La Vecina, jueves 28 de mayo, Capítulo 33

Antonio sees Cheo laying one on Sara, but he doesn’t take the bait. He just walks away. Unfortunately that means he doesn’t hear her going off on Cheo, telling him to never kiss her without permission again.

It doesn’t matter what Sara says, Cheo is convinced he’s “beaten” Antonio. He goes back in the restaurant and waits for Sara. Sara takes his drink order, the waiter tells Sara that Antonio had been there looking for her. She assumes it was about the Conatrol account. She tries to call him, but he doesn’t pick up.

Cheo reminds Sara that it’s their 4-year anniversary…or would be if they hadn’t broken up. Sara is surprised. When they were going out, he rarely remembered birthdays and anniversaries. He’s a changed man. He wants to be better for her. She agrees. He is being a lot more romantic. So…does that mean she’ll keep seeing him? She agrees, as long as Cheo never kisses her again without permission.

Bruno comes home and talks to Simón about Laura’s black eye. He has no doubt that Pedro had something to do with it. Then Simón talks about Fidel telling him to leave Edwina alone. Sara comes home with Cheo. Bruno and Simón are surprised.

Ricardo fumes, wondering how Antonio found out about his lie about the colorante getting hung up in customs. Isa calls him. She’s outside waiting for him. Conatrol gave her the address.

Cheo talks about the glamorous world of car and truck sales. After he leaves, Bruno makes a comment that Cheo is trying to win Sara back. Sara says he’s gonna have to work really hard. Simon asks if there’s a chance she’ll get back with Cheo. Sara thinks maybe?

Cheo runs into Antonio outside and smarmy apologizes. Antonio is brusque. Antonio goes back up to his apartment and berates himself. Sara is back with Cheo and it’s his own damn fault.

Ricardo calls Isa from a hiding spot. He claims he’s outside his house and can’t see her. He asks for the address they gave her. It’s an address in colonia Morelos. Ah. That’s not his address. How about they meet at a halfway point? There’s a cafe in colonia Polanco. Isa says that’s great, better even. She clearly isn’t impressed with colonia Morelos.

Fidel comes home and must face the wrath of Magda, Vladimir and Edwina. Magda told him to butt out and he went ahead and talked to Simón anyway. Edwina says all Fidel was make her UNhappy. Even Vladimir disapproves. He made his tía unhappy and that ain’t cool.

Ricardo meets Isa. She apologizes. He is upset. He thought he meant something to her. She responds by kissing him.

Sara is on her way out the door. Simón wants to know where she’s headed. She’s going to see Antonio, but she swears it’s only because he was at the Molcajete earlier. She thinks it might be about the Conatrol account.

Antonio is colder than frigid. He claims he was only at the Molcajete to eat. Sara goes back home and tells Simón that Antonio is back to his old, stiff-necked self.

Roque hears all about Cheo’s forcible kissing of Sara. Antonio has the message now. Cheo is going to keep fighting for Sara.

When Isa gets home Natalia tells her that Antonio called several time. Nat wonders where Isa was. Isa says she talked to Ricardo. The whole aduana issue that Sebastian claimed was Ricardo’s fault is a misunderstanding. She calls Ant back.

It’s clear Ant is sad. Isa claims she was having dinner with dad. Antonio asks how things are going with her. She launches into her latest paintings.

The next day, Ant and Sara exchange cool hellos.

Isa tells Natalia that Antonio is unhappy. He needed her last night. Still, she can’t stop wanting Ricardo, even if they aren’t in the same social class and he picks his teeth. He’s such a dreamy kisser!

Pedro’s spy tells Pedro all about the agrucultores getting together to transport and sell their product. Simón and Bruno have purchased a truck and they are only asking for a 10% share of the sales.

Ricardo calls Antonio. He yells at him about the colorante in customs snafu. He’s furious that Ant sent Sebastian behind his back to check on things.

Simón excitedly tells Bruno that they can pick up the truck in the afternoon. Fidel comes by and gets an eyeful of Simón’s rocket. Then he gives Simón “permission” to see Edwina again. Simón doesn’t need the permission, but ok.

Guillermo comes to see Isa. He’s a little worried. He heard that Antonio’s dad might be in some financial difficulty. Guillermo knows Eduardo has applied for some sort of loan. Guillermo is just worried that Antonio’s family will take advantage of Isabel’s wealth. Isabel really can’t believe that’s what’s happening. She’ll talk to Antonio.

