La Vecina, lunes 25 de mayo, Capitulo 31

Laura mocks Pedro for saying she was fine. It will be obvious she isn’t as soon as Sara sees her face.

Oh, no worries, because she’s never going back to the restaurant. Because he makes the rules around here.

Natalia meets Ricardo for drinks and to ask him what his intentions are toward Isabel. ‘Cause she actually wants Ricardo to stick around. She wants Isabel to be happy.

Sara thought Pedro sounded weird on the phone, but she’ll find out what’s up tomorrow.

Cheo has decided he has to ask Sara to marry him. Roque thinks he’s moving WAY too fast. And she did cheat on him with Antonio. Cheo doesn’t think they actually had sex. Roque’s face is sure they did.

Ricardo barges his way into Isabel’s to tell her he wants her and he knows she wants him. The face-sucking confirms it.

Antonio knocks on Simón’s door asking to talk to Sara. Is she getting back together with Cheo?

Sara says she’s not giving Cheo a chance, but she can do what she wants with her life. He doesn’t have any reason to be possessive because there’s nothing going on between them.

Antonio apologizes and starts to walk away.

“Take care of yourself!”

Oh, don’t worry, he will.

Natalia gets back to the apartment in the morning and Isabel says what had to happen, happened.

What she means is Ricardo pried himself away before clothes started flying.

Natalia’s glad, but Isabel’s really going to need to figure out what’s going on with Antonio if she wants her happiness to last.

Rafa’s waiting for Antonio downstairs to take him to work. They start talking shop as they head to the truck.

Ramón’s being all competent, even if his shirt is still unbuttoned. Nelson tries to casually ask Ing. Gutierrez if the dying can’t be reversed.

Nah, it would take them millions in equipment to un-dye it.

At the SUV, Anselmo and that other guy assure Pedro that when they find Carlos’ body, everyone will think he got drunk and drove his car off a cliff.

Which is pretty much what the cops think, but they do find it odd he had zero ID on him.

One of Antonio’s bodyguards checks in with Quintin. It’s been quiet since the thing at the bar.

Quintin mentions their unidentified dead guy and Antonio’s bodyguard recognizes him from the photo as the guy at the bar with Antonio last night.

Sara gets to the restaurant and asks Pedro about Laura. He claims she has a migraine and if Sara needs to ask anything about the restaurant she can ask him.

Fidel stops by Antonio’s office to show him the picture of Carlos. Antonio remembers him and he also remembers that Carlos said he didn’t drink. All he had at the event was water.

The saqueadores have heard about another attempt on Antonio’s life. Pedro assures Carmelo that everything is under control–Anselmo was just keeping an eye on his wife.

At the bank, Edwina’s reading about Bernoulli’s Principle ( and she doesn’t get it. Simón invites her over later to explain it to her.

Sadly, not only is Simón not being suggestive, but Magda needs someone to watch Vladimir later. What’s an aeronautics-loving auntie to do?

Antonio calls Ricardo for an update on the dye. It’s stuck in customs, “as usual,” and their usual guy no longer works there. Ricardo says he’ll figure out what he can do.

Thanks to David, we find out their usual guy DOES still work at customs. And David may be OK with Ricardo pulling this crap to keep Antonio away from Isabel for longer, but now Ricardo’s messing with the company.

Ricardo doesn’t give a crap what David thinks.

Bruno got his truck drivers license. And Simón is going to make a “water rocket” out of two empty soda bottles and a box of generic Froot Loops.

Fidel goes to El Molcajete to ask Sara about Carlos. Like Antonio, she remembers that he said he didn’t drink and he didn’t drink at the event. She knows Carlos was based in Progreso and he was staying at the Hotel Morelos.

Fidel radios Quintin to go over to the hotel and have them open up Carlos Esqueda(?)’s room.

Fidel joins Quintin at the hotel. Carlos left his wallet behind, his computer and the TV on, and even a cup of coffee he never drank. Quintin asked if he got any calls, but they erase the call logs daily.

Fidel sends Quintin to get Carlos’ personal information. They have to notify the family.

Cheo wants to make a goofy love video for Sara. Roque’s supposed to be recording, but he can’t quit laughing.

Ricardo meets Isabel for illicit snogging and possibly coffee. She wants to know more about him and wants to see his place. Ricardo says it’s too messy.

Antonio calls Sebastián and tells him about the armed guy at the bar, but he insists there’s no reason Uribe has to hear about it. Anyway, the dye is stuck in customs and Ricardo said Benavides doesn’t work there anymore. He asks Sebastián to see what he can do.

Isabel’s tired of watching Ricardo pick his teeth, so she asks him to tell her more about himself. I’m pretty sure all of this was a lie, but his official story is that his parents died in an accident and his grandparents raised him and he didn’t go into law like all the other guys in his family, which upset his grandfather, but they’re all dead now and he just wants to have a family of his own with lots of kids.

Fidel comes over to Laura’s, but Anselmo’s at the gate and he swears she just left. He’ll tell her Fidel was looking for her.

Anselmo calls Pedro. Pedro’s not the least bit worried that this has anything to do with them–he’s sure Fidel just wants to talk to Laura because he knows she was at the bar.

Edwina comes over to Magda’s to watch Vladimir, but as soon as Magda leaves, the two of them head over to see Simon.

Nacho’s assistant has way better customer service and sandwiching skills than his wife.

Quique’s lurking around the front gate at Conatrol and gets detained by security. He claims he’s Rafa’s cousin and Rafa agrees with his story, because what else can he do?

Simón’s ready with the water rocket, which he’s named Edwina. But first–safety precautions!

Rafa tells Quique to go home. Quique just wants a look at Antonio. (And really, who could blame him?) Rafa tells him a bunch more times to go home and he does. As soon as he asks if Rafa will be home early.

Bruno gets to pump air into the rocket, that’s about 1/3 full of water,then puts some cookware on his head for safety. Everyone has safety goggles on. When they’re ready to launch, Simón pulls something that lets the rocket go and it spews water and spins in the air. Good times.

Isabel gushes to Natalia about how much she likes Ricardo. Which is fine with Natalia, but maybe she should deal with Antonio first?

Ricardo looks around his tiny apartment and decides he’s gotta get a better place to take Isabel.

Sara calls Laura to tell her about Carlos. Laura also remembers Carlos didn’t drink.

Anyway, Laura’s not sure if she’s going to work tomorrow or not. They end the call and Laura remembers Pedro accusing her of having a lover. Did Pedro maybe have something to do with Carlos’ death?

Bruno and some of the other agricultores are having a meeting at Nacho’s. At a nearby table, someone’s listening in as they talk about finally getting out from under Pedro’s thumb and making profits themselves.

Simón drives Edwina and Vladimir back to Vladimir’s house. Edwina insists Vladimir should get to keep the rocket.

As soon as Simón drives off, Magda comes out of the house asking where they’ve been!

Vladimir tells her about the rocket and she sends him inside. She wants Edwina to dish it about her relationship with Simón, but Magda says it’s strictly scientific. She gives Magda her keys back and saunters off.

Sara’s out on her balcony when Antonio gets home. She gets the video from Cheo and laughs. Antonio gets all weird about “What’s so funny…is it from Cheo?”

And Sara’s all “Since when do I have to tell you everything?”

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