant about how much he hates having bodyguards.

Rafa gets off the phone. Quique is jealous of all the attention Rafa is giving Antonio.

Sara tells Cheo all about her new job. She really likes it. Cheo complains a bit about Antonio promising her a job and not following through. Sara says Antonio had nothing to do with that. Cheo changes the subject. It meant a lot to him that she responded to his texts. Sara says they’re still friends, of course she would text. She really doesn’t want to give Cheo false hope though. Cheo vows to win her back. No one will ever love her like he does.

Pedro gets back home. He yells at Laura. Where did she go? What was she doing? She swears she was just walking around. She promises that all she ever does is try to make him happy? Oh really? Pedro shoves her into the couch.

Simón and Bruno come home. Cheo leaves, but reminds Sara that no one will love her like he does (does she look like she’s considering a reconciliation?) Sara makes the comment to Simón and Bruno that Cheo is acting like the Cheo she fell in love with.

Cheo is still vowing to win Sara back when he is downstairs with Roque. Roque cracks a joke about proposing to Sara. Cheo looks like that’s not a bad idea.

Bruno is telling Sara he ran into Laura. She was crying and seemed really upset. Sara says she didn’t come to work, either. She decides to call Laura’s house.

Pedro says Laura is already sleeping. Sara was worried because Laura didn’t come to work and hopes Laura feels better soon. Unfortunately Laura has been beaten up.

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