Pedro comes by the restaurant. He wants Sara to prepare an inventory and financial report. He’s selling the restaurant. Sara doesn’t understand. The business is good and she’s sure she can get the Conatrol account again. Pedro doesn’t care. The decision is made. He is selling the restaurant. Well, dang. Sara is out of a job again.

Cheo sends Sara one of his dumb texts. Sara calls him back and tells him about the restaurant getting sold. Cheo says he’s there for her, but when he gets off the phone he is jubilant. Sara is that much closer to being back in Progreso. Ass.

Bruno calls Sara. They got the truck! They are planning a party for about 30 people. Can the restaurant provide the catering? For 5PM? Sara assures him that they are in a TV show and calling to order food for 30 people on short notice is totally doable. She doesn’t tell him about the restaurant getting sold. He was just so happy. She didn’t want to ruin his fun.

Simón goes to the bank and invites Edwina to the party. She was instrumental in their getting the truck. She accepts the invitation.

The car lot manager gives Cheo and Roque an assignment that I don’t pay attention to. Cheo asks Roque to do it without him. Cheo has to get to San Gaspar! Roque has to get new friends!

Gutierrez and Antonio talk about the colorante project. Gutierrez thinks it’s time to break for lunch. Has Ant heard of El Molcajete? Is it any good? Yeah, Anto knows the place. It’s goood. Conatrol has an account with them. Ant can’t make it for lunch, but he’ll see Gutierrez later.

Ramon comes to see Ant. Can he and Pepe leave early? They’ve got soccer practice and in San Gaspar soccer is life. Ramon and Ant talk local teams. Ant supposes he’ll be an Artilleros fan since most of the Conatrol employees are on the team. He tells Ramon that he can take a half hour for lunch instead of the usual hour and leave 30 minutes early. Ramon will just need to see Marina about the paperwork for the schedule change.

Ricardo and Sebastian have a pissing contest about Sebastian going behind his back. Ricardo threatens to hit back if Sebastian ever does it again.

Gutierrez is perusing the menu at El Molcajete when he overhears Sara telling Samuel the mesero that Pedro is selling the restaurant.

Isa packs her bags for San Gaspar. She tells Natalia about Guillermo’s suspicions about Ant’s family and their finances. Natalia doesn’t know about the family, but she can’t believe Ant would do something like that. Ricardo calls, but Isa can’t talk right now.

Marinita needs Antonio to sign that paperwork for Ramón. She’s glad Antonio is getting along better with people. They weren’t sure about him when he first arrived.

Gutierrez comes back from lunch. He tells Antonio to forget about the Conatrol account at the restaurant. Gutierrez overheard Sara saying that the owner was selling the place.

Sara brings the inventory and financial reports to Pedro’s house. She and Laura go over them. The only discrepancy Sara found was for some chairs and some other things that were on the inventory, but not in the restaurant. Laura says the real estate agent must have accidentally forgotten to take them off the inventory (or something like that…you know I pay half attention and I don’t remember if this comes back as a plot point or if this was just dialog meant to make the scene feel more natural.) Anyway, Sara wants to know how Laura feels about the restaurant being sold. A lot of people are going to lose their jobs. Laura doesn’t want to sell either, but Pedro has decided. Pedro has his reasons, but he’s the only one who knows what those are. Laura really is sorry.

Magda gives Fidel the cold shoulder when he comes home. She lightens up when he tells her he talked to Simón.

Simon and Padre Vicente are gearing up for the blessing of the truck and the party. Sara arrives with the food. Then the truck arrives! Yay!!!

The guys gather for soccer practice. Fidel and his new assisstant coach Vladimir arrive. Quintin tells Fidel confidence is low among the soccer troops. They are worried about the Alados and the Clásico. Fidel says not to worry. He has a plan…and it has something to do with going to the pharmacy.

The truck gets blessed. Time to partay!!! Edwina shows up with sidra. She thought they could use it for the brindis. Sara meets Edwina. There is dancing and fun. Simón stops the two-man band. He steps onto a chair. He has a a few words prepared. He unrolls his speech. It’s a thank you banner. Edwina toasts to their new venture in agricultural transportation.

In private, Simón asks Edwina if they can be study buddies again.

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